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Businessweek article, the iPad is going to be all about the games. A large portion of the few companies elite enough to actually get their hands on a pre-release version of the iPad are game developers. Gaming is big on the iPhone/iPod touch platform and our […] Read more »


Over at Patently Apple, Jack Burcher Purcher reports that Apple is applying for a trademark called “Joint Venture.” The trademark application indicates that this will most likely be some kind of new service offering by Apple. Might Apple start providing on-site service just like Best Buy’s Geek […] Read more »

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I’ve been an iPod-listening, iPhone-talking, iMac-computing, Macbook-toting Apple fan since 1986 when I first used AppleWorks on a Apple IIe. I’ve stood behind the platform through thick and thin and my t-shirt collection proves it. However, one aspect of the Apple culture to which I refuse […] Read more »


Among all the introductions at CES 2010 this year, one caught my eye as either iNsane or iNgenious, depending on your viewpoint. ION introduced a full external keyboard and docking station for the iPhone and iPod Touch. One step forward or back? Maybe both. ION is […] Read more »


Maybe it’s because you’ve been watching too many of these ads , but for whatever reason, the iPhone isn’t for you. You opted for an Android-based phone instead. It may blend, but will it sync with your Mac? Read on. There are comprehensive third party desktop […] Read more »

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If you believe the marketing hype, you aren’t really a true Mac user unless you have MobileMe. MobileMe is pushed heavily in the Mac and iPhone UI as well as the Apple retail environment. Fancy terms like “beyond the box sales” are a clever way of […] Read more »


A very common “feature” of many highly used iPhones are unsightly cracks in the screen. Since screen cracks are almost never covered by the iPhone warranty, an entire cottage industry has cropped up for iPhone screen repairs. Even Apple decided it wanted a piece of the […] Read more »


Let’s face it, remembering to sync just stinks. With MobileMe, Apple introduced “over-the-air” syncing, allowing your contacts and emails to appear on your phone and computer automatically without intervention. Small amounts of data make it easy. However, if you want music, that’s a whole different story. […] Read more »

Although I’ve been supporting Macs since they came out in 1984 (when I was in high school), I haven’t received any “formal” training. It has mostly been learning by doing, reading the occasional book and now of course, TheAppleBlog. Does formal certification really make a difference […] Read more »

As a new writer here, let me give you the File → Get Info on me. For my day job, I own a computer repair business here in Lawrence, Kansas. Drawing on my support background, I focus on practical technology from the user perspective; If I […] Read more »

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