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Stage 9, a new media production company and subsidiary of ABC, is not delaying its slate of web series because of the WGA strike. The Hollywood Reporter earlier today said that according to its sources, Disney (which owns ABC) “does not want to risk inflaming the […] Read more »

Funny or Die to Add Eat or Die to its Stable; new site featuring famous chefs will join Shred or Die and MyBlueCollar. (AllThingsD) Revision3 Diggs Up New Video Show; The Digg Reel to showcase highly-dugg user-submitted videos. (DiggReel) (Disclosure: Revision3 produces “The GigaOM Show”) Truveo […] Read more »

TiVo subscribers will soon be able to use their DVR box to rent or purchase international and independent films from online movie distribution company Jaman (see our profile of the company). The service will work on broadband-connected TiVo Series2 and Series3 boxes, with the rental or […] Read more »

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Personal broadcasting site NowLive is adjusting its business model, taking its focus from straight, create-your-own-call-in-shows to providing services for traditional media companies like movie studios and radio stations. NowLive provides users with free tools to create their own web broadcast audio and video shows, and to […] Read more »

Oprah Gets Her OWN TV Network; talk show host/queen of all media to create the Oprah Winfrey Network, will focus on themes similar to those of her titular TV show. (Variety) Overlay.TV Raises $4.6 Million; funding comes from Celtic House Venture Partners, EdgeStone Capital Partners and […] Read more »

Coming down from the high of St. Steve’s Macworld keynote yesterday, it dawned on us — movie rentals are great and all, but what about television program rentals? Matrix shmatrix, what if I want to spend a weekend burning through an entire season of Weeds? Until […] Read more »

60Frames, the new media studio spun off from talent agency UTA (see our previous coverage), launched seven new web series today, featuring work from writers (presumably on strike now) and talent from NBC and Comedy Central. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this slate of seven shows […] Read more »

CNNMoney Revs Up Online Video; starting today, site will incorporate more original business and finance news video coverage. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) FCC Officially Begins Comcast Investigation; the commission is looking into the cable company’s blocking of BitTorrent traffic. (Multichannel News) MRC and Spyglass Do Deals with WGA; […] Read more »

Tremor Media Raises $11M; video ad network closes Series B round that was led by repeat investors Canaan Partners and Masthead Venture Partners. (release (PDF)) MonkeySee Launches; new how-to video site started founded by former AnyStream exec. (Broadcasting & Cable) Nielsen Close to Making Live Plus […] Read more »

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Netflix is removing the limits from its online movie streaming service — just one day before Apple is expected to announce its own movie rentals. Netflix will now allow its seven million subscribers to watch as many hours as they want from a library of 6,000 […] Read more »

Remember those poems, songs and journal entries you wrote in middle school? Those old notebooks filled with detailed descriptions of undying teenage love, lyrics from your first ballad, or a detailed account, dear diary, of the WORST THING EVER that happened at school today. Even if […] Read more »

It’s Friday. Time to cast off the shackles of work and head out to your local happy hour. But tonight, don’t let it be Lowenbrau; class up your bacchanalia and upgrade your libations with a new drink. There are a bunch of video podcasts out there […] Read more »

Buy the Last Super Bowl Ad; spot can be yours for a mere $2.7 million. (TV Decoder) Are the Writers Still United?; what some consider militant tactics by the WGA could be causing unrest among the rank and file. (The New York Times) CBS Says it […] Read more »

The anti-piracy battle just shifted into high gear in Sweden and China, two hotbeds of illicit file-sharing activity. Swedish prosecutors are planning to crack down on The Pirate Bay this month, while at the other end of the globe, 50 Chinese web sites have said they […] Read more »

I’ve never made a video game, but the reality can’t be as much fun as the new online comedy series MoCap, LLC makes it out to be. While MoCap won’t win any acting awards, its cheeky geek humor will definitely entertain, and its refreshing to see […] Read more »

Penn Jillette Series Debuts on Crackle; magician to do at least four “rants” a week for the Sony-owned video site. (Crackle) The Associated Press Helps Local Sites Monetize Video; affiliates of the AP Video Network can upload video and insert their own local ads. (MediaWeek) Coors […] Read more »

David Caruso, star of CSI: Miami, was spotted wandering around the CES floor this week. With the writers’ strike in full effect, Caruso undoubtedly has some time on his hands, but he’s not just taking in the sights — he’s involved with a new startup called […] Read more »

New research from Pew/Internet shows that online people are increasingly using video-sharing sites like YouTube as part of their “typical day,” with online women making the biggest gains. According to a “Pew Internet Project Data Memo” released today, nearly half of all Internet users (48 percent) […] Read more »

Warner Bros. May Lay Off 1,000 Workers; cutbacks due to WGA strike. (Reuters) Comcast’s tru2way Does Away With Set-Top Boxes; platform will be baked directly into the devices and will let developers create interactive features. (TVWeek) Yahoo Partners with Belo for Local News Coverage; Yahoo to […] Read more »

When a company like AT&T starts talking with the MPAA and the RIAA, you can bet that won’t translate into more freedom with your media. And sure enough, the telecom giant thinks that it’s a good idea for its ISP business to start filtering content for […] Read more »

Just when you though you’d read about all the tech news that could ever possibly come out of CES — they KEEP PULLIN’ YOU BACK IN! Viacom is spreading itself all over the web, signing syndication deals with Dailymotion, Go Fish, iMeem, MeeVee and Veoh. Content […] Read more »

Cisco Targets Hollywood; company’s new entertainment operating system helps companies build online communities, monitor how they act with media and provide recommendations. (The Wall Street Journal) No Golden Globes for You!; with threats of picketers, NBC nixes the traditional ceremony in favor of a press conference. […] Read more »

Entertainment execs gathered for a Variety-sponsored panel at CES yesterday to discuss technology’s impact on the entertainment biz. One key takeaway: ditching paid downloads in favor of ad-supported streaming. Here’s a telling quote that Variety pulled from the talk: “People online want to watch for free, […] Read more »

The new episodes of your favorite old teevee shows are running out (why can’t those writers and studios just hurry up and make nice?). Sure, there are some mid-season replacements to help ease the pain, but those won’t last long, and things are looking grim for […] Read more »

Trying to reach a mass audience is so 2007. Who needs the hoi polloi when you can target the elite? Big Think and SQUA.RE are two startups using web video to go after a more, ahem, refined audience. One wants to invite you into an ivory […] Read more »

CNBC and The New York Times Hook Up; content to be shared across both sites and act as an answer to the new Fox Business Network-Wall Street Journal partnership. (The New York Times) NBC to Makes News Embeddable; to make clips of NBC Nightly News […] Read more »

As fast as publicists can pump out releases, we’re updating the site with the latest news from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. There’s been a flurry of activity already: DivX announced content distribution partnerships with Next New Networks, Vuze, Veoh and Jaman for the DivX […] Read more »

If you notice fewer nerds in your neck of the woods this week, it’s because they’re all at the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Since we’re not swilling down free booze from publicity-seeking companies in person, we just thought we’d bring you the highlights: […] Read more »

Next2Friends Launches Rich Media Mobile Applications; new service offers live-streaming (like Qik), and video messaging (like Seesmic), among other features. (TechCrunch) DVRs Deliver Mountain of New Data; new research may shift ad-targeting emphasis from pure demographics to audience-viewing patterns. (The Wall Street Journal) YouTube Partners With […] Read more »

As we reported yesterday, the Chinese government is now restricting online video, and more details on the move have started to become available. Through a translation of the new rules, plus other reports, here’s what we know: China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television will […] Read more »

Alright. Enough already with companies breaking the 100 million video mark. We get it. First Next New Networks blogged about it, then Revision3 sent out a similar announcement, and now video search service Truveo is jumping on the bandwagon with an announcement that it has indexed […] Read more »

Chinese Govt. Imposes New Rules on Vid Sites; new regulations stipulate that only state-run sites can stream or broadcast online videos. (The Wall Street Journal) CinemaNow Partners with Macrovision; move is an attempt to boost the movie download service’s compatibility with more media players and other […] Read more »

Online video aggregator Veoh now features content from Hulu, though there is no official partnership between the two. Veoh is basically pulling an OpenHulu — taking the embeds of shows like 30 Rock and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia straight from Hulu and plunking them down […] Read more »

Upstart new media studios Next New Networks and Revision3 each surpassed 100 million video plays in 2007. On its blog, Next New Networks provided a timeline and rough breakdown of how its individual shows performed. Next New Network’s Channel Frederator had a big year, fueled in […] Read more »

A clip of well-known Chinese broadcaster Hu Ziwei at a high-profile Olympics press conference accusing her husband of having an affair has turned into a web video hit. The clip shows Ziwei dropping the bombshell about her husband, Zhang Bin, himself a famous sports anchor for […] Read more »

Letterman, Ferguson Return with Writers; Worldwide Pants, which produces both late-night talk shows, has reached an agreement with the WGA that includes Internet pay for writers. (Hollywood Reporter) Comcast Founder’s Salary to Be Paid After His Death; after Ralph J. Roberts dies, his beneficiary will receive […] Read more »

The FCC on Monday released its final rules for the upcoming switch from analog to digital TV broadcasts, and they give some flexibility to broadcasters. Under the rules, some stations will be allowed to reduce or eliminate their analog broadcasts before the Feb. 17, 2009 deadline. […] Read more »

If there was ever any doubt that nerds love BitTorrent, TorrentFreak has a great list of the most popular movies and TV shows of 2007 that were downloaded through torrent sites — and it is chock-full of geek entertainment. Topping the list of movies was Transformers, […] Read more »

Perez Hilton Switches to Twistage Video; gossip star goes with lesser known vid company in the hopes of better monetizing his work. (TV Week) Australian Government Wants ISPs to Filter Content; under the banner of child pornography, Aussie government to set up a list of “unsuitable” […] Read more »

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