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This week, we’ve seen stories come across hailing 3 million plays of a show in one month a hit (KateModern) and 2 million views in three months for a whole site a success (Slate V). It begs the question: When is online content considered a hit? […] Read more »

ABC and Warner Bros. TV Strike Streaming Deal; network gets first dibs on its WBTV-produced shows in year one, WBTV gets the streaming and download rights in year two. (Variety) No Doo-Doo: Lulu Sues Hulu; digital self-publishing company accuses NBCU/News Corp. vid site of “trademark infringement, […] Read more »

Vzaar (video + bazaar, pronounced “viz-ZAR,”) officially launched its service today, allowing eBay users to easily add video to their classified ads for free. Users shoot footage (with a mobile phone, digital camera or video camera) of the item they’re selling, sign in to vzaar’s service […] Read more »

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Universal Music Group is sticking to its guns and suing the Michael Eisner-backed online video startup Veoh over copyright infringement. Not mincing words, Universal said in a complaint filed today in federal court in Los Angeles: “Veoh follows in the ignominious footsteps of other recent mass […] Read more »

Apple Unveils iPod Touch, Revamps Lineup; new iPod features touch screen and Wi-Fi to allow mobile purchases through iTunes, nanos get video. CNN Money) Online Movie Download Market to Hit $1.3 Billion by 2011; but the studios’ varied approaches will likely hamper development and market growth. […] Read more »

Looks like (AMZN) is the big winner in the NBC vs. iTunes spat: NBC has decided that its content will appear on Unbox, Amazon’s digital video download service. Unbox customers can pay to download hit NBC shows such as The Office and Heroes, as well […] Read more »

BitTorrent Surpasses eDonkey for P2P Supremacy. New study shows P2P traffic accounts for 50 to 90 percent of all Internet traffic. BitTorrent leads P2P pack with 50 to 75 percent of that P2P traffic. (ipoque) Thomson SA Acquires SyncCast Corp; company hopes acquisition of the online […] Read more »

Anyone who’s watched Showtime’s hit series Weeds is likely to recognize the show’s imminently catchy theme song, “Little Boxes” (“Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky…”). Each week, a different artist performs their rendition of the tune (past performers include Death Cab for […] Read more »

Good news for aspriring filmmakers interested in the upcoming Babelgum Online Film Festival we wrote about yesterday. Babelgum clarified its stance on exclusivity (hooray!) and broadened eligibility for its fest. An updated announcement with new information is up on the Babelgum blog. Here’s an excerpt: “…2 […] Read more »

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