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It was just over a year ago that small, low-cost netbooks hit the market, and since then they’ve become one of the hottest technology trends of 2008, with the top two vendors in the space — Asus and Acer — predicting they’ll sell 11 million devices […] Read more »

This week, the Supreme Court is hearing a case, Entergy v. Riverkeeper, that will decide how big a factor cost is when it comes to utilities’ compliance with the Clean Water Act. Power plants, after all, use local water supplies to cool their facilities, which can […] Read more »

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I attended the Sustainable Industries Economic Forum in San Francisco this morning, where green jobs guru Van Jones’ opening remarks kicked off the morning with an it’s-a-great-time-to-get-down-to-work tone that was carried on during the following executive panel. While all the speakers — Kevin Surace of Serious […] Read more »

The economic downturn may be gutting the ethanol markets and souring term sheets, but here’s one silver lining: Math and science grads are turning to engineering instead of investment banking, BusinessWeek reports. Throughout the cleantech business, we’ve heard reports that many startups are finding themselves in […] Read more »

Eps Corp., an energy management company founded in 2001 by former Enron energy management employees, is offering companies a tool it claims offers immediate an return on investment: energy and energy cost savings, without the upfront capital costs of most energy-efficiency projects. Its tool, xChange Point, […] Read more »

With the recession in full swing, industries across the charts have been laying off hundreds of employees — making the job market increasingly competitive. So what’s a freshly unemployed tech professional to do? Hit the streets and start networking. As the hordes of job-seekers descend upon […] Read more »

Planet Metrics this morning said it has raised $2.3 million in Series A funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson for its carbon footprint modeling software. The Burlingame, Calif.-based company says it hopes to be the tool of choice for companies, from technology firms to grocery chains, that are ready to dig deeper into their business’s carbon footprint. Read more »

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Less than a year after announcing its deal with Merrill Lynch, Raser Technologies is set to open its first low-temp geothermal plant tomorrow in Utah. While it remains to be seen what happens when the switch is flipped, the company has so far made good on […] Read more »

Chipmakers are starting to come out with low-power offerings that, while they won’t all keep your iPhone running longer, could play a role in boosting the efficiency of a growing number of new devices. Read more »

As the Western Climate Initiative, the second cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases in the U.S., makes its way toward enforcement by 2010, Western states are rolling out their own plans and regulations aimed at meeting its reduction goals. Earlier this month California released a final proposed […] Read more »

Add this to the (small) list of things you CAN’T blame the credit crisis for: carbon project delays. Reuters has an article this morning on the impact of the credit crunch on the global carbon finance market. The upshot: Carbon markets are strong, yet projects are […] Read more »

UPDATED At the Itron Users’ Conference in Dallas on Tuesday, Tendril and Itron announced a networking solution that will enable two-way communication between utilities and residential customers’ energy-using devices using the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) that utilities are working to install. By integrating Tendril’s Residential Energy […] Read more »

Neal Dikeman, CEO of Carbonflow and a partner at Jane Capital, offered up some impassioned words of wisdom for the optimistic cleantech VCs in Silicon Valley over at the Cleantech Blog yesterday: For all the talk of a green boom in the midst of the downturn, […] Read more »

The Seattle Steam Co. broke ground this week on a new district heating plant, which will burn waste wood from construction and demolition debris, along with natural gas, to create steam. The plant will replace the existing natural-gas fired system, which serves approximately 9 million square […] Read more »

Apollo Solar, a Bethel, Conn.-based manufacturer of electronics for renewable energy devices, has raised $4.5 million in a private offering. Electronic components for solar technology are a fast-emerging investment category. Read more »

When Google acquired startup @Last and its 3-D modeling product, SketchUp, most observers saw it as a nice add-on for Google Earth, perfect for “hobbyists and enthusiasts.” Since then, the SketchUp program has blossomed into a tool in its own right, and is now nurturing a growing ecosystem of green design startups. Read more »

Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC) has done it again: SANYO North America said today that it will build a new $80-million, 70MW solar manufacturing facility in Salem, Ore. Construction is slated to begin next month and the plant is expected to open in October 2009, […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Tonight, come join the Earth2Tech crew at a VIP Reception following the inaugural day of the 2008 West Coast Green conference. We have a packed house with a fantastic number of executives from smart energy and green building companies joining us, and we’d love to […] Read more »

Internet-enabled appliances from refrigerators to washing machines have been demonstrated in labs and showrooms since the dotcom days. But devices like LG’s $10,000 DIOS refrigerator have been discontinued, and similar products from Samsung never even saw the light of day. So what’s the future of these […] Read more »

The idea of the Internet-enabled home appliance has been around since the heady days of the dotcom boom, when LG introduced its DIOS refrigerator and Sun Microsystem’s Scott McNealy paired a tablet PC with a Whirlpool fridge. But LG’s “market leader,” which sold for $10,000, is […] Read more »

Green Energy Options, a Cambridge, England-based energy monitoring company, has received a £250,000 ($447,287) investment through the Thames Valley Investment Network as part of an £800,000 funding round. Green Energy Options is one of a growing number of startups offering products aimed at monitoring and reducing […] Read more »

As gas prices have soared, more commuters have made the switch to carpooling, and they’re turning to a host of free web-based services. And so a growing number of ride-share startups are following in the footsteps of other Web 2.0 applications providers: targeting the enterprise market. Read more »

Cisco launched its Cisco Virtual Office this morning, touting a package of hardware and services aimed at the growing number of companies that allow their employees to work remotely. The set-up includes the new Cisco 881w Series Internet Services Router and an IP phone for each […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Hollywood take note: Sony Pictures is the sixth (and final) major movie studio to pull up stakes in South Korea, where blazing fast, ubiquitous broadband has sucker-punched the market for DVD sales and rentals, NewTeeVee reports today. In Korea, where average broadband penetration rate by […] Read more »

Over on OStatic, Sam Dean has put Google’s open-source Chrome browser (available for Windows users), through the paces. Deeming it “clean and complete for a beta version,” Dean dishes up an in-depth review: As promised, Chrome is focused on web applications and is tricked out to […] Read more »

After the Florida Public Service Commission unceremoniously shuttered FPL’s leading utility green power program earlier this month, citing high marketing and sales costs, Green Mountain Energy has released data disputing the claim. Costs for sales and marketing accounted for just 52 percent of Green Mountain’s revenues. […] Read more »

One year after the vaunted opening of its 100-million-gallon-a-year, $78 million biodiesel plant at the Port of Grays Harbor, Imperium Renewables has lost its contract to supply Royal Caribbean with 18 million gallons of biodiesel annually, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported. The news –which also revealed that […] Read more »

Prices for platinum have dropped more than 30 percent in recent weeks, to around $1,478.80 an ounce, off a high of more than $2,100 an ounce earlier this year. It’s part of an overall slide in commodity prices, from corn to precious metals to crude, taking […] Read more »

West Coast utilities Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and Portland General Electric announced this week a few initiatives aimed at bringing electric vehicles closer to the road. Portland General Electric said it will focus on building out infrastructure for the electric vehicles through a […] Read more »

Dell said this morning that it has achieved its “carbon neutral” goal in less than a year’s time — about five months ahead of the computing giant’s previous schedule — through a combination of energy efficiency, voluntary green power purchases and carbon offsets from rainforest preservation […] Read more »

After the Florida Public Service commission excoriated Florida Power and Light for “mismanagement” of its nationally recognized green power program, Sunshine Energy, the utility was forced to shutter its program last week. The PSC’s drastic decision caught many in the utility green power business off guard. […] Read more »

If you’re a consumer electronics maker, how do you promote e-cycling, and your gear too? Help launch a e-cycling program — but have only your gear picked up for free. LG and Waste Management yesterday announced a partnership to encourage consumer e-waste recycling through Waste Management’s […] Read more »

The U.S. isn’t taking aggressive enough action — or much action at all — on climate change, according to a report released today by the World Wildlife Fund and German insurer Allianz. In fact the “G8 Climate Scorecards” place the U.S. at the bottom of the […] Read more »

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