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Apple is expected to add Disney as a partner in its upcoming movie rental service, according to Variety. The Mouse House will join Fox in the new service, which will reportedly be announced at Macworld in January. The move makes sense given that Disney already sells […] Read more »

Research: Consumers More Connected; new survey from Deloitte and Touche says 38 percent of consumers watch TV shows online, 36 percent use cell phones for entertainment and 45 percent create online content. Those sound a little high to us. (The Hollywood Reporter) Golf Channel Goes High-Tech; […] Read more »

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Who says MTV doesn’t play music videos any more? It just plays them online. To be more specific,, and served up 1.2 billion streams in 2007. Music videos raked in half of those company record-breaking plays. A good chunk of that traffic was […] Read more »

A bevy of recent research sheds light on a variety of topics including ad effectiveness, the types of content being watched (or desired), and how the younger generation is interacting with online video. All the stats bode well for this business and end the year on […] Read more »

New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens has released a video statement on YouTube in response to recent allegations that he used steroids. By using the video sharing site to spin his story, Clemens sidesteps the pitfalls of traditional press conferences, and gives us a glimpse into […] Read more »

European ISPs Being Asked to Filter P2P Traffic; the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry is calling on European lawmakers to help enact regulations that would filter content, block P2P and deny access to sites like the Pirate Bay. (P2P Blog) Radiohead to Give Free Concert […] Read more »

Recently a new trend has emerged out of Hollywood studios: promoting upcoming films by putting extended clips from them online. According to a recent Variety article, marketers think this is a brilliant way to put butts in seats. But in reality the tactic is being met […] Read more »

Chances are good that if you’re reading this, there’s a consumer electronic gadget topping your holiday wish list. We love that — we do have “tech” in our name. But we also have “earth” in there, so we’re obliged to remind you to recycle those old […] Read more »

Jack Myers has come up with a way to end the writers’ strike: implement a strike tax on advertisers. It’s a unique idea, and for that I applaud his thinking. Too bad it can’t work. First, let’s look at what Myers suggests: Let the advertisers step […] Read more »

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New Version of Revver Out; features on the vid-sharing site include text comments, related videos, and a “Quilty” video wall. (Revver) BoingBoingTV Launches Vlogs; smaller, one-off vids are supposed to be more conversational in tone. (BoingBoingTV) Eight Reasons TV Studios Will Die; Andrew Barron says dwindling […] Read more »

New media studio Worldwide Biggies has plucked three out-of-work writers from the picket lines to produce a new web series called The Void, according to Reuters. The three writers are Chris DeLuca, who has written for Saturday Night Live; Jonathan Garbus, who has appeared on Late […] Read more »

The fact that Veoh‘s entire site went down because of what its founder believed was a denial-of-service attack — while I was interviewing him — could be taken as a sign that the site’s massive growth over the past year is real. I had called to […] Read more »

MTV Taps into Citizen Journalism; “Choose or Lose ’08″consists of 51 youth reporters (one from each state) that will cover the election through short videos, photos and podcasts to be distributed via mobile and the MTV and Associated Press web sites. (MTV) Mystery Surrounds Anonymous Pro- […] Read more »

The writers’ strike isn’t just taking its toll on your TV watching — it could drag the L.A. economy down to the tune of anywhere from $380 million to $2.5 billion, reports Variety. The entertainment business is the region’s third-biggest employer, generating the county $46.8 billion […] Read more »

Video content site Hulu is still in closed beta, but between its distribution partners and the rise of Hulu clones, even those without an invite can watch all that sweet, sweet content. If you want to go the official route, you can watch Hulu video through […] Read more »

Ooyala Gets Money from Sierra Ventures; ex-Googler-run video distribution startup receives undisclosed sum in first major round of funding. Ooyala had netted $100,000 in cash and services, plus an investment offer, for winning the Amazon Web Services startup challenge earlier this month. (paidContent) TorrentSpy Loses Lawsuit; […] Read more »

Movie download service Vongo has suffered more than a few slings and arrows over the past year, with a recent salvo fired in the comments section of GigaOM. Seems that there have been three problems that have plagued the service: uninstalling, coupons and customer service. Uninstalling […] Read more »

UStream Gets Funding and a General; lifecasting site raises additional funds from Western Technology Investors and Band of Angels, among others, and adds Wesley Clark to its board. (release) Google Launches Video Sitemaps; extension of the sitemap protocol lets users specify video files along with metadata […] Read more »

Striking writers with dreams of launching their own web studios should check out Web Video Report’s survey of web video ad rates. It sheds some light on how much money existing players are pulling in for advertising, and how much work it’ll take for newcomers to […] Read more »

Mywaves Adds Social Capabilities; mobile video service enables profile creation and sharing, web video channels, chat, and content geo-targeting. (release) NBA Teams Up With Joost; P2P channel to feature “instant classic” games and video highlights from the 2007-08 season. (release) TF1 Targeting YouTube and Dailymotion; French […] Read more »

Striking writers and venture capitalists are dreaming up ways to circumvent the traditional Hollywood system and take new shows straight to the web, according to the LA Times, with some of the scribes even looking to start their own studios. While these entrepreneurial groups have kept […] Read more »

So there you are, flipping through the crystal clear HD channels on your glorious flat screen, when you come across a show you kinda recognize, only all the actors have been replaced by stubby, wider versions of themselves. In this alternate universe, there are no circles, […] Read more »

WGA Files Lawsuit Against AMPTP; guild accuses the producers of unfair labor practices, citing an ultimatum issued by the AMPTP during the last round of contract negotiations. (TV Week) Hammer Films Resurrects, Heads to the Web; legendary production company’s next film, Beyond the Rave, will be […] Read more »

YouTube seems to be rolling out a new visualization discovery tool. For now, it only works in full-screen mode, and it’s not available on all videos. Once in full screen, you’ll see an icon in the lower-left corner that features three balls in a triangle shape […] Read more »

The White House has released its annual holiday video, Barney Cam VI: Holiday in the National Parks, and it’s enough to make even the staunchest Republican vote for Hillary. Let’s not mince words: It is the dumbest video ever put online (and I sat through Roommates). […] Read more »

ReplayTV Sold to DirectTV; Japanese company D&M Holdings sells the once-shining PVR star to satellite TV company for undisclosed sum. (release) Next New Networks Passes 82 Million Views; company expects to pass the 100 million-view mark by the end of December. (Next New Networks Blog) Invidi […] Read more »

The next Jackass movie will skip theaters entirely and will instead be shown online, capping off what has been a business-changing week for the movie business. Starting Dec. 19, Jackass 2.5 will be available for free for two weeks via Blockbuster’s Movielink; from there it will […] Read more »

It was only last month that we questioned whether HD online mattered, and Om asked last summer if web video was ready for an upgrade. From the flurry of recent announcements, it looks like the answer to both question is “yes.” Forget HD being the hot […] Read more »

MTVN to Show Content on AOL; clips from shows like The Daily Show, The Hills, and I Love New York will be viewable for free on AOL Video. (release) Crackle Chooses Level 3; CDN to support the entertainment site’s video delivery. (Are the CDN’s recent price […] Read more »

Maybe the presidential candidates at this point are so over YouTube that they can’t be bothered to sit through yet another round of user-submitted questions at The site was produced by techPresident in conjunction with the editorial board of the The New York Times and […] Read more »

NBCU to Offer Content through SanDisk; shows from NBC, USA, Bravo and others to be available through the fledgling FanFare service starting in January. (CNN Money) Hearst Partners with Next.TV; publisher will create original video content from CosmoGirl, Good Housekeeping and others for the Internet television […] Read more »

Set-top box movie download service provider Vudu will offer a downloadable HD version of The Bourne Ultimatum today, the same day the movie is released on DVD. The move represents a shift from the typical stages of a film’s release, in which the DVD comes first, […] Read more »

Harry Potter fans can perform a little magic of their own tomorrow when they purchase the Order of the Phoenix DVD, as it comes with a downloadable version of the movie that can be transferred to a PC or portable device. And Harry isn’t alone. Last […] Read more »

NBC Reimbursing Advertisers; the peacock is paying out an average of $500,000 to advertisers due to a ratings shortfall (which started before the WGA strike). (MediaWeek) NBA Taps Silverlight; Microsoft’s Flash competitor to power broadband video experience for NBA web destinations. (Broadcasting & Cable) Strike Could […] Read more »

Talks between WGA writers and the Hollywood studios broke down late last week, and if progress isn’t made in the next four to six weeks, the strike could shut down the 2008 pilot season completely. This, in turn, would jeopardize the so-called network upfronts, in which […] Read more » Raises $20M; Chinese video-sharing site hopes to emerge as the YouTube of China, where no one player is dominant yet. (VentureBeat) MovieBeam Shutting Down; Movie Gallery confirms that it will discontinue the set-top box download service that it acquired earlier this year. (Video Business) The […] Read more »

Content protection firm Macrovision has agreed to buy TV listings provider Gemstar-TV Guide for $2.8 billion in cash and stock, the two said today. Macrovision’s goal is to combine its security software with TV Guide’s programming data, enabling consumer access to information on TV programming, photo […] Read more »

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