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Apple today extended its social media presence by creating a Twitter account for the App Store. After 10 billion purchases, I guess Apple realizes the store is pretty popular and might just become even more so through a little additional exposure. Read more »

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Whether you backup via an online service, Time Machine, a cloned backup or manually, you’ve probably forgotten something critical: testing. A good backup strategy is generally something simple and automated. You “set it and forget it,” but you really shouldn’t. Read more »


Apple is one of the only major technology companies not to have a clear presence on Twitter. But yesterday Apple Senior VP of iPhone Software Scott Forstall signed up for Twitter and has a “verified account” to show he is indeed the Scott Forstall from Apple. Read more »


Apple has quietly introduced a much needed update: Backup 3.2. I’m a big fan of Apple’s easy-to-use, yet often quirky backup solution. However, I had noticed that the program was quite long in the tooth. Did Apple follow my suggestions on what to change? Barely. Read more »


Numbers for the iPad is an outstanding standalone application. The creation of basic spreadsheets is uniquely optimized for the iPad layout. However, Numbers does not share well with others, and if you use Excel at all, you should probably just move along to another app. Read more »


After unboxing my iPad and powering it on for the first time, I had to connect it to iTunes before actually being able to use the new toy. The process of setting up the iPad in iTunes is very straightforward, but with a few quirks. Read more »


Whether you are using MobileMe, Dropbox, or any one of the variety of other syncing programs, you may be one of the increasing number of people using these services to backup their data. The problem, though, is that syncing is not backing up. Read more »

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