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Before ABC launches its fast-forwardless VOD service to prevent people from skipping ads, it should check out new research from NBC on what types of commercials viewers retain — even at high speed. Turns out people are still engaged with the ads, even though they’re being […] Read more »

Saturday Night Live’s first show back after the writers’ strike not only delivered its best ratings in 12 months, but it featured Obama Girl singing lip-synching her web phenom song. She didn’t, however, “Obamapologize” for not voting for her man on Super Tuesday. Read more »

DivX announced today that it’s shutting down Stage6 at the end of this month, putting an end to the video-sharing site’s short, expensive and litigious life. Stage6 was supposed to be a higher-quality YouTube, and while the site had decent traffic, it never caught fire. As […] Read more »

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Hollywood Props Up DVD Biz; studios try to stave off a declining market by adding interactive features and including digital copy downloads on the shiny discs. (The New York Times) Kimberly-Clarke Reducing TV Spend This Year; company will allocate only 46 percent of its marketing budget […] Read more »

ABC and its local affiliates are partnering with Cox Communications to provide an on-demand video service that lets you watch shows like Lost anytime you like. But according to The New York Times, you won’t be able to skip over the commercials. The move is an […] Read more »

I don’t know what Steve Bryant was talking about, the Burp Castle was an awesome place to have a New York Meetup. Lots of video folk trudged out to the East Village to drink some really tasty beer and get “shhhh!’d” by the (fantastic) bartender who […] Read more »

FOX to NBC: We Already Do Year-Round Programming; FOX’s chief scheduler chides Zucker’s “new” plan for a 52-week programming schedule. (TV Decoder) WGA Deal Explained; entertainment lawyer breaks down the writers’ deal point by point. (The Huffington Post) Newsclipper Aggregates News Video; side project by Norwegian […] Read more »

Hey New York NewTeeVee Readers! Don’t forget there’s a meetup in your fair city tonight for like-minded, fun-lovin’ people just like you. Here are the details: NEWTEEVEE’S NEW YORK MEETUP When? Thursday, February 21 Where? Burp Castle, 41 East 7th St. (Jackson says this is a […] Read more »

The one thing that’s certain about advertisement engagement is that…nothing is certain. That’s the big takeaway from today’s VideoEgg Engagement Debate ’08, where marketing folk gathered to discuss the topic. There were four panels, the members of which tried to define engagement, determine effective environments for […] Read more »

NBC has announced it’s going to stream full episodes of “classic” TV shows like The A-Team, Buck Rogers, Miami Vice and more on its site. The content will also be available through, which will syndicate it through its partner network. This is a natural progression […] Read more »

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VideoEgg Goes for Engagement with AdFrames; new ad units move away from CPMs, allowing advertisers to negotiate price per engagement, Microsoft on board to use the new format. (release) TVCatchup Halts Services; UK-based ad-supported broadband service that lets you record programs to watch later, online, suspends […] Read more »

American Idol, BBC, Madonna & iTunes; audio and video versions of Idol performances now available to buy through the Apple service. Meanwhile, the BBC plans to start selling some TV shows through iTunes and and Madonna may release Filth and Wisdom, which she directed, through the […] Read more »

With the battle over high-definition DVDs now decided, the HD debate shifts back to the web, where once again we ask if HD online matters. Re-igniting the discussion is Dailymotion‘s announcement today that all HD content uploaded to the video-sharing site will be automatically re-encoded for […] Read more »

Johnson and Johnson launched an ad campaign aimed mothers this week, built around a series of animated webisodes for its pink Johnson’s baby lotion (we mentioned it in Vid-Biz). In an online world where most videos target 18- to 34-year-old males, this small, focused, maternal campaign […] Read more »

CBS to do Upfronts; network sticks with traditional format to launch shows to advertisers, NBC yet to announce their plans, ABC will still have “large-scale meeting.” (TVWeek UGC Hillary Vid Taking Heat; homemade musical tribute “Hillary4U&Me” was a passion project for Silicon Valley exec Gene Wang […] Read more »

Nielsen released new data today showing that DVRs are increasing the amount of television being watched, and that women are the real power users. Since 2005, DVRs have helped spur a 3 percent bump in TV viewing at 9 p.m. and a 5 percent boost between […] Read more »

comScore, in collaboration with the Havas-owned digital agency Media Contacts, took a step towards defining “heavy” and “light” online video watchers today, and in doing so showed how power users are skewing at least one stat. The two companies looked at the time people spent watching […] Read more »

Seesmic Releases Full Investor List; video conversation site closes the last of its $6 million Series A round, bulk of the money coming from Atomico. (Loic Le Meur’s blog) MTV to Promote NBC’s quarterlife; in a bid to attract younger viewers, web series to premiere on […] Read more »

YouTube threw a party for ad folks in New York last night to show off what’s coming down its online video pike. Nope, we weren’t invited, but luckily Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus, was. Even better — he blogged about it. Here’s a recap: YouTube’s […] Read more »

We had such a blast with you New York folk at our NTV Pier Screening last year, we thought it’d be fun to hang out again. You up for a drink next week? I’ll be in New York moderating a panel at the VideoEgg Engagement Debate […] Read more »

In what sounds like the setup for a bad joke at the Improv, Nielsen Online released stats showing how men and women consume online video differently. Men are more into user-generated content while women prefer McDreamy network television. The Wall Street Journal writes that 18- to […] Read more »

According to a Hulu spokesperson, Hulu has not signed a deal with Time Warner. Reports earlier today said that the Time Warner deal was done and that Viacom was just around the corner. Hulu wants to be the first place you go for video, so obviously […] Read more »

Dispute Overt DTV Transition Study Goes On; as we reporter earlier, Centris and MSTV continue their debate over just how big a disruption to service there will be. (Broadcasting & Cable) CSTV Re-Branding Into CBS College Sports Network; changeover will take place in March, CBS to […] Read more »

With Comcast blocking BitTorrent (and staunchly defending its right to do so today), AT&T’s ideas about monitoring your traffic and a raft of other ISPs including provisions in their terms of service that allow anti-P2P measures, suddenly Net Neutrality is a hot topic again. Taking up […] Read more »

Natali Del Conte’s new show Loaded is up and running over on CNET TV. And thank God, because if there’s one thing the Internet needs, it’s another show featuring a woman reading the news. Del Conte is certainly no talking head; she’s written for a number […] Read more »

It was the groan heard round the world. BlackBerrys across the continent suffered outages for the second time in 10 months yesterday. The only thing funnier than the panic felt by millions of executives left with no option but to actually pay attention during meetings is […] Read more »

Johnson & Johnson Debuts Animated Web Ad Series; company departs from traditional TV spots with big emphasis on web marketing aimed at emotional bond between mother and child (first episode features Mariska Hargitay… doing a creepy baby voice). (The Wall Street Journal) Commerce Dept. Launches Record […] Read more »

Ratings powerhouse Nielsen is looking to extend its tracking services into online video. According to AdAge, Nielsen’s strategy is to measure video across all platforms, whether it be TV, online, mobile phone or other personal media player. To accomplish this, Nielsen wants to install metering devices […] Read more »

Next year’s switch from analog to digital TV broadcasts could produce more noise than signal, disrupting service for millions of people even if they have the proper converter box, according to a new study from market research firm Centris. Centris says that the FCC has underestimated […] Read more »

WGA Strike Almost Over; guild leaders endorse new deal, call for an end to picketing, ratification vote is on Tuesday, writers could be back to work by Wednesday. (Reuters) CNN to Launch; new video site will be entirely UGC news. (MediaWeek) Netflix’s Hastings Says Young […] Read more »

It’s a familiar sight: Celebrity gets out of limo, and video camera-toting journalists swarm to capture every single movement — or preferably, misstep. From place to place, hour to hour, no moment is too minute; everything is recorded. Juicy footage is uploaded and shared across the […] Read more »

The rumor mill kicked into high gear this morning when Valleywag posted a story saying Ustream was in advanced negotiations to be acquired by Microsoft for $50 million. Quick calls to Ustream CEO Chuck Wallace and a Microsoft rep got us the standard “We don’t comment […] Read more »

Comcast Updates its Terms of Service; amidst accusations of blocking BitTorrent traffic, cable company says it “uses reasonable network management practices that are consistent with industry standards.” (Ars Technica) Apple TV Patent Hints at iChat; patent filing suggests company might be eyeing video chat and on-screen […] Read more »

Network TV series generally have 22 episodes per season, cable series hover around the 13-episode mark, but there is no standard “season” for web series. The prevailing theory seems to be make as many as you can — but is that always better? Given the attention […] Read more »

Cachelogic is now Velocix; CDN’s name change aligns product and corporate identity. (emailed release) Time Warner to Make All its TV Shows On Demand?; CEO Jeff Bewkes on an earnings call says content should be available via TV and the web. (IP Democracy) ‘Obama Girl’ Didn’t […] Read more »

Online speed dating site WooMe said today it’s received a $3 million bridge round of financing led by Mangrove, along with previous investors Atomico (founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis), Klaus Hammels and newcomer Oliver Jung. This builds on the initial $1.9 million in seed […] Read more »

Sorry, we forgot to post this earlier! WGA Calls Membership Meeting for Saturday; both coasts to convene, guild says serious talks have resumed, negotiations continue. (Broadcasting & Cable) XinLab and MediaPhy Raise Money; streaming tech company XinLab pulls in $8.1 million in Series A, while TV-on-your-mobile-phone […] Read more »

Fans of blatant product placement and scantily clad women can rejoice as MySpace is “proud to announce” the launch of season Roommates: Season Two! According to MySpace, the first season scored more than six million views. Show sponsor Ford is back, guaranteeing that a Focus or […] Read more »

When Hollywood approached Verizon to join in the fight against piracy, the company pulled an Amy Winehouse and said, “No, no, no.” The New York Times Bits Blog has a nice little interview up with Tom Tauke, Verizon’s executive vice president for public affairs, in which […] Read more »

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