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The FTC says it will oppose Google’s $750 million acquisition of AdMob, the mobile ad platform. While the agency is right to take a close look at the deal, the mobile ad market is far from sewn up, and blocking the acquisition would be short-sighted. Read more »

Applications for the iPad will be more expensive than those on other mobile devices, and new data indicates a substantial number of mobile users are willing to pay for on-the-go applications. So the iPad presents a lucrative opportunity for developers who can fully leverage the device. Read more »

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Vlingo this morning introduced a feature that reads messages for drivers, eliminating the need to take their hands off the wheel. It’s the latest interesting offering from the startup, which is effectively competing in the speech-recognition space against giants like Google, Microsoft and Nuance. Read more »

Offerpal Media this morning said it has acquired Tapjoy, a small startup aimed at helping developers monetize their mobile applications. The move is a clear signal that the online phenomenon of offer-based ads is about to move into mobile in a big way. Read more »

The mobile industry has gathered in Las Vegas for CTIA, its annual dog-and-pony show featuring the latest handsets and technology. This year’s show is all about the mobile operating system, as evidenced by the first wave of announcements out this morning. Here’s what they mean. Read more »

AT&T this morning confirmed it will carry Palm’s webOS devices, in addition to Dell’s Android-based Aero. Still, the network operator’s strategy is all about the iPhone. Here’s a quick breakdown of tier-one carriers’ current strategies. Read more »

Microsoft today said it has tapped Yap to power its voice-to-text application for BlackBerry users on Sprint’s network. The move is something of a coming-out for the North Carolina startup, which has joined a crowded field of speech recognition software vendors. Read more »

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It wasn’t too long ago that the path to success for mobile carriers was a straight one: Simply offer compelling handsets at competitive prices and maintain a top-notch network and your customers would be happy. But as we near market saturation, that model is rapidly changing. Read more »

Nuance is pulling the plug on SpinVox’s consumer service, which transcribes voice to text for UK users. The move is a logical one given Nuance’s strategy of selling the offering to corporate customers, but SpinVox’s users have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Read more »

With Palm living on borrowed time after posting yet another horrendous quarter and warning that results for the current fiscal period will also fall short of expectations, we take a look at some of the companies that might sweep in and pick up the beleaguered firm. Read more »

Deep discounts are helping to push smartphones beyond early adopters and hardcore business users and into the hands of mainstream U.S. consumers, but they’re also stalling revenue growth, and demand for the sophisticated handsets may suffer once network operators do away with all-you-can-eat data plans. Read more »

GPS has become a standard feature on smartphones and is a key component of location-based apps that have gained tremendous popularity recently. The technology is trickling down into lower-end phones, which means the market for location apps is about to grow in a big way. Read more »

The popular mobile search and recommendation application Where today added a web site that enables users to sync information between the phone and PC. It’s a natural move that should provide a more detailed, immersive experience for those accessing the app via the fixed-line web. Read more »

Much of the hype in the mobile application space has come to be dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating system. Emerging markets will play a huge role as the worldwide market matures, though, and developers and app vendors should be paying close attention. Read more »

Microsoft is betting that that Silverlight can help lure third-party developers to its Windows Phone operating system, which is scheduled to be released by the end of the year. It’s a strategy that seems to be paying dividends — so far. Read more »

HTC has begun shipping its Android handset to Verizon Wireless in advance of a launch in the next few weeks. If Google is going to move the needle with its flagship phone, though, it has to start backing the phone with a big marketing budget. Read more »

New figures from indicate smartphone owners are more receptive to mobile coupons than to other types of pitches on their phones. The report comes on the heels of a new campaign from Target to deliver scannable discounts directly to consumers’ phones. Read more »

Vodafone closed its Wayfinder business just 16 months after spending $30 million to acquire the navigational software firm. It’s a clear sign that if U.S. operators want to continue to monetize navigation, they’re going to have to find ways of doing with without charging customers extra. Read more »

Microsoft faces a tough assignment when it comes to regaining its relevance in mobile, but there’s no shortage of players who have a vested interest in seeing Windows Phone succeed. Here are some of those rooting for Microsoft’s upcoming mobile OS to challenge iPhone and Android. Read more »

Verizon Wireless said it will launch its first LTE handsets by the middle of 2011. But the super-fast handsets are likely to come with usage pricing models that will see high-end users pay substantially more for 4G service than they’re currently paying for 3G. Read more »

Verizon is coaching sales staffers to encourage consumers to pick up Apple’s iPad and connect it to its network via a MiFi. It’s an expensive proposition for users, but it’s a reminder that the MiFi will be a powerful tool as more tablets come to market. Read more »

Cisco this morning unveiled a new routing system that it claims can download the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in about a second. The hardware is designed to play a fundamental role as data consumption ramps up dramatically on fixed-line and wireless networks. Read more »

Apple has patented a system that would enable consumers to use their phones to replace keys for the cars, homes and offices. It’s an effort that could finally move the needle for NFC, which has failed to gain any real traction at the retail counter. Read more »

Google is considering integrating its Latitude offering with Buzz, which has drawn criticism from privacy advocates since its launch last month. But the company must continue to address Buzz’s privacy issues before it complicates the app by adding functionality from its friend-finding application. Read more »

T-Mobile USA bumped Yahoo in favor of Google as the default search engine on some handsets, and AT&T tapped Yahoo over Google to power search on its first Android handset. The moves underscore the importance that carriers continue to play in mobile search. Read more »

GoldSpot Media is looking to tap the nascent in-app advertising space by delivering video pitches to consumers. And the company hopes to differentiate itself with technology that delivers “opportunistic downloads” that minimize traffic on cell networks and store content directly on the handset. Read more »

Apple suddenly banned hotspot-sniffing applications from its App Store after a change in its policies regarding how apps leverage Wi-Fi. That’s a dangerous move when mobile developers have an increasing number of attractive platforms on which to build their applications. Read more »

Google has introduced a nifty app that allows users to search contacts and other data by drawing letters on the screen of their phones. But it’s available only on handsets running Android version 2.0 or later, which means a lot of users are being left behind. Read more »

More than 81,000 mobile touch web sites exist for shopping and services, according to mobile search firm Taptu, a figure that underscores the importance of addressing touchscreen devices as you take your content to the mobile web. Read more »

Mobile data consumption continues to surge, as Chetan Sharma notes in his latest update of the U.S. mobile industry, but data revenues aren’t keeping pace. That explains why AT&T and Verizon — which dominate mobile the mobile data market — are moving toward metered billing. Read more »

Apple has filed a lawsuit claiming HTC is infringing on 20 patents related to the iPhone’s user interface, hardware and architecture. But the lawsuit likely is a tactic to slow the remarkable momentum Android has picked up in recent months. Read more »

The prepaid market continued to expand in the fourth quarter of 2009 thanks to a price war that seems to get more brutal by the week. Meanwhile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless built on their dominance with postpaid subscribers. Read more »

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