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If you were at our NewTeeVee Live Conference, you got to hear some industry experts touch on the notion of ad engagement. Now VideoEgg is taking that topic and expanding it with their Engagement Debate ’08. On Feb. 20th, media executives, digital marketers and new media […] Read more »

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “Looking to strike Internet gold, a web video startup decides to focus on…comedy.” Anyone? Anyone? (tap, tap) This thing still on? Despite the already crowded market, upstart Independent Comedy Network aims to do just that, and it’s launching […] Read more »

Mogulus and Qik Team Up for Super Tuesday; companies join forces to enable continuous live streaming of primary coverage. (The Uptake) Obama Campaign Adores Yes We Can Video; Michelle Obama sends out an email in praise of the supporter-created video (sorry, James). ( NBC Asks Supreme […] Read more »

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Privately held online video companies in China are breathing a sigh of relief after the government eased up on ownership rules that were set to take effect this past weekend. The government had initially been set to prohibit anyone other than state-owned or state-controlled companies from […] Read more »

Popcorn Home Entertainment launched a service today that lets Cablevision subscribers watch new movies on VOD the same day they are released on DVD (generally, it takes at least a month for movies to migrate from DVD to VOD). The catch? You have to order a […] Read more »

What’s the best use of online video for all you Patriots fans out there? Re-watching the Super Bowl ads without having to relive the game. If you missed them the first time, or just want another laugh, you can catch the commercials on YouTube, MySpace, […] Read more »

Zillion TV, SpotXchange, Votigo Raise Money; Zillion gets $4.01 million Series A for its pay TV subscription services; online video ad marketplace SpotXchange receives undisclosed sum of angel funding; user-generated promotion company Votigo pulls in $1.26 million. (Zillion TV: (PE Hub; SpotXchange: release; Votigo: release) Mark […] Read more »

Another week, and another stat has just been released showing that people are increasingly turning to the web to consume televised entertainment. The latest from Solutions Research Group claims that 80 million Americans (43 percent of its online population) have watched their favorite TV shows on […] Read more »

This time last year, the advertising world was abuzz over the user-generated Doritos Super Bowl spot. This year, no one’s doing UGC commercials. The Super Bowl is safely back in the arms of Madison Ave., leaving the average Joes behind. “At that time, UGC was something […] Read more »

Companies Sign on to Use Miro Player; Revision3, Deutsche Welle and TED will each launch open-source desktop video players as part of a co-branding effort. (emailed release) New Mexico to Tax TVs? In an attempt to get kids outside, coalition wants lawmakers to impose a 1 […] Read more »

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So Microsoft has offered to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion. If accepted, it would certainly shake up the tech world. But what would it mean for online video? It’s on Steve Ballmer’s mind. In his letter to Yahoo he mentioned video specifically: Emerging user experiences: Our […] Read more »

MySpace, Fox and the Producer’s Guild of America jointly announced the winners of The Storyteller Challenge this week. The contest was billed as a way to find Hollywood’s next great producer, and promised the opportunity for a development deal with Fox. Development deals were offered, but […] Read more »

The cult hit series Sanctuary will make the leap from the web to TV, as it was picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel today. The network greenlit the production of 13 episodes based on the award-winning drama, and will shoot a new two-hour premiere for the […] Read more »

Challengers Nip at Nielsen’s Heels; TNS jumps into the ratings game, taking on the stalwart by collecting data from 10,000 DirecTV set top boxes, and TiVo signs up CBS for its research services. (TNS: The Wall Street Journal; TiVo: release) MTV to Use Flixwagon for Super […] Read more »

Showtime won’t be mailing out the usual stack of DVD screeners of its programs to Emmy voters this year. Instead, the pay cable network is partnering with Brightcove to stream 82 full-length episodes of shows like Weeds and Dexter to members of the Academy of Television […] Read more »

If you’re reading this, then you probably aren’t in Miami Beach right now attending the 3rd Annual Mobile Adult Content Congress where porn business folks are gathered to discuss how to get their naughty bits (literally) onto mobile devices. But unless topics like “How To Minimize […] Read more »

NEXT.TV Launches Private Beta; web video service offering more than 100 channels including CBS, HSN and Showtime. (Multichannel News) Jim Henson Content on iTunes; episodes of Fraggle Rock and Farscape now available. (release) Norwegian Broadcaster Puts TV Show on BitTorrent; popular series Nordkalotten 365 will be […] Read more » officially launched today, promising to become the biggest provider of online instructional videos. Perhaps a better name for the company would have been “,” as it faces competition from 5min, VideoJug, Instructables, Expert Village, Howcast and — well, you get the point. While WonderHowTo is […] Read more »

Over 9 Million People Watched Mobile Video in November 2007; that number is a 60 percent jump from January 2007, according to new stats from M:Metrics. (RCR Wireless News) Republicans Vote for UStream; company tapped to be the official live streaming provider for the GOP National […] Read more »

Video-sharing site Metacafe is hooking up with Endemol, the producer of such shows like Deal or No Deal, to create a TV-style game show by the name of Buzzed that will feature a host asking impromptu trivia questions to people around the country as they leave […] Read more »

“Never pass up the opportunity to say nothing,” Pappy Albrecht used to tell us. It’s obvious NBC Universal president and CEO Jeff Zucker never had a sit-down with my dad; nary a week goes by without Zucker making some accusation, proclamation or bloviation. For someone running […] Read more »

Current TV Files for an IPO; Al Gore-backed media company could raise up to $100 million, a good chunk of which will pay off its current $36.5 million in debt. (Associated Press) Hurley Wants EU Licenses ‘Streamlined’; YouTube founder wants a pan-European license, also talks about […] Read more »

Though it feels like DEMO just had a conference, this week the high-powered launchpad is back, showcasing another 77 products. Can’t be there in person? Check out the live video stream of the event and read our roundup of online video news and launches from the […] Read more »

Michael Eisner’s Vuguru is teaming up with publisher G.P. Putnam to create an online episodic prequel for the upcoming Robin Cook book Foreign Body. Vuguru has once again tapped Big Fantastic to write and direct the series, with Cyber Group Animation co-producing. Foreign Body will be […] Read more »

Despite Strike, Marketers Hold on to TV; advertisers not canceling their upfront commitments, still think broadcast is smart investment. (The New York Times) Former MTVN CEO on Broadband Video: “fringe uses”; Bob Pittman still bullish on old teevee, says web video needs to work on convenience. […] Read more »

Posting clips on the web of upcoming events like blockbuster movies is now par for the marketing course. But has this tactic not jumped the shark when companies post teaser clips for commercials? Anheuser-Busch is doing just that for its Super Bowl ads. Head over to Read more »

Heather Harde, CEO of TechCrunch, stopped by the “The GigaOM Show” this week to chat with co-host Joyce Kim and myself about The Crunchies, working for a blog, and her thoughts on the mergers and acquisitions market. You can download the episode in Quicktime, Windows Media […] Read more »

CacheLogic Confirms $25 Cash Infusion; company closes fourth round of funding (Om had the scoop on this last month), bringing total to $50 million, also sets up deal with BBC. (The Business of Online Video) Bono Gives Video Response to Davos Question; the Irish rock star […] Read more »

Online movie service Vudu is slashing $100 off the price of its set-top box, just a week after Steve Jobs showed off the revamped Apple TV. And while the company will undoubtedly shout a Python-esque “We’re not dead yet!” dramatic price cuts of the company’s core […] Read more »

Twenty some-odd misfits gather around the fountain at Ghirardelli Square. It’s cold. It’s dreary. No one cares. Earlier this week, the call came from Lonelygirl HQ: be at this exact location in San Francisco at 4 p.m. Ever loyal to Bree and her cause, they showed […] Read more »

Heads up all you Bay Area Lonelygirl15 fans. The LG crew will be holding a live event in San Francisco today. The LG blog has the details: Daniel needs your help more than ever. Will you be there for him? San Francisco In front of the […] Read more »

WGA Pulls Reality, Animation Off the Table; Guild withdraws two key non-starter issues for the studios to reboot negotiations. (TV Decoder) New QuickTime Wrecking After Effects? Numerous board posts on Apple and video editing sites suggest installing QuickTime 7.4 disables rendering in Adobe After Effects. (Apple […] Read more », Russia’s answer to YouTube, is in negotiations to be acquired by Gazprom-Media in a deal that could value the video sharing site at $20 million, according to the Quintura blog. Founded in November 2006, RuTube has 300,000 daily users and does more than 40 million […] Read more »

With viral video phenoms, Internet sitcoms and online movie rentals grabbing the headlines, it’s easy to forget that an old teevee stalwart like sports could truly transform how people watch online video. With its recent moves, TBS is developing a lock on the broadband sports market. […] Read more »

SnapTell Launches Mobile Movie Explorer; take a picture of a DVD cover with your mobile phone, send it into the service and it will respond via MMS messaging with details about the film. (release) GoldSpot Media Raises $3 Million; mobile video ad-insertion management company gets Series […] Read more »

UPDATE: Many readers are coming to this older article via search. You can find the updated post for this year’s ceremony here. Just as they do every year, the Academy trotted out its Oscar nominees at the crack of dawn this morning, but this year had […] Read more »

HBO has announced that it is finally going to start offering its content online (in a somewhat meaningful way) through its new HBO on Broadband service. But the initiative seems so unnecessarily complicated that one has to one wonder if HBO gets a sick thrill out […] Read more »

Comedian David Wain is a busy guy. In between directing movies like The Ten and performing live comedy with his group Stella, Wain created and stars in My Damn Channel‘s web series Wainy Days. You might recognize the show from a recent episode starring Paul Rudd […] Read more »

Google Switches Lawyer in Viacom Case; Mayer Brown LLP now representing YouTube’s owner in copyright infringement case. (MarketWatch) Official BitTorrent Client a Security Risk; security expert claims both official BitTorrent and uTorrent vulnerable to remote DoS attacks because of how they deal with user-supplied data. (TorrentFreak) […] Read more »

The Directors Guild of America has reached a tentative deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), after only six days of negotiations. The agreement puts an enormous amount of pressure on the WGA — whose ongoing strike has effectively ground Hollywood to […] Read more »

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