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Research In Motion, Samsung and Viewsonic are a few of the manufacturers looking to make a splash with seven-inch tablets. Apple has, in the past, eschewed the idea of a smaller version of its iPad, but here’s why the Cupertino gang should consider making one. Read more »

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A few months ago, it seemed there still was plenty of room in the tablet market despite the runaway success of the iPad. But no real threat has yet come to market, and potential competitors are stumbling with delays, less attractive offerings, and sky-high price tags. Read more »


The third quarter saw the continuation of important trends in mobile, from the astounding growth of Android to soaring sales of Apple’s iPad. Perhaps the biggest trend, though, is the march towards 4G, which will have a tremendous impact on the industry in the coming months. Read more »


Microsoft’s Windows Phone won’t hit the shelves until next month, but the OS is already drawing accolades from many. If the operating system really does restore Microsoft’s lost relevance in mobile, which handset makers will it affect and who will the eventual winners and losers be? Read more »


Mobile carriers have seen their role as content distributors diminish as app stores from Apple, Google and others gain traction. But the emergence of cloud-based content sales could help carriers like Verizon Wireless and others regain their importance in the world of mobile content distribution. Read more »

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Crown Castle completed its $115 million acquisition of NewPath Networks last week, which builds and operates distributed antenna systems (DAS) networks. The deal underscores the increasing importance that technology will play in the future deployment of mobile services. Read more »


Sprint has begun offering femtocells on a case-by-case basis to users who complain about in-home coverage problems. With market expectations huge, that’s a long-overdue move that will further boost carrier revenues and should be mirrored by Sprint’s competitors. Read more »

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Much of the data regarding how we used our handsets to keep up with the 2010 World Cup has been released. Here’s what we can take away regarding how we use our handsets and how prepared network operators are to deliver the goods. Read more »

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A wave of new connected devices — from cameras to heart monitors to your refrigerator — will present a host of security concerns as the Internet of things begins to get legs. But those same issues will mean big opportunities for vendors of mobile security software. Read more »

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The emergence of the iPhone and other consumer-targeted smartphones is forcing IT departments to rethink corporate policies regarding mobile devices. And end users are increasingly at the center of these new policies where the lines between work and play are blurred. Read more »

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The iPad may lead the tablet market by leaps and bounds right now, but Apple’s device isn’t without its shortcomings. Which means the door is still open for vendors who can build a better — or less expensive — mousetrap. Read more »

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This week, Research In Motion is expected to trot out an upgraded version of its flagship operating system. But is BlackBerry’s dated OS simply too antiquated to compete in the era of the superphone? Read more »

The underpinnings are already being laid for an Internet of things that will bring connectivity to everything from consumer electronics to pets. But a wide variety of challenges from privacy to platforms, must be met as we move toward an always-on, always-connected society. Read more »

Rumors surfaced last week that T-Mobile USA — not Verizon Wireless — will soon offer the iPhone as AT&T loses its exclusivity. The move makes sense on a number of levels, and it would disrupt the mobile industry in a big way. Read more »

Mobile music has long failed to gain traction despite a tremendous amount of hype, but recent announcements about cloud-based services have reinvigorated the space. But as carriers and record labels should know, the only certainty in mobile music is that old business models don’t apply. Read more »

Google’s new App Inventor could create a wave of new apps to serve as vehicles for mobile advertisements. But with Android Market already developing a Wal-Mart-like reputation, the do-it-yourself developer kit needs to produce apps people really use — and ones advertisers will really pay for. Read more »

Like Android Market, Apple’s App Store teems with knock-offs, third-rate me-too offerings and plain old garbage. But the folks in Cupertino have a tremendous chance to differentiate their storefront by employing a bigger filter and offering a lineup of top-notch mobile applications. Read more »

Microsoft was forced last week pulled the plug on the Kin, a two-phone lineup that debuted not long ago on Verizon Wireless. The flop is just the latest knot in a string of evidence suggesting that, when it comes to selling handsets, carriers still hold the key. Read more »

Advertisers are already shelling out big money to be a part of iAd, which debuts tomorrow. But the new ad platform faces far too many hurdles to capture the 48 percent of the mobile ad market Steve Jobs is hoping to claim. Read more »

Research In Motion shares tumbled last week after the company reported disappointing shipments and subscriber adds, and a new study indicates developers are showing little interest in the aging OS. Which means the door is wide open to the mobile enterprise. Read more »

Apple’s move to ban Adobe Flash from its iOS has opened a huge window for any technology that can deliver a top-notch multimedia experience on the iPad and other Apple gadgets. And porn purveyors are starting to tilt the balance in favor of HTML5. Read more »

Mobile video could receive a big boost over the next few weeks as users tune in to watch the action on their phones. But carriers must be able to shoulder the data load if they’re to turn those fans into long-term viewers. Read more »

Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd last week said his company won’t aggressively pursue the smartphone business in the wake of its acquisition of Palm. The move would be an enormous missed opportunity for HP, and it also could shackle its efforts to produce interconnected devices. Read more »

Mobile penetration in the U.S. is nearing 100 percent, leading some to wonder whether we’re near a saturation point. But as connectivity expands to a wide range of devices that aren’t phones, “handset penetration” won’t really matter anyway. Read more »

Operators are increasingly looking to machine-to-machine services to help offset a saturated handset market and data congestion on their networks. But the new world of M2M will require the emergence of new partnerships and business models. Read more »

WebKit has gained astounding traction in the world of the mobile web; the open-source layout engine is at the heart of all but two mobile browsers. But it won’t be the unifying force in mobile data that some wishful thinkers have envisioned. Read more »

The gap between AT&T and Verizon Wireless and the rest of the field is growing as budget-conscious users continue to eschew contracts in favor of bargain-basement prepaid services. The behemoths have made hardware the key differentiator, but how long will that strategy continue to work? Read more »

Apple’s iPad will be a revolutionary gadget, certain pundits have predicted, transforming everything from print media to environmentally friendly transportation to computing at large. But I’m beginning to think that Apple’s much-hyped new tablet may have more impact on mobile marketing than any other segment. Read more »

Location, one of the hottest segments in mobile, is a key component not just in navigation apps but also social offerings such as Foursquare, Google Buzz and even Twitter. There’s plenty of opportunity in mobile location. And there will be for quite some time. Read more »

Downloadable smartphone applications may be the hottest thing in mobile these days, but another segment is quietly generating money: selling physical goods to consumers over the mobile web. And it’s a potentially huge industry. Read more »

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