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We prefer not to look back on the mistakes of the past, especially if they’re ours. It doesn’t matter where we are in our careers right now, but there’s bound to be at least one project that makes us cringe or feel embarrassed whenever we remember […] Read more »

There are many reasons why you’d call it a “big project.” It could be because of the time and effort required to accomplish it, the money you’ll be paid for it, or how it’ll greatly affect your life and career. Or it could be all of the above. We can just cross this off as procrastination and over-analyze what it means. Or we can make sure that you stop putting off this project and start crossing it off. Read more »

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I’m a Third World web worker who often finds herself working for First World clients.  I live and work in a small city in the Philippines where, if you earn a monthly wage of 300 US dollars, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.  My clients […] Read more »

Although a recent news item about web working conditions were exaggerated, there’s an amount of truth to it. Web working carries some health disadvantages because of stress or the working environment. One of the things you can do to curb these effects is to exercise. Exercising […] Read more »

Just because web workers have done away with the traditional office, it doesn’t mean we’re also rid of the stress that comes with working. We encounter equipment failures, personal problems, and a scary client every now and then. Still, we need to keep our cool despite the stresses of web working. Here are some ways to start… Read more »

What do you do? This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer. Some people hold more than one job, others have a new way of working, while others still have job descriptions that didn’t exist 5 years ago. As a web worker, you’re probably […] Read more »

“Do you own a fax?” Either you say you do, or you quickly reply that you don’t, but you can be contacted via email. Although most web workers snub the fax machine, it keeps finding its way into our lives when someone asks us that question. I’m willing to bet that most of us aren’t too happy about that. In fact, we might feel tempted to bring our fax machines to the museum and proclaim it a technological relic. Read more »

If you’re a procrastinator, please raise your hand – when you get around to it. You know the drill: you tinker with your calendar and move tasks to a later due date, you find yourself cramming the day before deadlines, or your answers to the questions […] Read more »

When Slideshare launched in 2006, it was no surprise that people referred to it as “PowerPoint plus YouTube”. However, this observation is an overly simplistic one. There are more things that the average online worker can do with Slideshare – if we care to look hard […] Read more »

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There’s a slight irony about being a web worker and staying in your home office most of the time. You have the ability and the technology to work wherever you want, and yet most of the time you’re sitting in your computer chair – probably rarely […] Read more »

The corporate career ladder allows you go up one step at a time. From trainee to team leader, then moving up to regional manager then vice-president – tugging along pay raises and increased benefits as you go up. Unfortunately, a web working freelancer’s career path isn’t as conveniently laid out. How do you know you’re moving up the ladder without measuring promotions, raises, and increased employee benefits? What, exactly, does a freelancer’s career ladder look like and which way is up? Read more »

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