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Congress Wants to Increase Copyright Penalties; new bipartisan bill increases fines and creates a new federal agency to crack down on IP infringers. (CNET) Ferrell Takes Funny or Die on the Road; college tour will be supported by new videos starring Ferrell for his comedy web […] Read more »

More people are watching full episodes of TV shows online, according to two studies released this week. According to Horowitz and Associates, 16 percent of high-speed* Internet users watched full episodes of TV online each week, double the number from last year, while The Nielsen Company, […] Read more »

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Could Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s recent surge in the polls be attributed to his extensive pop culture knowledge? It’s surprising enough that a candidate, let alone a former Baptist minister, even knows who Chuck Norris is. But Huckabee took it one step further and leveraged […] Read more »

Adriana Falcão of Brazil has taken home the top prize in YouTube’s first-ever Project Direct film contest for her short, Lacos. According to YouTube, hundreds of submissions were whittled down to 20 finalists, as selected by director Jason Reitman (Thank You for Smoking and Juno) and […] Read more »

New Chip Promises Low-Cost Satellite Set-Top Boxes; the new single-chip Broadcom BCM7325, made using the 65-nanometer process, helps reduce the number of components needed for set-top boxes. (release) Nielsen Gets Into Anti-Piracy; ratings company rolling out a new online video policing service which it hopes to […] Read more »

MySpace is greenlighting a second season of its hit Ford commercial series Roommates. Looks like the saga of the eight bikini-clad babes could not be completely told in just one season. Roommates is the first original series co-produced by MySpace, with the first 45 episodes running […] Read more »

Online video collection application provider Vodpod marks its first year today, and to celebrate, the company released new widgets and made improvements to its video search and discovery tools. Users of the service have four new widgets in different shapes and sizes to embed video collections […] Read more »

The PR team for quarterlife emailed us a press release yesterday announcing that the web series had racked up an impressive two million views since its debut three weeks ago. Given the high-profile nature of quarterlife and its creators, we were interested in the numbers. But […] Read more »

Flash Player 9 Now Offers HD; move could put pressure on YouTube to adopt higher-quality vids. (Wired; our story on how Adobe partner Hulu is one of the first to use its new HD capability) Google: Second-by-Second Measurement a Boon to Small Networks; search giant says […] Read more »

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Holy crap! Had I known Kent Nichols and the Ask a Ninja crew were pulling in $100,000 a month in ad revenue, merchandising and licensing, I would have asked him an entirely different set of questions at the recent Winnie awards. TV Week lists the Ninjas […] Read more »

NBC Officially Off iTunes while FOX Movies to Apple? NBC content is gone from Apple’s store (MacDaily News) as reports swirl that a deal that would expand iTunes’ offering beyond Disney flix could be done by January (Silicon Alley Insider). In related news, NBC Strikes Deal […] Read more »

Shows initially created for the pre-school set are finding bigger (and older) audiences online, as a story in AdAge notes. Take, for example, Yo Gabba Gabba, a puppet-filled show aimed at tots. Since its premier in June, the show has pulled in 4.4 million viewers on […] Read more »

I had the pleasure of attending the Winnie Awards down in L.A. this past weekend. The show, created by Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV, celebrated vlogging, and in true DIY fashion guests brought their own trophies and made their own awards. The Winnies were a […] Read more »

Comedy Central to Put All of South Park Online; just as it did with The Daily Show, the network will offer every clip from the hit animated series online, for free. (Reuters) Sarah Meyers Starts Online Show; the new live, daily tech show is called PopSnap. […] Read more »

Looks like the striking WGA writers and Hollywood studios still don’t see eye to eye. The Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers offered up a fresh proposal addressing the new media concerns of the WGA, including what it called “groundbreaking moves.” The WGA rejected the […] Read more »

Web series KateModern will be taking off on Virgin Atlantic International flights, thanks to a new deal between the airline and producer LG15 Studios (the creators of Lonelygirl15). Passengers will be able to watch the first 31 episodes of the UK-based mystery (that is, if they’re […] Read more »

XONTV Powered by Gotuit; deal will enable the Xtreme Outdoor Network to make “virtual clips,” without adding to asset management. (VideoNuze) CBS Radio Enlists Truveo; web sites for the radio stations to integrate the AOL subsidiary’s video search technology. (emailed release) UTA Signs Vuze; P2P video […] Read more »

You gotta give NBC credit. When it comes to putting content online, the peacock is willing to try just about anything. Now Netflix has been added to the list of places you can watch episodes of Heroes, 30 Rock, and other NBC shows. Under the deal, […] Read more »

Online advertising firm Etology will no longer serve ads to BitTorrent sites in its ad network, TorrentFreak reports. In an email sent out by the company to its BitTorrent clients, Etology wrote: “Due to the legal implications involved with sponsoring torrent sites, our management team has […] Read more »

As striking writers and Hollywood studios bicker over how much money is or isn’t being generated by online shows, let’s turn our attention to a different question: How much does it cost to create an original web show? When asked, a number of production house and […] Read more »

Condé Naste’s Web Strategy Yielding Results; magazine publisher has found success by creating web sites around topics, not individual magazine titles; also has struck a deal with YouTube. (The Wall Street Journal) Spotzer Media Raises 10 Million Euros; financing of the video ad company was led […] Read more »

While Interactive TV company ICTV cut the ribbon on its new office in San Jose, Calif., yesterday, don’t call it a startup. ICTV’s been trying to bridge the gap between the web video experience and TV for 10 years already. What’s really cool is that ICTV […] Read more »

NBCU Signs Up for TiVo’s Ratings Service; the peacock to get second-by-second viewer research and will implement interactive ad tags. (The Wall Street Journal) Userplane Hooks Up with TV Companies; The CW, FUEL TV and IFC to implement the AOL subsidiary’s webchat and web-based IM services. […] Read more »

Three of the UK’s biggest broadcasters, BBC, C4 and ITV, are banding together to create an online on demand entertainment service. The joint service, which has been given the working title “Kangaroo,” will offer more than ten thousand hours of the three broadcasters’ current and past […] Read more »

OldTeeVee got run through the ringer in this NewTeeVee Live panel discussion in San Francisco on November 14. Watch as Gina Bianchini of Ning, Jim Guerard of Adobe, Fred McIntyre of AOL, Paul Scanlon of MobiTV and Henrik Werderlin of Joost get into a (sometimes) heated […] Read more »

Alterna-hipster band The Shins want you to buy a Zune. No. Whoops, wait. The Shins want you to buy an iPhone. Hold on, they want you to buy both? Talk about hedging your bets. The band is featured in current commercials for both portable media players. […] Read more »

On paper, it sounds like the dumbest idea ever: build an entire channel around commercials. No shows, just commercials. You know, the things you skip with TiVo or curse online. But startup Firebrand, which launches tonight, believes there’s big business to be had in an ads-as-content […] Read more »

For a guy who once rapped that it was a good day when he didn’t have to use his AK, Ice Cube’s life seems to have gotten easier. Cube has traded bullets for codecs as he’s now an apparent pitchman for Microsoft’s Silverlight video technology. Video: […] Read more »

ABC News SuperPokes Facebook; social networking site to allow its members to electronically follow the news org’s reporters, watch videos, and participate in polls and debates. (The New York Times) Ad Inventory Opens Up Online; because of the nature of online advertising, opportunities are available for […] Read more »

Liz closed out the business portion of our jam-packed NewTeeVee Live conference with a sit-down discussion with Amit Kapur, vice president of business development at MySpace. The conversation starts with Liz asking Kapur about MySpace’s exclusive deals with Lonelygirl15, Prom Queen, and Quarterlife. We assumed that […] Read more »

Two very different movies with very different intents are borrowing heavily from the web video aesthetic. Brian De Palma’s Redacted and the J.J. Abrams-produced Cloverfield both make heavy use of messy, first-person handheld camera angles to tell their stories. Let’s call it “cinema vlog-ité.” Look, I’ll […] Read more »

Watch this lively discussion between Garrett Camp of StumbleUpon; Mary Hodder of Dabble; Adam Singolda of Taboola; Tim Tuttle of Truveo and Alex Vikati of CastTV. Topics touched on include the improving nature of video search, search vs. discovery, and size of video index vs. breadth […] Read more »

Om and Liz kicked off the NewTeeVee Live Conference with special guest Mika Salmi, president of global digital media for MTV Networks. Watch as he talks about where he thinks the industry is heading, social networks, and managing multiple digital brands. Among other things, Salmi said […] Read more »

MeeVee Partners with TiVo; users of the popular DVR can record a show from anywhere by selecting an episode from the MeeVee guide. (emailed announcement) Youku and Tinselvision Get Funding; Chinese vid-sharing site Youku raises $25 million in its third round while Tinselvision, an online VOD […] Read more »

A sharp-eyed NTV reader tipped us off today about (yet another) problem with the NBC Direct download service. “Joe” wrote in to tell us that the NBC client software also installed the OpenCASE Media Agent application, which was sucking 60 MB of RAM, taxing his CPU, […] Read more »

Online Video Ads Starting to Mirror TV Ads; instead of flat-rate fees, more buyers and sellers are basing deals on impressions delivered. (MediaWeek) Yahoo Inks Deal with Sony BMG; Yahoo users will be able to upload files with music or video created by Sony BMG artists. […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of their domestic launch, Google is rolling out video AdSense units to English-language content publishers in the UK, Ireland and Canada over the next few days. The video units will allow publishers to embed YouTube clips on their sites and display either […] Read more »

For all of their bluster about destroying old media, new media startups sure are quick to describe themselves as “like MTV used to be.” Regional video site VIMBY is no exception. VIMBY actively targets young people, ages 18 through 24, by creating original content around hot […] Read more »

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