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China has historically been a tough market for foreign companies, and when it comes to doing business on the Internet, it’s getting even tougher when it comes to doing business on the Internet. Here are three tips to consider before investing time and energy there. Read more »

In order to better understand the opportunities and implications of the second broadband buildout, we’re bringing together a group of more than 50 thought leaders in a town hall forum at our GigaOM headquarters here in San Francisco on Wednesday, Feb. 24th starting at 9:30 a.m. Read more »

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Not all mobile apps are created equal, and choosing the right platform for yours can be the key to success or failure. “The App Developer’s Guide to Choosing a Mobile Platform,” a new report from Colin Gibbs over at GigaOM Pro (sub required) discusses the essentials. Read more »

As this year and decade pull to a close, we’ve collected the top five winning and losing technologies and companies for each of the five major areas that GigaOM Pro covers: infrastructure, mobile, consumer tech, real-time web, and green technology. Read more »

Netbooks have been a rip-roaring success since they hit the market a year and a half ago, and smartphones have taken the gadget world by storm. Now, companies like Qualcomm, Freescale and Nvidia are hoping there’s room for another type of uber-portable device: the so-called “smartbook.” Read more »

This week on GigaOM Pro, we got an exclusive look at the financials for a mainstream network–backed web series, explored two high-tech aspects of the holiday shopping season, suggested a few reasons cloud computing could boost IT spending, and more. Read more »

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[qi:_newteevee] This morning’s Video Rights Roundtable was, as we hoped, a rare opportunity for online video industry players to talk about their conflicts and collaborations in the wild — not in a courtroom or conference room.  In a (more than) two-hour discussion, the nearly 50 attendees […] Read more »

As we saw at last week’s “What’s Next for the Web?” Bunker Series event, we’re pushing the boundaries of the web. The NewNet, as we call it, is blurring the lines between what’s online and what’s real life. From augmented reality apps to location-based services and […] Read more »

Google’s announcement that it will launch Google Editions, its e-book publishing platform, next year, may have gotten a lot of attention among publishers and e-book enthusiasts, but it’s more than just a Kindle killer. While Google’s plan to offer readers access to 400,000-600,000 books on any […] Read more »

Take one slumped economy, add some high travel prices, stir in a healthy dose of climate change anxiety, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an emerging market: virtual worlds for businesses. According to the new GigaOM Pro report “Virtual Worlds for the Enterprise Market” by […] Read more »

Portland, Ore., has had more than its fair share of trouble from the current recession — it’s seen the biggest drop in employment of any metro area in the country, with jobless rates clocking in at a dismal 12.2 percent in June. But despite the gloomy […] Read more »

Nike’s Shambhala initiative, which kicked off in 1999, aimed to transform Nike’s approach to social and environmental issues. A series of workshops brought together sustainability gurus, speakers and more than 50 managers from across Nike’s many divisions to discuss ways to push the envelope on internal […] Read more »

With the explosion of low-cost chips, from Intel’s Atom processor to low-power Wi-Fi sensors, just about everything is “getting smart” these days. There are known environmental benefits to this kind of cheap-and-easy digital intelligence, many of them heavily promoted by IBM as part of its “Smarter […] Read more »

While it may seem that everyone and their mother is moving to the cloud, the truth is that many enterprises are still wary about moving into public, shared infrastructures. But there are undeniable business benefits to cloud computing, and enterprises are beginning to ask: How can […] Read more »

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., like many semiconductor companies, is on the lookout for new markets, and according to some reports, the company thinks it could generate more than $2 billion in revenue from opportunities that include solar and LEDs. The company’s not alone. The semiconductor business […] Read more »

Carbon management software is like a sophomore on the cleantech campus: it’s been around for awhile, but it’s just now starting to get noticed by the senior class. This month SAP took over Clear Standards, a carbon management startup that raised $4 million last fall, and […] Read more »

With both NetApp and EMC eager to acquire Data Domain, the leading storage-efficiency company appears certain to be facing a future in the arms of a larger firm. Om in a post last week laid out some of the reasons why both companies are interested in […] Read more »

It wasn’t so long ago that U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced $256 million in stimulus funding for industrial energy-efficiency initiatives, $50 million of which will go to research, development and demonstration projects aimed at helping cut the energy used by information and communication technologies. […] Read more »

Corporate social responsibility reports are often a company’s beachhead effort on sustainability, and most focus on relatively easy-to-achieve metrics, such as employee volunteerism rates, corporate giving and supplier diversity. Advocates say even this kind of transparency can spur companies to further action. That’s the logic behind […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this week’s GigaOM sponsors: PEER 1: Fully Scalable Hosting Solutions RackSpace: Experience fanatical support StrataScale: It’s your infrastructure – On Demand. Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Cisco this morning announced its official game plan for the smart grid market, which it believes represents a $20 billion-a-year opportunity as the systems are built out over the next five years. In typical Cisco fashion, the five-point plan hinges on new opportunities for its […] Read more »

When you’re a networking giant, it’s probably a good idea to develop a strategy for participating in the biggest network build-out of the decade. This morning, Cisco is doing just that, with an announcement of its game plan for becoming a major player in the smart […] Read more »

By now, you’ve probably heard the following claim: Video conferencing, when done right, can offer companies significant benefits when it comes to travel. By eliminating the need to send employees to on-site meetings, companies can cut both the cost and the nasty carbon emissions bill associated […] Read more »

The 2009 Sustainable Industries Economic Forum is happening this Thursday, May 7, at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco. The second annual Forum, which highlights the success and challenge of regional sustainable business executives, features Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface Global, as the […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] This week, Cisco made its first official move into the smart grid space as a partner in the $200 million Energy Smart Miami project. While the smart grid, which some have called the “Internet of energy,” might seem like a perfect opportunity for the networking […] Read more »

The announcement this week that Miami could soon be home to the nation’s largest smart grid project brought together some of the biggest companies in the space, GE and Cisco; one of its most promising startups, Silver Spring Networks; and the utility arm of the nation’s […] Read more »

As social media has exploded, web startups building social applications are offering users ways to manage that proliferation. Some, such as FriendFeed, provide a central place for users to aggregate different services, while others, like Facebook Connect, offer tools for federation — a single way to […] Read more »

Over at TheAppleBlog, Nick Santilli has rounded up a few iPhone apps to help consumers “go green.” He takes a look at tools to help you find green living tips and retailers, as well as a couple apps for measuring your environmental footprint. The free shopgreen […] Read more »

Ever since the Wall Street Journal reported last week that IBM was in talks to buy Sun Microsystems for $6.5 billion in cash, the tech media has tried to dissect every potential reason for — and outcome of — such a deal. But little mention has […] Read more »

As the recession forces companies to slash jobs right and left, one of the more secure positions is turning out to be that of Chief Sustainability Officer. Increasingly, companies across the board are including the job of marrying business performance to environmental performance among their C-level […] Read more »

You can get wireless data access just about everywhere these days, from your bathtub to Barcelona’s city streets, so why not in your body?  Well, soon you will — or at least, that’s the vision of a handful of emerging biotech companies. As the Boomer generation […] Read more »

At TED*: How Far Can a Simulcast Go? NewTeeVee’s Liz Gannes attended the 2009 TED conference last week — but not in Long Beach. Instead, she attended a simulcast of the event held at a separate venue two hours away. As the famed conference expands, its organizers […] Read more »

The Obama administration’s $825 billion economic recovery package, nicknamed the “Green New Deal,” is packed with references to doubling renewable energy generation, funding public transportation and energy-efficiency projects, and investing in clean water and environmental restoration. But it’s not just a present for the cleantech crowd […] Read more »

The Obama administration’s $825 billion economic recovery package, nicknamed the “Green New Deal,” is packed with references to doubling renewable energy generation, funding public transportation and energy-efficiency projects, and investing in clean water and environmental restoration. But it’s not just a present for the cleantech crowd […] Read more »

According to research from Instat, ZigBee may be following in the footsteps of now-ubiquitous Wi-Fi, thanks to the growth of the “smart energy” marketplace. Earth2Tech reports that chips and nodes used to build wireless networks based on the leading standard, 802.15.4, (the one the ZigBee specification […] Read more »

If you’re one of the unlucky holiday travelers stranded because of bad weather around the country, or stuck at home without power in Illinois, Massachusetts, Georgia, Ohio or Oregon, maybe you can take solace in this: Bad weather-induced power outages are a big motivator for utilities […] Read more »

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