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With Black Friday just around the corner, your iPhone might be your greatest weapon for getting the best deals around. Just be sure you download these apps, and remember not to literally crash through doors, regardless of what retailer marketing says they’d like you to do. Read more »


Whether you use iCloud, MobileMe or Google to sync your contacts and calendars — no matter how careful you are — glitches occur. Fortunately, Spanning Tools helps clean up your contacts and calendars, making sure your syncs go as planned and correcting errors after the fact. Read more »

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MacDefender is the latest, and arguably the most significant Mac malware threat we’ve seen in a long time. Apple support reportedly isn’t offering help over the phone to affected customers, but doing so could set a costly precedent, and there’s arguably a better solution available long-term. Read more »


Since my business runs on iCal, I approached the CalDAV upgrade for MobileMe Calendar users (which becomes mandatory May 5) with reluctance and some healthy fear. Here are my recommendations and a walkthrough of the process that should hopefully make the task less daunting for you. Read more »


An iPhone stand that costs almost as much as an iPhone ($169) will raise a few eyebrows, mine included. Yet, I was simply amazed at what a masterful piece of art and engineering the RokForm folks created with the Rokstand, a mighty marvel of industrial engineering. Read more »

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