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The DEMO Conference kicked off in earnest today, and as expected, there’s a lot of news in the online video space. Proxure unveiled Filmaroo, a video-sharing site aimed at families. It wants to make sending a video of the new baby (or whatever else you want […] Read more »

Number of Broadband Households Paying for Online Video Hits Twelve Million; up from 3 million in 2005 – 2006, according to new study from Parks Associates. (release) Yellow Pages Offering Video; let your fingers do the playing as antiquated listings add commercials to fend off competition […] Read more »

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With sci-fi shows such as Chuck, Reaper, and Bionic Woman debuting this fall season, it seems that Hollywood has realized there’s gold in them thar nerds. Too bad all the development execs were jocks, because they missed a grand (and geeky) opportunity to enhance the TV […] Read more »

Nielsen Launches Social Network; audience tracking firm says that by using the site, called Hey! Nielsen, your opinions on pop culture could reach the “media moguls” who decide what gets made. (MediaWeek) Finns Get Early Access to Disney TV Via the Web; commercial broadcaster Nelonen will […] Read more »

Fire up those press releases, the fall session of the DEMO Conference kicks off this evening. Sessions haven’t even started and the news is already flying. Here’s a quick rundown of the stories so far. MetaRadar is debuting its MediaMasher, which it hopes will put an […] Read more »

News is swirling that PodShow will announce a deal next week that makes its content available to TiVo‘s 10 to 12 million users (Checking on actual stats as pointed out by the watchful eyes of our readers. ed.). According to TechCrunch, the announcement was supposed to […] Read more »

As I was struggling with a joke in one of my posts last week, Om was kind enough to remind me, “Dude, you’re not funny. So don’t try.” And after the initial sting subsided, I realized that he’s right. But it got me thinking about who […] Read more »

FOX Makes Season Premieres Free on iTunes; FOX hopes giving away shows like Prison Break, or American Dad will entice viewers to watch more on TV or pay for more episodes. (Check out our handy guide for where to watch network TV online.) (LA Times) NY […] Read more »

Updated. ABC has made good on its promise to start syndicating content beyond its own site by announcing a deal with AOL that puts full episodes of ABC programming on the video portal. Earlier this week, NBC said it will debut its VOD service in October […] Read more »

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ABC Goes on AOL; network’s plan to widen the digital distribution of its TV content kicks in; shows will be available one day after broadcast, with four shows available at a time. (Wall Street Journal) FIQL.TV Adds Video to Music Playlist Sharing Service; users can compile […] Read more »

When the Screen Actors Guild said recently that its contract would cover the upcoming online series quarterlife, it got me thinking about how a SAG contract would affect online productions in general. The Guild’s contracts are notoriously specific and extensive, and someone working on a small […] Read more »

Starz Media has completed a set of deals to distribute its library of film, TV and Japanese anime content through Amazon Unbox and Xbox Live. Under the agreement, Starz, which includes the brands Manga Entertainment and Film Roman, will offer up its anime content, including Ghost […] Read more »

Britney Cry Guy in Talks for a TV Show; after Chris Crocker’s tear-stained pleas, 44Blue Productions signs a deal with him to develop a docusoap around the 19-year-old’s life. (Variety) CBS Not Joining iTunes Pricing Battle; network is happy with Apple and the prices it charges, […] Read more »

YouTube is once again at the center of a political and cultural firestorm, as video of a University of Florida student being tasered at a Senator John Kerry speaking event is the must-see video of the moment. The story so far is that 21-year-old Andrew Meyer […] Read more »

Venture Roundup; storage delivery service Nirvanix nabs $12 million, while Chinese web video broadcasting site PPLive pulls in a reported $10 million to $15 million. (Nirvanix: emailed release; PPLive: Redline China) GreenCine’s Sold to Porn Company New Owners; artsy rent-by-mail DVD service was quietly sold to […] Read more »

Car enthusiast video sharing site has just raised $6.1 million in Series A funding, and the site is putting the pedal to the metal, streaming nearly 1 million videos a day to 2 million car enthusiasts a month. The story of Streetfire reads like the […] Read more »

Rap mogul Sean Combs (formerly P. Diddy) is taking the new ad for his “Unforgivable Woman” perfume straight to the Web, after MTV reportedly said it was too raunchy to air on TV. The “movietisement,” catches Combs and model Jessica Gomez in all kinds of compromising, […] Read more »

With his bombastic personality and Everyman appeal, Gary Vaynerchuk wants to revolutionize wine appreciation — and he’s doing it one vlog at a time. Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV is quickly moving from online cult hit to full-blown mainstream phenomenon, garnering attention from Late Night with Conan […] Read more »

Ripe Gets Joost; content from RipeTV, OctaneTV and FlowTV to be distributed through the P2P video service. Shows will include Stuff 4 Dudes Sexy Road Test and VIP Lounge. (AdWeek) Current TV Wins an Emmy; Al Gore’s user-generated, pod-programmed network takes home an “interactive television services” […] Read more »

Want a movie deal? Make a viral hit. Million Dollar Strong, the duo behind the viral vid smash What’s it Gonna Be? is heading to the big screen thanks to a new deal with MTV. The film will follow the rise of a deluded rapper and […] Read more »

In a move that could herald a new age in online content production, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) announced that the actors in the new online series Quarterlife, are covered by the Union’s contract. This means that performers in the highly-anticipated series will be eligible for […] Read more »

A study this week from the Project for Excellence in Journalism said social news sites like Digg and Reddit may be dumbing down our news consumption, or at least keeping us more informed about iPhone hacks than insurgent attacks. But then again, tension between traditional and […] Read more »

MTV Invests in Vice, Distributes Yahoo Content; Music network tries to regain its cool through the edgy Vice Broadcasting System (; we like), and in role reversal distributes Yahoo’s (YHOO) original music series “Nissan Live Sets” through the MHD network. (Vice via Fortune; Yahoo via NY […] Read more »

Looks like Yahoo (YHOO) is putting the “mashup” back in its Presidential Mashup Debate. Users can now head over to Jumpcut’s debate group to cut, paste, slice and dice clips of the Democratic candidates answering questions about Iraq, health care and education (or the “wild card” […] Read more »

In what will surely be the funkiest lawsuit the online world has ever seen, Prince plans to sue YouTube for unauthorized use of his music. The Purple One wants to “reclaim his art on the Internet.” A statement released on Prince’s behalf argued: “YouTube … are […] Read more »

Kara Swisher over at All Things Digital has nabbed a video interview with Joost CEO Mike Volpi. Check it out as he talks about why he went to Joost, working with Hollywood, and answers a question we’ve asked here: What is a hit for Joost? Watch […] Read more »

YouTube Still Dominates Stats, MySpace Audience Slips; with 56 million unique visitors in August, YouTube tops NielsenNetRatings’ latest survey, while MySpace Video slips 6 percent from the previous year. Meanwhile, comScore says Google/YouTube served 2.5 of the 9 billion videos watched in July. (Nielsen emailed release, […] Read more »

After months of promoting its “Mashup Debate” with Slate and The Huffington Post, Yahoo decided to pull the plug on the “mashup” part of the debate at the last minute. This version of a Democratic Presidential debate was supposed to straddle the line between the staid […] Read more »

ABC is launching a redesign next week that will “push the envelope with social media features for Disney,” and they’re looking for a community and content manager. It’s a contract role based in Burbank, Calif., and the lucky person hired will be: “..part of the […] Read more »

With the seemingly constant shift in digital strategies from the TV networks and studios, keeping track of who’s doing what can be confusing. So in order to explain their moves, we decided to match them to something we can all love and relate to — characters […] Read more »

Viacom merges and; new entity “” will consist of Spike TV programming, plus content from Comedy Central and gaming properties like Xfire. (Advertising Age, previous coverage) TV Ad Spending Falls; drops 2.4 percent compared with the same time last year, with spending for network […] Read more »

While it was supposed to be Britney Spears’ comeback performance, was the big winner after the falling star’s abysmal performance at the channel’s annual Video Music Awards. The music site saw its traffic surge to record numbers as people visited to watch the trainwreck in […] Read more »

Watching your favorite TV shows online isn’t as easy as we’d like to believe. TV content is scattered across various sites and in different, competing formats. Video search doesn’t yield relevant results consistently. And sure, BitTorrent has everything under the sun, but BitTorrent isn’t easy for […] Read more »

News Corp. to Apple: We Set Prices, Not You; FOX has no plans to pull its content (24, Prison Break) off iTunes, but wants more flexibility. (Rueters) YouTube Accounts for 28 Percent of Time on Google; video-sharing site also accounts for 35 percent of global users. […] Read more »

WPP Acquires Schematic; company makes purchase to create original digital content beyond ads. (release) “Dick in a Box” Nabs Emmy; the Samberg/Timberlake SNL spoof collaboration takes home a Creative Arts Emmy for “Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.” (FMQB) BBC on Xbox? Microsoft in talks with venerable […] Read more »

Did you notice the shortened version of the MTV Music Video Awards? (those of you who were not scared off by Britney’s Spears horrific “performance,” I mean). NewTeeVee readers probably didn’t — you’re savvy enough to know you don’t have to sit through the commercials and […] Read more »

Apple Wants to Chop Price of TV Shows; it would lower the cost from $1.99 to $0.99, but getting studios on board won’t be easy (*cough*NBCU*cough*). (Variety) WPP Close to Making Another Digital Advertising Acquisition? The company bought 24/7 Real Media earlier this year, Spot Runner […] Read more »

It seems like just yesterday we wrote about Universal Music Group being embroiled in litigation. (My mistake — it was two days ago.) Now DivX has jumped into the legal melee, ready to throw down with the music giant. And just as Veoh did, DivX is […] Read more »

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