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Following are some select episodes from the Green Overdrive show. Keep watching this space for new episodes! SCOOT NETWORKS [ooyala=1vaWFtNDpB5ClcDLmvvXErRP1H__Pm2h] FISKER KARMA [ooyala=Y3eWlrMzpZqckgJX7hrpGH9k7SGXXOeY] TESLA MODEL X [ooyala=pkMmZoMzo9_KUHLDkySbU-8ZJD7VrGZ_] MITSUBISHI iMIEV [ooyala=tmeTN5MjreN1QsJQyR6_YsyGZmU7ea6k] Read more »

Dave Pell might be best known for chronicling tech’s ups and downs through his Davenetics newsletter. But he’s also an entrepreneur and has angel-funded more than 30 companies. He shares his insights on investing and startups in this video interview. Read more »

Just in time for the Fourth, Auditude CRO Mike Gaffney shows us his recipe for homemade BBQ sauce and grills up chicken on the bone and three magic words: cheese, filled, sausage. Join us for some summer fun on our new GigaOM TV series BBQ&A. Read more »

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GameHouse, the casual games division of RealNetworks, has announced plans to push further into the social space with its Fusion platform and Facebook app. Craig Robinson, VP of product management at Real’s games division, then talked with us about how Real envisions the future of gaming. Read more »

Gamers in North America and Europe are now “largely comfortable” with purchasing digital content such as virtual currency and in-game goods, according to new research. We sat down with the CEO of game aggregator Kongregate to learn how virtual goods are impacting his business. Read more »

While some cities have their mayors braving freezing lakes and shark tanks to prove their desire for Google fiber — not Alameda, Calif. But although I may have wanted my town to sizzle to sway Google, I have instead learned to appreciate the steak. Read more »

Could more exposure to Baywatch be a good thing for people of developing countries? Well, Baywatch, might be a bad example, but during his presentation at the National Association of Television Programming Executives Conference in Las Vegas this week, World Bank Sr. Economist Charles Kenny laid […] Read more »

Today is my last day with NewTeeVee/GigaOM. How’s that for not burying the lede? As corny as it sounds, I can’t stop thinking about The Matrix as my time here winds down. More than two years ago, I quit a rather lucrative job working with short-form […] Read more »

We received word this morning that YouTube has decided to end its short-lived video downloads beta program. David Rodriguez of posted a video explaining the move yesterday along with an excerpt from the email he received from YouTube. The email from YouTube stated: “We want […] Read more »

Whoo! Roll Tide! Alabama walloped Florida 32 – 13 in the SEC Championship game over the weekend, delivering with it big gains in viewership on both old and newteevee. According to, 91,401 unique users consumed more than 144,236 total hours of live video from the […] Read more »

We’ll leave it to other blogs to spill more ink on the colorful history of the new JooJoo tablet (formerly known as the CrunchPad). The phrase “HD video” is what caught our eye. From our pal Kevin Tofel: The operating system is Unix-based and the device […] Read more »

OK, for realsies this time you guys, Sony has finally figured all this digital stuff out. Sony CEO Howard Stringer told a gathering of reporters as much yesterday when he touted his company’s new strategic initiative, the Sony Online Service (which bears the unfortunate distress acronym […] Read more »

We’d like to thank this week’s NewTeeVee sponsors: thePlatform: What’s Your TV Everywhere Strategy? Server Beach: Save 30% by switching to dedicated hosting by Server Beach Read more »

VEVO, the forthcoming music video site from Universal and Sony music (and powered by YouTube), announced today that it will also be getting content from “the vaults” of CBS Interactive Music Group. Starting next year, VEVO will run programming from and more than 90 CBS […] Read more »

James Cameron Talks Avatar on Facebook Webcast Today; director is joined by the film’s stars and will appear on the social network in conjunction with MTV. (Facebook) Apple Sued Over HTTP Streaming; Israeli company Emblaze doing the suing, but hasn’t disclosed what technology is being infringed […] Read more »

In this gimme-gimme-now-now-now! Internet era, even waiting just a few seconds can spell the difference between someone staying on a page or exiting immediately. To appeal to the instant gratification set, YouTube unveiled its “YouTube Feather” format today. Feather is basically a lightweight version of a […] Read more »

What can we say about Glee and Twitter that we haven’t already said? Not much other than fans of the show still Tweet about it even while stuffing their face with, well, stuffing. After losing ground to Oprah, Glee took back the Twitter crown with a […] Read more »

Canadian wireless and cable company Rogers Communications launched its flavor of TV Everywhere today, providing subscribers with more than 1,000 hours of movies, TV, sports and other forms of video entertainment. In beta, Rogers On Demand Online is like other authentication initiatives in the works from […] Read more »

We’d like to thank this week’s NewTeeVee sponsors: thePlatform: What’s Your TV Everywhere Strategy? Server Beach: Save 30% by switching to dedicated hosting by Server Beach Read more »

I got into a teeny Twitter debate during the holiday weekend over buying a Blu-ray player. I’ve been firmly against physical formats for awhile now, preferring the simplicity and elegance of over-the-top streaming delivered by the likes of Roku, Xbox, and even widget-enabled TVs themselves. But […] Read more »

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