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Q&A site Quora is lately being called the savior of search and the next Facebook. But is Quora worth all the fuss? But the company is far from alone in the Q&A space, and so the question arises, is Quora really worth all its hype? Read more »


Putting a value on Facebook is beyond many of us, but the social network is the most important player in social media. To better compete against, partner with or invest in Facebook, it’s worth evaluating its market positions, strengths and weaknesses. Read more »

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Last week Google showed off its progress on Chrome OS, introducing an apps store in support of it and offering a pre-release hardware trial program. But making Chrome OS what CEO Eric Schmidt calls a “viable third choice” in operating systems looks doomed. Read more »


There’s talk of the future of media in the air, so much that even old-school newspaper companies are seeing the light. So let’s examine a few ways that NewNet technologies like social media and real-time feeds are helping to re-invent the business of modern media. Read more »


Marketing using location and social networking are like peanut butter and chocolate — they’re a perfect combination. Add mobile and you have a trio of hot technologies attracting capital from investors and big companies alike. Here are the revenue models to watch as these elements collide. Read more »


Facebook Messages isn’t about replacing email. What the social network is really trying to establish with its recently unveiled unified communications hub is presence management, and this new "modern messaging system" is more concerned with intimacy and immediacy, as opposed to formality, flexibility and history. Read more »


You may have heard, a company called RockMelt announced a browser last week, even calling it a “social browser.” Thanks in part to Marc Andreessen’s VC firm funding it, the product got a lot of media attention. Big deal. Browsers don’t matter anymore. Here’s why not. Read more »


When it comes to consumer technologies, how big is big enough? When do they really start to gain momentum, and what happens when they do? These are questions of critical mass — the tipping point when user adoption starts producing the hockey-stick growth that fosters sustainable businesses. Read more »

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In the realm of might-have-beens, Myspace shows more promise than Friendster. But unlike some former web leaders, it’s still salvageable. Myspace shouldn’t try to challenge Facebook for social network leadership, but it can remain a valuable consumer media business, if not a technology driver. Here’s how. Read more »


Privacy isn’t just Facebook’s problem. The whole consumer Internet and media industry had better devise a plan for facing the privacy issues fast, or get ready to face serious consumer backlash and, perhaps worse, government regulation. Here are a few steps social media companies can take. Read more »


For third-quarter social media and real-time technologies, most of the action was in consumer services, and much of it — from social gaming to location-based services and advertising dollars — was influenced by Facebook. Here is a brief look back at the NewNet action highlights from last quarter. Read more »


Even if you don’t believe real-time feeds will become the dominant content consumption paradigm, they’re clearly a growing force. Consumer-paid access to real-time feeds is largely for paid mobile apps, and advertising is the immediate payoff. So here’s how social media companies can best cash in. Read more »


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week called the newly introduced Groups feature a “fundamental building block of the social web.” If adopted widely by users, Groups could have a significant impact on communications and identity management — both inside and outside of the social network. Read more »


Just about every company online should add some social spice to its site. In the case of Yahoo, where turmoil is reaching crisis proportions, an aggressive dose of social networking elements could help the former Internet giant maintain its huge audience and leadership position in advertising. Read more »

DTV Update: Obama signs bill that delays the digital TV switch till June 12. (The LA Times); FCC prevents 123 stations from going all-digital on Feb. 17 (previous coverage), 368 stations will do so. (Broadcasting & Cable) Feds and YouTube Near Deal; agreement would allow federal […] Read more »

Last week there was news that the new Nokia Internet Tablet operating system, OS2008, was available for N800 devices, but that wasn’t the most official of releases from Nokia. Instead, folks found the hosted image files and started to use them before Nokia offered them up. […] Read more »

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