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Is Subservient Chicken a business model? That’s what the team behind startup Mod My Life will find out as they attempt to take lifecasting to the next level by letting the audience be in control of the lifecaster. It works like this: Mod My Life hires […] Read more »

All this talk of Google’s OpenSocial networking initiative reminds me of college, where yelling “Social!” at a party meant everyone drank. Which, when you think about it is a pretty good analogy for what Google is doing. It yells “OpenSocial” and partners line up to guzzle […] Read more »

UPDATE: The WGA councils have accepted the strike recommendation. Writers could form picket lines on Monday if an agreement can’t be reached over the weekend. The Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) is expected to go on strike as early as Monday after negotiators unanimously recommended the […] Read more »

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Comcast Still Denying it Blocks P2P; despite being busted and coming under attack from consumer groups, the cable company has released a statement saying it doesn’t block anything. (Comcast release) Oprah Comes to YouTube; talk show queen will have her own channel on the video-sharing site, […] Read more »

With HBO shutting down This Just In and NBC rumored to be closing DotComedy, the world of funny online video suddenly got very serious. The closures can be chalked up, at least in part, to industry growing pains. Between Funny or Die, Comedy Central, CollegeHumor, and […] Read more »

ESPN, TNT Expand Their NBA Digital Rights; new deal will let the two media companies stream games and other b-ball content through broadband and mobile channels. (The New York Times) Jaman Partners with Terra; independent film service links with Latino portal to enable discovery of Spanish […] Read more »

As cable companies and satellite service providers duke it out to augment HD programing for your TV, companies like AOL and CBS are backing out of or shying away from delivering HD viewing experiences online. Such a retreat raises the bigger question: Do audiences even care […] Read more »

Lifecasting site BlogTV launched its new video player today, and it has a host of new features. The new player lets broadcasters and their co-hosts synchronize the recording of a show and keep track of entire text conversations held during the broadcast. It also sports an […] Read more »

The music of the Boston Pops is only vaguely familiar to me, something my parents would have on in the background when we lived in Rhode Island. Which is precisely why the venerable music institution is trying to reach younger audiences by putting its concerts online […] Read more »

Truveo Goes International; video search service launching portals in eight ex-U.S. markets, including India, Japan and the UK. (release) New York Video Meetup Draws Big Presenters; Joost, 5min, HeyCosmo and give talks. Read a rundown of last night’s gathering at CenterNetworks, or watch video at […] Read more »

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You knew it was coming. We couldn’t let Halloween pass us by without a few pieces of sweet (yet evil!) online video candy to toss your way. First off, if you don’t know what to dress up as yet, the boys at Indy Mogul can show […] Read more »

Babelgum Partners with Cachelogic; Internet TV network to use Cachelogic’s Velocix network to power content streaming. (release) PeerApp to Support HTTP Video Streaming; new software supports the HTTP video-streaming protocol and caches traffic without requiring ISPs to install proxy servers or change definitions or configurations. (emailed […] Read more »

In the beginning, there was instant messaging. And it was good at a lot of things. But not everything. The subtle nuances of modern communication sometimes require face time. With new web-based video chat services, you can replace that : ) with a real, live smiley […] Read more »

Billing itself as “MTV meets QVC,” Honeyshed made its debut in a soft launch last week. The idea behind the site is to create branded entertainment so transparent about the fact that it’s selling something that as a viewer, you don’t even care. As of now, […] Read more »

NBCU Sought Cut of Apple Hardware Sales; network head Jeff Zucker said tensions between the two were partly because Apple made millions on hardware sales on the back of his content and they wouldn’t budge on pricing. All this in time for the public beta launch […] Read more »

How much time and money do you spend on Facebook? That was the question we recently asked those who installed the GigaOm Question of the Day app, that we launched on October 17. Over 80 people piped in and offered up gems like these: * “Since […] Read more »

Apple has turned to the YouTube crowd for its latest iPod Touch advertisement, enlisting the help of 18-year-old English student Nick Hawley. Using the song “Music is My Hot, Hot Sex” by Brazilian band CSS, Hawley created the ad for the Touch and uploaded it to […] Read more »

Whether they’re trying to tap into an undiscovered pool of talent, to be hip with the kids, or are just looking for plain ‘ole free labor — companies big and small are holding “make our commercial” contests. And while a cash prize is nice, many people […] Read more »

YouTube Asks for Your Input on Redesign; visitors can preview and comment on the new video-browsing page. (YouTube) Starz Launches Manga Video Streaming Site; fans of Japanese anime will be able to watch titles like Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, Street Fighter and more. (emailed […] Read more »

The agreement unveiled by ON Networks and AT&T yesterday isn’t just about web shows moving to TV, it’s another step toward seamlessly integrating your web video and television watching experiences. To refresh, ON Networks will provide four of the online shows for use on AT&T’s (T) […] Read more »

Hulu in Deep Doo-Doo? Skeptics come out of the woodwork to criticize the NBCU/FOX online video venture, Hulu, calling it too late and too limited, and the history between the companies themselves, too competitive. (Investor’s Business Daily) Starz Unveils Vongo 2.0; new version of the online […] Read more »

Halloween is right around the corner. So maybe you should drop that Xbox controller, pick up a knife and carve yourself a pumpkin. True, pumpkin carving isn’t exactly rocket science (though strapping a rocket to a pumpkin would be fun), but these tips and tricks can […] Read more »

Watch Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing right now. You will laugh. Out loud. Repeatedly. Usually spoofy infomercials are hacky and barely bring out a chuckle. But the combination of Gabe & Max’s wooden delivery, choppy editing and wonderfully moronic word choices (replete with Gabe’s constant gum-smacking) […] Read more »

Google Gets Into TV Ads; search giant partnering with Nielsen to better analyze commercial viewership for advertisers. (The New York Times) FOX News Hooks up Palestra; network forms exclusive partnership to get content from news site staffed by college journos. (Broadcasting & Cable) Amazon to Manufacture […] Read more »

Perhaps in response to critics calling Funny or Die a one-hit wonder, the comedy site has launched a new extreme sports site, Shred or Die. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Shred or Die will follow the same celebrity infusion formula that made FoD a hit, by […] Read more »

For a movie being billed as the first user-generated feature film, “users” have little to do with the production of Faintheart. The lead roles will be played by professional actors, while the script was already written and was first developed by the independent production company Slingshot […] Read more »

Lower Prices Boost Netflix Earnings; online movie rental provider dropped prices by $1 and blew past Q3 expectations while adding 286,000 subs; company also said it’s exploring direct download opportunities with DVD and game console makers. (LA Times; Reuters) AT&T IPTV Subscriptions Growing; company’s embattled U-verse […] Read more »

Wyclef Jean on your phone, and mobile Weather Channel, and 3G rich advertising insertions, oh my! The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) kicks off its annual wireless IT and entertainment conference here in San Francisco today. Here’s a roundup of mobile video announcements from day […] Read more »

TV shows filled with web clips don’t work (R.I.P. Online Nation, Web Junk, et al), as Liz recently pointed out. So why not transport an entire web show? Many web series are powered by strong personalities — who from the small screen should make the leap […] Read more »

Tape it Off the Internet Gets Funding; Pond Venture Capital leads the Series A round with a “seven-figure” investment in the social TV site. (TechCrunch, emailed release) New IBM Chip Speeds Up Wireless Video Transmission; Big Blue’s new initiative with MediaTek claims its use of 60 […] Read more »

MySpace continues its march into original content with the launch of Roommates, a new, scripted original web series, today. The move represents MySpace’s (NWS) first co-development project and first original web series created specifically for MySpace TV. Created with Iron Sink Media, Roommates follows the lives […] Read more »

BrightRoll Raises $5 Million; Series B round includes True Ventures and Adams Street Productions (full disclosure: True Ventures also funds the GigaOM network, which includes NewTeeVee). (PE Hub) Quarterlife Unveiled at NY Screening; high-profile MySpace series called “watchable, and a whole lot better than most standard […] Read more »

Though Comcast has denied it in the past, a new nationwide test conducted by the Associated Press shows that the cable giant is indeed actively interfering with file sharing through services like BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella. The AP’s tests showed that Comcast (CMCSA) is not hindering […] Read more »

Comedy Central freed The Daily Show today. The Viacom-owned network unveiled, making available more than 13,000 video clips of the program dating back to 1999. Users can search the video database for specific topics, or use an adjustable timeline to search for clips from a […] Read more »

YouTube: Big Trouble in China? Reports indicate the video-sharing service is being blocked on the mainland just as YouTube launches in Taiwan. (Blocking: Dan Wei; Taiwan Launch: Mashable) John Furrier Leaves PodTech; founder no longer an employee but will still serve on the board. (John Furrier […] Read more »

George Lucas has just begun work on his upcoming live action Star Wars TV show and his CG animated Clone Wars television show is in full swing. Right now, neither show has a traditional network TV home. Mr. Lucas, take a cue from Radiohead, and tell […] Read more »

Fox to Offer Downloadable Movie on DVD; Live Free or Die Hard disc will have a downloadable file option to play on PCs or portable video players with Windows PlaysForSure. (Video Business) Treemo Gets $2.55 Million; Series A-1 for Seattle company that enables sharing of photos […] Read more »

Alright. We get it. More men watch online video than women. But enough with the video sites targeting guys, please. You’re not carving out a niche for yourself if everyone‘s doing it. (Heh-heh, he said “doing it”). But really, how many sites devoted to fast cars […] Read more »

TV Guide announced today the nominees for its Online Video Awards, with traditional media networks and stars permeating each of the 18 categories. I guess that’s why the magazine isn’t called NewTeeVee Guide. Just as TV Guide is broadening its online video guide, it could have […] Read more »

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