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Doing business can be tough, with most players racing their way to the top. Many friends in the corporate world find themselves trying to outdo each other for the next promotion, raise, or even the simplest recognition from a supervisor. Competition in that world can be […] Read more »

As if working with others wasn’t hard enough, working with your spouse sometimes proves to be harder. You live together, work together, and do almost everything else together – it’s the perfect recipe for a heated argument. Is there a way to live and work together […] Read more »

“Where’s my money?!” That’s a phrase that I used to scream at my monitor whenever difficult clients would skip payments for weeks at a time or, worse, if they would skip paying completely. Many things have changed since then, and my experience with such clients early […] Read more »

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Not long ago, all negotiations were done over a meeting or a meal. For today’s teleworkers, it’s almost impossible to do this if your clients are all over the globe. We’ve all had to make do with online negotiations most of the time, leaving out the […] Read more »

A year ago, I was offered a contractual design job for a middle-sized corporation, although I knew there were other candidates. At the end of my interview, I was told that they would call me to let me know if I’ve been hired. What actually happened […] Read more »

Every time someone asks teleworkers the things we love about online work, our faces light up and we instantly talk about the mobility, freedom, and independence. Despite these perks to teleworking, there are some things we miss about showing up at the office daily, even if […] Read more »

There are many things that make web working sound like a dream come true – flexible hours, lower transportation costs, and the ability to work anywhere we want. However, as web workers we know that there are things that make our work more challenging. If at […] Read more »

Almost anyone with competent communication skills and internet access can become a web worker. The degree of success, however, depends on one’s abilities, range of expertise, and even luck. Does it follow that equal opportunities are given to web workers, regardless of where they are and […] Read more »

Landing an online job, especially if it’s your first, can be tough. I remember spending several hours a day scouring the web for job ads. Since face-to-face interviews and phone calls tend to be optional for web workers, we need to know as much as we […] Read more »

Creativity is an important aspect of a web worker’s life. From creating original designs to composing an apologetic letter to a client, we need to include a dose of creativity that gives additional value and originality to our work. Inspiration may not always be at our side and, even if it is, we still risk coming off as predictable if our clients or audiences are too familiar with our work. In other words, there’s no “oomph” factor. So how do we get creative when we’re stuck in a routine? Read more »

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Experience may be the best teacher, but there are some things that I wish others told me before I started web working. Right now, there are so many resources for web workers, but this wasn’t always the case, and even if more resources existed I didn’t always know where to find them. Although I didn’t have any regrets, I know that there are somelessons that would’ve spared me a lot of headaches if I didn’t wait for experience to be my teacher. Read more »

If you’ve done similar jobs in a row, such as designing websites for 10 different auto repair shops or writing hundreds of articles on credit cards, it’s likely that you’re looking for a change. It helps to have a bit of variety when it comes to […] Read more »

Charlie Chaplin is one of the most iconic performers of our time. He is known across generations and cultures, and his films are still enjoyed today. Is it possible for a web worker to be that memorable? Possibly. But internet technology and culture is still too […] Read more »

Like a corporate career, web work can also be prone to seemingly irreparable damages. Whether it’s personal problems that affect the quality of your work, difficult clients who give you bad publicity, or the lack of strong business sense, you might get hurled down from your […] Read more »

“Gee, that looks complicated.” This was what I said when I looked through a friend’s project proposal, which included a mind map of madness. She replied, “It has to be, if I want it to look professional.” As a fan of living a clutter-free life, I […] Read more »

Mixing friends with business has always been tricky. Even if you’re just coworking, you still run the risk of having your friends interfere with your business – or worse, having the business ruin your friendship. However, there are still some ways to establish a professional coworking space with friends. Read more »

Whether you want to take your web working career into a different direction or you simply want a refreshing distraction from your regular web work, it’s likely that you’ll consider changing your niche market at least once in your career. What are the consequences of changing […] Read more »

Many web workers talk about the benefits of larger or dual monitors. I currently have a 17-inch monitor, and although it works well, I can see how I can benefit from a more spacious and organized virtual desktop. But the truth is, not all web workers […] Read more »

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams, English Humorist During my first years as a web worker, whenever a client would ask me “When can I see the finished product?” I’d estimate the deadline in my […] Read more »

My ideal workday usually starts at 3:00 am and ends three hours later – which means that I have the rest of the morning to do chores and run errands. Now, because I’ve spent the entire weekend reading until late in the afternoons, I wake up at 4:00 pm, which means that most establishments close an hour later, and the sun will set soon – leaving me unable to go out and perform errands. Plus, by the time 3:00am comes, I am already too tired to work. Not an unusual predicament for web workers. Especially since we own our time. Although we don’t necessarily have a boss who prefers that we start at 9:00 am, waking up late in the afternoons isn’t ideal either. Read more »

For freelancing web workers, we sometimes get caught in the contract work aspect of our careers. Clients require your services, you provide, they pay. This cycle can get too comfortable that sometimes, you can’t imagine making money any other way. After all, you’re mobile and you […] Read more »

Just because your office is virtual, it doesn’t mean it gets less cluttered than a physical cubicle. A misplaced file or unnecessary program here and there could grow into a big clutter monster. It may be digital, but it’ll affect the performance of your computer and, as a result, also affect your work. If you’re going to do some general cleaning anyway, why not consider these suggestions on keeping your digital workspace clutter-free? Read more »

Many business deals depend so much on networking. This may sound unfair, but sometimes our success in business is more about who you know than how good you really are. It also usually follows that the more varied your contacts are, the more insights and opportunities you’ll encounter. Read more »

Many web workers are drawn to the nomadic lifestyle, but it’s not as tempting when you consider all the equipment you’ll be lugging around. From basic tools such as your laptop to optional gear such as a Wi-Fi signal amplifier, you’ll be carrying some things that the random backpacker won’t. So how do you travel as light as possible with all the extra load? Read more »

Wherever you turn in the blogosphere, you’ll probably encounter dozens of tips on how to be more productive, efficient, and super-focused. A recent news item says that over 90 minutes each workweek is spent on idle web surfing. Upon reading this, the overly productive types are […] Read more »

Ever had those clients who demand so much of your time? How about those who keep asking you questions with incredibly obvious answers? All web workers have had difficult clients, at least once in their career. Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow change their […] Read more »

Although we’re not stunt parachutists, web workers are not without their own professional risks.  After all, apart from the technology, even the industries and businesses we work don’t offer 100% reliability and security – which is probably why many people are afraid to telework in the […] Read more »

There’s been much talk about web workers feeling the need to co-work or step outside their home office. This trend may boil down to this obvious, but essential, thing: we need to spend some time offline. So what offline activities can the average web worker pursue? […] Read more »

While web workers can have the liberty of selecting their work days, the reluctance to get back into the workweek is a universal feeling. Whether you work from Monday to Friday or have an alternative schedule, you probably understand this feeling. Of course, for the purpose […] Read more »

It’s easy to forget that the average web worker’s skills and knowhow is quite specialized, even though Internet use is growing gradually over the years. Your colleagues might have Facebook accounts, but do they know how to use it for networking? Likewise, a client may have an existing website, but have they maximized its potential? You might have been brought in to deal with the tech issues, or you may have some ideas on how to make things work better. How do you do your job well if those around you aren’t as knowledgeable in your web working ways? Read more »

Web working is not for the faint of heart. Most WWD regulars who’ve spent over a year web working already know this by experience. However, new web workers or people who are thinking about working from home have yet to experience many of these hardships. If you haven’t made the jump to web working yet, you’ll need to face the cold hard truth of what you’re about to get into. Read more »

The traditional whiteboard isn’t exactly a hip Web 2.0 app, but it has many uses for the web worker. If you already have one or you’re thinking of getting one, consider these roles it can handle when it comes to your work and life. Read more »

The perfect productivity system is the web worker’s Holy Grail. But, like the Grail, this productivity system is surrounded by myth. Is the perfect productivity system just out there waiting to be discovered, or is it something you have to make on your own? I think […] Read more »

Where did the time go? If you ask yourself this question at the end of your workday and don’t know the answer, odds are you’ve wasted some time on unnecessary tasks. As web workers, our unproductive time doesn’t go to water cooler gossip or hanging out […] Read more »

Sometimes, business relationships tend to be too straightforward and formal. Those things have their place, but we need to include a more human touch when it comes to web working. After all, it’s much easier for clients to ignore and forget you if they don’t see […] Read more »

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