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Mario Batali throws his famous chef’s hat (and orange Crocs) into the online video ring today with the debut of his new web series, Mario Batali Unclogged, on the Serious Eats food blog. This bodes well for the online video industry as yet another high-profile name […] Read more »

BBC to Use Flash for Streaming; Adobe says venerable UK TV network to use its technology in the BBC iPlayer. (emailed release) Quartics Develops PC-to-TV Chip; startup’s software and a $20 chip wirelessly connects Internet content to traditional TV sets. (GigaOM) Despite DVRs, TV Ratings Still […] Read more »

Widget makers from across the web have gathered in San Francisco for Widget Summit 2007. In honor of all those wonderful bite-sized bits of code that are transforming our industry, here are five of my favorite video widgets you should definitely play with. All of these […] Read more »

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Ah, how times change. AT&T (T), the company that used to be affectionately known as Ma Bell, is caught in a legal tussle with the state of Connecticut over the rollout of its U-Verse IPTV service, and at the heart of the dispute is whether AT&T […] Read more »

Well, whaddya know. After we asked, earlier this month, who watches TV shows online, research firms TNS and The Conference Board have piped in with an answer: Roughly sixteen percent of American Internet households watch TV broadcasts online. “Although online television viewing is still not a […] Read more »

Sprint “SEEs” Original Programming on Mobile; Sprint Exclusive Entertainment (SEE) to deliver shows about music, entertainment news and sports to subscribers. (release) TubeMogul Gets Seed Funding; NetService Ventures Group kicks in for the online video analytics and distribution company. (release) YouTube to Launch in India; new […] Read more »

You love to laugh. We love to help. So NTV is kicking off an irregular series that points you to the best of the funniest bits the web has to offer. First up: sketch comedy troupe Olde English. Based in New York, Olde English consists of […] Read more »

Developer Releases Joost Beta 1.0 Flash Mashup; Paul Yanez mimics the P2P service as a Flash app that runs in the browser accessing YouTube content. (Paul Yanez) Investors Cooling on Mobile TV?; analyst Tim Farrar says AT&T buying 700MHz band from Aloha Partners could signal that […] Read more »

The Hollywood Reporter is posing the very real question Does FunnyOrDie need Will to live?, noting that traffic to the site plummets when the Anchorman star isn’t uploading new material. Powered by Ferrell’s viral sensation The Landlord, the site debuted with 4.5 million uniques in April, […] Read more »

More Joost Content Deals; European Joosters get Turner’s TV (CNN, Adult Swim); Bollywood movies are coming to the P2P TV service via Eros Intl.; and Aniboom will launch a branded animation channel. (Turner: Rapid TV News; Eros: Variety; Aniboom: release) Cable Trying to Catch up to […] Read more »

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Google Earth today added YouTube functionality, allowing users to watch videos of their favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) places around the globe. Now virtual tourists can scope the beaches of Maui, or check out the scene around the Eiffel Tower before jetting off to Paris. Once the […] Read more »

What type of content works well on the web? Something short, funny and engaging. Now, what makes for a memorable TV commercial? Generally something short, funny and engaging. Heck, the web is where TV commercials catch viral wildfire, so it’s no wonder commercial production companies like […] Read more »

Lucy Hood, CEO of mobile entertainment company Jamba, resigned today. Hood said in a press release that she “is eager to pursue more entrepreneurial ventures.” Hood was with News Corp. (NWS) for more than a decade and helped launch Fox Mobile Entertainment in 2005. Her team […] Read more »

Castfire Partners with Next New Networks; the video publishing tool maker and ad network will add content from the videoblog publisher, starting with comic book podcast Pulp Secret. (Read Write Web) Blinkx Creates its own Ad Tool; service will renumerate consumers who embed clips on blogs […] Read more »

MEMORANDUM TO: All Startups (particularly their PR people) SUBJECT: Stop Calling Yourself, Your Product or Your Service “Next Generation” ___________________________________________________________ Living in the present is for suckers, evidently, because every single online video-related company dwells in the future. How else to explain how everyone in this […] Read more »

People in New Posts; Former GoTV CEO David Bluhm to be CEO of brand integration marketplace provider NextMedium; Facebook CFO Gideon Yu joins board of video fingerprinting technology firm Vobile. (Bluhm: dBusiness News; Yu Wall Street Journal) Advertisers Take Online Video More Seriously; new research from […] Read more »

In a significant move that could usher in faster and cheaper streaming video delivery, online video startup BitTorrent today made available a product it’s calling BitTorrent Delivery Network Accelerator (DNA). The service, which is being offered to commercial content publishers, builds on BitTorrent’s popular peer-to-peer file-sharing […] Read more »

TiVo Releases Top Shows Season Passes; Bionic Woman and Private Practice are the only new shows to crack the Top 50. (release) Wangyou Raises $6.12 Million; Chinese provider of online diary, video and content hosting gets Series B round from Charles River Ventures, Transcosmos, ADS Global […] Read more »

The world of online video entertainment just got a little bigger as Vuguru’s online hit Prom Queen is heading for France and Japan, where it will get a makeover to appeal to local audiences overseas. Vuguru will produce and distribute the the new versions through Japan’s […] Read more »

UK-based news service ITN will expand its online offerings through a new partnership with interactive television platform Joost. As per the agreement, ITN will give Joost quick news, sports, business and weather bulletins. ITN will also create Movie Buff, a new online-only show with feature film […] Read more »

Good Ads the Anti-TiVo? Ads with tie-ins less likely to be skipped, more likely to be recalled. (WSJ) Vidyo Raises $12M for HD Video Conferencing; Series B round from Rho Ventures, Sevin Rosen Funds, and Star Ventures. (release) Level 3 Cuts CDN Pricing; people pushing around […] Read more »

The fall TV season is in full swing, and a bonus for boob tube watchers is more networks putting full-length episodes of shows online. But are we watching? When he announced the EyeLab short clip factory, Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive (and also a keynoter […] Read more »

Pixsy to Power Veoh Search; private label video search engine to offer video and image search across and Veoh TV. (emailed release) Verizon Sued Over FiOS Subscriber Numbers; marketer Digital Art Services claims it paid inflated ad rates because Verizon counted pending customers in its […] Read more »

NBC Universal (GE) President Jeff Zucker wants more technological solutions to be used in the battle to combat piracy, and is specifically calling on ISPs, video-sharing sites, universities and others to implement better filtering systems. But until — and even if — that happens, content companies […] Read more »

Can’t roll out of bed for that 8 a.m. class you so naively signed up for? If you go to UC Berkeley, you can just hit up YouTube. And so can we. The university now posts video of its full lectures on the popular video-sharing site. […] Read more »

MediaBistro and NYC TV launch 360° Daily Angle; hosted by Amy Palmer, the video blog will cover media and entertainment news. (NYCTV) Beyond TV Now Auto Syncs with iPod/iPhone; software update version 4.7 enables automated sync recordings to the Apple devices through a plug-in using H.264 […] Read more »

NBC launched its new, original online series Coastal Dreams today and the result, while a blonde-highlighted mess, offers lessons to budding production companies out there on how not to do an original web series. Dreams follows the story of Zoe, a recent college grad (and budding […] Read more »

Ask-a-Ninja Goes Social; popular online comedy series is using Ning to let fans build their own online ninja clans. Hi-kee-bah! (Ning Blog) FFWD Launches Private Beta; people interested in the social network/video discovery service can sign up at the FFWD web site. (FFWD blog) New House […] Read more »

Entertainment gossip sites were buzzing over the weekend about an alleged Eva Longoria sex tape that was leaked onto the Internet. Turns out it was a promotional stunt comedy clip that ran on Funny or Die. The rumor started last week, just in time for Longoria’s […] Read more »

Big TV Companies Grasp for AIR; CBS, PBS, and Yahoo Video are among the companies collaborating with Adobe to distribute video content through the Adobe Media Player, the first application built on Adobe AIR. (Liz pointed out the absence of MTV from this announcement, which appeared […] Read more »

The world has a better glimpse into the bloody skirmishes between pro-democracy protesters and the military government in Myanmar, thanks to video sharing sites like YouTube. Despite a reported government block on Internet access, people are getting pictures and video taken with mobile phones past the […] Read more »

CBS today launched its EyeLab initiative, which will make more short clips of its popular TV shows available for people to watch and create mashups. On the one hand, CBS (CBS) should be applauded for its continued ballsy take on the web, which in addition to […] Read more »

Quantics Partners with CinemaNow for PC-to-TV Streaming; customers of the video download service will be able to wirelessly stream content to TVs without buffering. (release) “Will it Blend?” Moves Product; charming viral videos spur fivefold increase in blender sales for Blendtec. (Information Week) The Podcast Network […] Read more »

Excitement isn’t a word that comes to mind when you think of Microsoft (MSFT), and the new version of MSN Video probably won’t change that, because while technically, Microsoft did a good job, there’s no passion. Online video is exciting. It’s amazing that we can watch […] Read more »

Joost has announced an exclusive partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) to make on-demand game broadcasts and highlights from the 2007 MLB postseason available on the P2P service. But you’ll only be able to catch all of it if you live outside the U.S. Within 24 […] Read more »

Yahoo and DivX Enter Into Partnership; deal replaces DivX’s Google deal, users who download DivX video tools will be offered a co-branded version of the Yahoo Toolbar. (Associated Press) Microsoft Unveils Media Extenders; new set-top boxes wirelessly connect TVs to PCs running Premium or Ultimate Vista. […] Read more »

Sonic Solutions (SNIC) is hoping to spark a home entertainment revolution today with the release of its DVD On Demand software and Qflix recordable Content Scramble System (CSS) program. If successful, this means you’ll be able to burn movies you download at home to a DVD, […] Read more »

Anheuser-Busch (BUD) is standing behind its much-maligned online video network, keeping it alive at least through 2008. Tony Ponturo, the beer giant’s VP of global media and sports/entertainment marketing, said while at a conference that the company can still learn and gain assets from the […] Read more »

Demonoid is Down; popular BitTorrent tracker and web site has been offline for 24 hours, allegedly because of the Canadian Recording Industry Association. (TorrentFreak) MSN to Limit Pre-Roll Ads; ad scheduling will now be based on the amount of time a viewer spends on the site […] Read more »

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