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The world of online video is looking better every day, literally, as Viddyou has joined the ranks of those offering HD services. The personal video sharing site now supports 720p and 1080p HD video as a premium service for $35 year. And while Viddyou claims to […] Read more »

During a recent earnings call, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said that his company will “work with Apple” to ensure that Flash apps would run on the iPhone. This after Steve Jobs publicly dissed Flash as being “too slow to be useful,” and its stepsister Read more »

Verizon FIOS Playing Dirty Tricks with its Terms; customers not getting to see all of the stipulations of the contract until after they get the service — like the $199 early termination charge. (LA Times) VoloMedia Raises $3.5 Million; audio and video advertising and metrics firm […] Read more »

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Adobe, with today’s launch of its Flash Media Rights Management Server, is enabling big media companies to put tighter restrictions on their content. The software works with applications built on Adobe AIR, such as the upcoming Adobe Media Player, to extend control of Flash content — […] Read more »

Despite the fact that the Digital Living Room organizers are in dire need of a digital clock (all the panels were delayed by a half hour after the opening presentation went long), the fireside conversation between Jim Wuthrich, Warner Bros. senior vice president, electronic sell-through and […] Read more »

If you have some tinfoil handy, now might be a good time to fashion a hat. At the Digital Living Room conference today, Gerard Kunkel, Comcast‘s senior VP of user experience, told me the cable company is experimenting with different camera technologies built into devices so […] Read more »

EU Adopts DVB-H Standard; unofficial endorsement calls for member nations to encourage adoption of the mobile TV standard. (GigaOM) Cell Phone Video of Chinese Protests Circulate on the Net; mobile video taking center stage for transmitting news from inside East Asia. (Slate) CBS Exec: Combine TV […] Read more »

Video broadcasting service Veodia (which broadcast one of our pier screenings last year) will now enable native MPEG-4/H.264 content playback through the Flash 9 Player. The new offering allows Veodia users to record high-quality video and have it automatically transcoded into Flash and embedded in a […] Read more »

Money is flowed into company coffers, with Gizmoz, Clearleap and “Fooooo” all announcing new funding today. Create-your-own-3D-animated-character company Gizmoz raised $6.5 million in a Series B round led by DoCoMo Capital, with ngi capital inc. kicking in as well. Return investors include Benchmark Capital and Columbia […] Read more »

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NBC Buys Stake in DriverTV; peacock pays $6 million for 35 percent stake in the web site and VOD channel that focuses on videos for car shoppers. (The Wall Street Journal) Roo Moves to Dubai; video aggregator (in which News Corp. has a stake) is consolidating […] Read more »

After letting fans pay what they want for its last album, Radiohead is now letting fans make what they want for the band’s next video. The alt+music gods have joined forces with independent animation site Aniboom for a contest that will earn one lucky winner $10,000 […] Read more »

In response to mounting pressure from the movie, music and software industries, four major Japanese ISPs have agreed to work together to purge copyright infringing file-sharers from their networks, according to TorrentFreak. Copyright holders would use “special detection software” to sniff out online pirates and then […] Read more »

Jacked is a service aimed at multitasking sports fans for whom merely watching the big game on oldteevee is not enough. It’s a little different than most of the online video sites we cover in that, well, it doesn’t do video. Instead, the company is looking […] Read more »

For the first time since comScore started releasing video stats, the number of videos watched online dropped in January, dipping to 9.8 billion from 10.1 billion in December. This decline falls in line with Nielsen’s January numbers, which also showed a dropoff. But January’s 9.8 billion […] Read more »

YouTube Guitar God Translated Web Fame Into Gigs; his Canon Rock blew up online (watched almost 40 million times), so he took a break from university and created his own solo tour. (LA Times) Partners with Qik; lifecasters can now do live mobile streaming from […] Read more »

Last month, I lamented that my Comcast DVR was dumb because it repeatedly recorded the same episodes of shows that I liked. Comcast said the problem had to do with the show programming data it receives from Gemstar-TV Guide. So I spoke with Steve Shannon, executive […] Read more »

Wow. Host Joyce Kim takes off for one week and things go crazy on this week’s episode of The GigaOM Show. We step into the world of Second Life with founder and CEO Philip Rosedale, who gets a virtual grilling from Wagner James Au (author of […] Read more »

Political activist site is asking people to create a commercial for Barack Obama by hosting a contest entitled Obama in 30 Seconds. The winner will get their ad aired on national television and receive a $20,000 gift certificate for video equipment. PLUS, MoveOn has pulled […] Read more »

Les Moonves Hedges Bets on Hulu; “We think it’s a terrific idea; we think we can do a better job ourself, and by the way we still might join Hulu.” (Online Video Watch) CNN Conducts Video Interview Via Skype; while on vacation in Maui, Jeffery Toobin […] Read more »

DirecTV will launch an on-demand service in the second quarter, as the satellite television service looks to catch up to VOD programming already offered by cable companies, writes The Wall Street Journal today. Satellite TV’s one-way transmissions have been a roadblock for VOD, so the company […] Read more »

Reality Digital CEO Cynthia Francis was at the TV of Tomorrow conference, so I nabbed her to get her company’s reaction to the YouTube API announcement this morning. As Liz pointed out, even though YouTube doesn’t consider its new APIs a white-label solution “at all,” it’s […] Read more »

We questioned Internet TV service Babelgum‘s recent original content development plans. We didn’t think becoming a content studio was a bad idea, rather it was the types of content and the exclusivity requirement that we took issue with. Evidently, the folks at Babelgum took our post […] Read more »

Nielsen Partnering With Charter Communications for Data; marks the first time the ratings company will collect information from set-top boxes. (The Wall Street Journal) Pando Raising Funding; P2P startup has taken $8.1 million of $20.9 million round. (VentureBeat) Stage 6 Shuttered Because of CopyrightDivX CFO says […] Read more »

I cornered Orca Interactive CTO Ofer Weintraub for a quick stand-up interview at the TV of Tomorrow conference this week to ask him about his company being bought by France Telecom’s Viaccess. While he wouldn’t talk about what Viaccess’ plans for the middleware company are, he […] Read more »

Broadcasters, operators and technologists gathered at the TV of Tomorrow conference yesterday to discuss why the U.S. lags behind other markets in the deployment of interactive TV technologies. So why aren’t we living in an ITV utopia right now? According to the panel, it’s everyone’s fault… […] Read more »

For those of you too stoned to head to the multiplex, Screen Media is here to help. You can register to receive a copy of the new pot documentary (pot-umentary?) Super High Me on DVD for your own private screenings on the same day the film […] Read more »

New media network Revision3 has announced a partnership with Transpera to make all of its shows (including The GigaOM Show) available on mobile devices. Transpera’s technology will allow users to share the programming and will help Revision3 monetize its content through advertising. This comes at a […] Read more »

Pando CMO Leaves; Yaron Samid is forming a startup, will remain an adviser to the P2P company. (emailed information) GE Chairman: NBCU Not for Sale; despite rumors that the peacock’s fate hinges on the success of the Olympics, Jeffrey Immelt says he just doesn’t see a […] Read more »

The duo behind Ask a Ninja are making the leap from Web to feature films to remake the 1978 cult hit Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine will both write the adaptation with Nichols on board to make his directorial debut. According […] Read more »

A federal judge denied Viacom’s claim for punitive damages in its $1 billion copyright lawsuit against Google/YouTube. Viacom can still sue for damages, with statutory penalties for copyright violation ranging from $750 to $30,000 per violation (or up to a whopping $150,000 if the infringement was […] Read more »

Babelgum said today it’s creating a 10 million euro ($15.4 million) fund to invest in new (and exclusive) original content. “We are going down the road of transforming into a digital media studio,” Babelgum CEO Valerio Zingarelli told Variety. Though it’s clearly not a bad idea […] Read more »

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Cox Communications, Charter Communications and Bright House Networks have been working together on Project Canoe, a jointly owned company that would create a national ad network across all six cable systems. The united front is in an attempt to stem the […] Read more »

Entriq Acquires DayPort; DRM company buys content management, syndication and workflow software maker, financial terms not disclosed. (MultichannelNews) Cable Networks Take on Broadcasters at Upfronts; companies like Turner and National Geographic Channel stepping up efforts to lure ad dollars, and are ramping up original production. (TVWeek) […] Read more »

Kids are no longer glued to the TV. At least not according to a study released today by Grunwald Associates, which found that 64 percent of kids go online while watching television — and nearly half of them do so “frequently,” from three times a week […] Read more »

It’s all quiet at NTV HQ this week as Liz abandoned me for much greener (and hipper) pastures in Austin at the SXSW Interactive festival. And though I couldn’t be there in person, I’ve enjoyed reading the coverage of events (like Stacey’s take on Mark Zuckeberg’s […] Read more »

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