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All the big guys – Adobe, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle – have a suite of marketing tech platform tools they call marketing clouds. Social media marketing is the obvious focus, but what else is required for these platforms? Read more »

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Innovation may be an aging buzzword, but IT execs are only too happy to hear their CEOs parrot it. CIOs can get their seat back at the executive table if they can help turn their company – and its product – into networks. Read more »


Gigaom Research is launching a research channel for tech decision makers. Whether they work in functional or line of business management, or in IT departments, tech buyers need to understand the impact of cloud, big data, mobile, and social business technologies on their business. Read more »

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Enterprise Social 2.0

Social technologies in the enterprise have evolved from being simply collaboration tools for employees to an integral part of customer service, finance, and HR infrastructure. With this potentially huge disruptive force in mind, we invite GigaOM readers to share their thoughts on which tools and technologies will most change the workplace. Read more »

David Card, Research Director for GigaOM Pro, at GigaOM RoadMap 2011

As media and entertainment went digital, many looked to the music sector as the canary in the coal mine. Digital comprises over 40 percent of consumer sales, but the whole market was worth only $5.9 billion in 2010. Even digital felt stagnant. But that’s changing. Read more »


Long a big force in online media, Yahoo and its once-successful online portal business model is struggling. So we decided to ask GigaOM readers what they thought Yahoo should do, and we published the results in a flash analysis on GigaOM Pro. Read more »

Two weeks ago, Yahoo’s board fired CEO Carol Bartz, and now it may be looking to sell all or part of the company. Om thinks Yahoo’s board should fire itself and then look at some acquisitions. But what do you think? Here at GigaOM, we want to […] Read more »

Office Politics: A Rise to the Top

We surveyed 400 of the newest generation, the Millennials, ages 20 through 29, on their attitudes and behavior around at-work technology and tech support, communications preferences and problem-solving styles. Here are the trends IT needs to address to make these workers productive and avoid potential problems. Read more »

Microsoft’s online business lost $2.6 billion for its fiscal year, mainly due to its investment in search. Yet even with Yahoo’s outsourced search business, Microsoft barely cracks 30 percent in market share, according to comScore. Last week, a Reuters Breakingviews piece that was picked up by […] Read more »

Yahoo reported another disappointing quarter, with core revenues down 5 percent to just over $1 billion. Its display advertising business was up 5 percent, but it appears to be losing share to companies like Google and Facebook. Yahoo is still one of the biggest online properties […] Read more »

Google revenues were up 32 percent, to a record $9 billion. Android activates 550,000 devices a day. Google+ had 10 million users in less than two weeks of limited availability. But Google can’t ease up on the accelerator. Though Google dominates search, U.S. query volume is flat […] Read more »


GigaOM conducted a survey over the Fourth of July weekend of GigaOM readers regarding Google+’s chances for success, its competitive weapons and its likely impact on the competitive social media environment. Here’s a snippet of what we discovered about the prospects for Google’s latest social venture. Read more »


Pandora finally went public last week, and with its focus on radio, the company has a better chance for mass adoption than most other digital music services. While it may be losing money now, here are a few steps it could take to raise revenues. Read more »


Groupon’s prospectus for an IPO started arguments over the company’s huge losses. Silicon Valley wants Groupon to look like a technology company, but right now it’s more or less in the Yellow Pages business. But by better applying big data analysis, Groupon could start seeing profits. Read more »


Last week, investors poured money into ShopIgniter and Milyoni, companies that build Facebook storefronts for merchants and retailers. Many are skeptical about that opportunity, but with thousands of merchants building Facebook stores, it’s worth examining the challenges and what could make those stores effective shopping vehicles. Read more »


Markets with network effects tend to have explosive growth, and part of the excitement driving LinkedIn’s IPO last week comes from investors associating social media with that principle. But assessing the competitive positions of social media companies depends on knowing which network effects are actually present. Read more »


Remember when social media was going to reinvent the entertainment business? Though past efforts made little headway in the social-entertainment space, announcements from Warner Home Entertainment and News Corp. suggest the space is far from dead. Here’s what companies looking to capitalize on it can learn. Read more »


Among reports that it was having trouble unloading $1 billion worth of shares at a very rich valuation, Facebook last week tweaked an existing advertising service and started testing its first home-grown social commerce product: Facebook Deals. Will that be Facebook’s next billion-dollar business? Possibly. But it already faces stiff […] Read more »


Last week, the bipartisan Kerry-McCain bill proposed legislation on a Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights that would put the FTC in charge of policing the online collection, sharing and use of personal information. That has far-reaching implications for the online media business. Read more »


Last week, LinkedIn unveiled an upgraded version of its platform to developers. The professional social network is trying to establish itself as the source for professional profiles, and with 100 million users and an upcoming IPO, what are its chances of finally sealing up this role? Read more »


Much of last week’s buzz surrounding the launch of Color was justifiably skeptical. Does the world really need another mobile photo-sharing app? But parts of the startup’s vision extend far beyond photo-sharing, and make the company worth watching as a potential indicator of social media trends. Read more »


Human beings naturally belong to a variety of networks based on different contexts like shared interests, work, school, geography and the like. So it seems logical that there is room for specialized or niche social networks oriented around those specific groups or activities. Read more »


Last week’s stories said that social game maker Zynga was raising $250 million at a valuation north of $7 billion. By week’s end, the company was close to raising twice that, at a $10 billion figure. But why would anyone think Zynga was worth that much? Read more »


Last week, market researcher comScore released its U.S. Digital Year in Review report that’s chock full of useful data for the industry. Implications arising from the numbers include Facebook’s ad value problems, communications platform evolution, and potential social commerce growth barriers. Read more »


Demand Media may have announced a successful IPO, but that didn’t quite dispel the air of controversy surrounding the company. But while Demand’s business model may be a little shaky, it’s worth monitoring for lessons in content creation efficiency and targeting, and for potential partnership opportunities. Read more »

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