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While the subject of Internet fame seems like ripe material for the South Park guys to ravage, the result is surprisingly bland. On last night’s show they took shots at Tay Zonday, Chris Crocker, Numa Numa kid, Star Wars kid, and a bunch of other web […] Read more »

Content delivery network Velocix will power delivery of HD content through MediaMelon‘s P2P video network. While P2P is great for distributing popular files (lots of “peers” to download from), it isn’t always as speedy for brand-new or less popular files. Velocix is being brought on to […] Read more »

NBC is pulling out all the digital stops for its upcoming summer and fall seasons. Alongside the official unveiling of its oldteevee programming lineup, NBC announced an upcoming online series and said it has renewed webisodes for hit shows and is expanding its use of user-generated […] Read more »

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Kimmel on YouTube: “It hurts as much as it helps;” late-night talk show host talks about the Nielsen boost the online vids for f#(*& Damon/Affleck have given his show. (for more, read Liz’s Q&A with Kimmel writer Jake Lentz) (Variety) TV Guide Goes Mobile; provides […] Read more »

Jessica Rose, who shot to Internet fame as Lonelygirl15 is back and starring in a new online horror series from 60Frames. Blood Cell is a thriller about a kidnapped girl who contacts Rose’s character through a video-enabled cell phone. If Rose goes to the cops or […] Read more »

Video search company blinkx is expanding into the Internet TV platform space with the launch of BBTV, a hybrid P2P service that promises to combine television watching and web surfing into one experience. That is, if you don’t mind a download, are on a PC and […] Read more »

Comcast Doesn’t Admit to BitTorrent Blocking; in the wake of the Comcast/BitTorrent agreement, the cable company takes exception to statements made by the FCC chairman regarding its so-called network management practices. (Multichannel News) Veeple Joins the Clickable Video Fray; company uses Flash to recognize and embed […] Read more »

Ahhh, April Fools’ Day on the Internet. YouTube celebrated, capitalized and killed the meme of the moment by Rickrolling the planet. Click on any of the featured videos on the homepage and get swept up and away by Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Too […] Read more »

The first casualty in the battle to offer the most HD channels could ironically be video quality. A sharp-eyed poster over on the AVS Forum noticed that Comcast is recompressing some of its HD programming in an effort to squeeze more channels into its pipe. The […] Read more »

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Where to begin with The C-Spot, a new “multiplatform comedy channel” distributed by Sony Pictures? Let’s set aside the fact that the online comedy space is already overcrowded. The biggest problem for this new comedy “platform” is that the “C” seems to stand for “cliché.” The […] Read more »

MTV Expands Mobility with Mywaves; marks the first time video from the Viacom brand will be available on the free, ad-supported mobile site. (Hollywood Reporter) iCarly a Hit Both Offline and On; show about a tween who creates her own web show accounted for 20 percent […] Read more »

Just as we were starting to pick up the oldteevee pieces in the wake of the crippling writers’ strike, the actors guilds have started contract negotiations with Hollywood studios. If they go on strike, what will that mean for web video? Honestly, probably not much. The […] Read more »

Being able to pick and choose which cable channels you want instead of having them all bundled into one package would bring “economic ruin,” according to recent research from Yankee Group. But as online video grows, the point may already be moot. “A la carte” pricing […] Read more »

As we noted earlier, CBS is testing an HD version of its video player. This caught our eye since CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith was pretty anti-HD just a few months ago. So we fired off a quick note to Smith, who was ready for us. […] Read more »

CBS Launches HD Player; network hops on the high-def bandwagon by streaming in H.264/AVC format at 480p (720p and 1080p on the way). (TechCrunch) FCC Lets Satellite Providers Phase In HD; DirecTV and Dish don’t have to carry every TV station’s local HD signal immediately after […] Read more »

If researchers are correct, 2012 promises to be a banner year for HD, DVRs and IPTV. That is, if the apocalypse doesn’t get in the way. With 2007 over, research firms can safely predict five years out. Unfortunately those just may be our last five years […] Read more »

Since Lost is a repeat tonight, you can fill that vacant hour over on YouTube, where Showtime has put up the entire first episode of season 2 of The Tudors. Well, almost the full episode. Not one to give its cash cow away, Showtime has edited […] Read more »

Though the DirecTV VOD service doesn’t officially launch until the second quarter, it’s been available for beta testing for some time already. As we’ve written before, because of satellite’s one-way-only transmission, DirecTV will be using a combination of pre-selected movies beamed directly to set-top box hard […] Read more »

Hulu Adds NBA and NHL; you can’t watch live games, but you can catch highlights and best-of-basketball and -hockey moments. (Hulu Blog) The Hills Are Alive Online; first episode of bonus season generates 1.8 million streams in one day. (The New York Times) Alltel and Transpera […] Read more »

Comcast and BitTorrent Inc. have announced they’ll work together to ensure the popular file-sharing format works more smoothly over Comcast’s network. The cable company has been embroiled in a public controversy over its policy of throttling BitTorrent files as a means of shaping its network traffic. […] Read more »

Verizon knows that breaking up with your cable operator can be tough, so the company has asked the FCC for permission to do it for you. The FiOS TV provider is petitioning the commission to make switching your TV service similar to switching phone companies. Presumably […] Read more »

When John Crye isn’t busy with his day job as director of acquisitions and development for Newmarket Films (Memento, Donnie Darko), he and five of his movie studio executive friends make short horror films as part of a collective called FEWDIO. The group’s first film, The […] Read more »

WePlay Shoots for Young Athletes; new social networking site features videos of LeBron James and Peyton Manning as youths, encourages other aspiring athletes to share videos of games. (The New York Times) SpotRunner Running for Election Dollars; ad agency’s new program lets candidates at all levels […] Read more »

Dish Network’s recent purchase of wireless spectrum suggests the satellite TV company is positioning itself to offer on-demand content, but exactly how remains to be seen. The Wall Street Journal writes that the 168 licenses on the E-Block spectrum that Dish paid $711 million for could […] Read more »

John Edwards, CEO of Move Networks, which powers streaming for, and, told us today people are spending more than an hour per session watching content Move provides. He also said that the company has crossed the 34 million viewer mark. This is an […] Read more »

Online video’s collective bank account expands a little bit every day; SpongeFish, Viewdle, Cotendo, and (possibly) Tudou have received new money. SpongeFish received $2 million to join in the already-crowded field of user-generated how-to sites. It’s going up against some pretty heavy hitters with deep pockets, […] Read more »

Next iPhone to do Video Chat? Digg founder Kevin Rose claims 3G version of the device will have both front- and back-mounted cameras. (He’s been wrong before about iPhone predictions, though.) (Apple Insider) Imeem Launches Media Platform; in addition to providing tools, company will also provide […] Read more »

If you ever wondered how Yahoo found itself in a position to be gobbled up by Microsoft, you only need look at its 2008 Yahoo! Video Awards. Didn’t know that Yahoo was even giving out awards for video? Neither did a lot of folks, we presume, […] Read more »

DVR Households Buy Less Stuff; new study shows DVR-equipped homes spend 5 percent less on packaged goods than non-DVR homes. (AdAge) Jericho Comes Crumbling Down; despite efforts of rabid fan based, the apocalyptic series is shuttered. (Reuters) March Madness Online is a Slam Dunk; 2.8 million […] Read more »

The story of Comcast’s desire to know who’s in your living room has certainly touched off a web-wide frenzy, starting in our comments section and finding its way into The New York Times. Gerard Kunkel, Comcast senior vice president of user experience, and the man interviewed […] Read more »

YouTube announced its 2007 Video Award winners today, with some well-known video stalwarts taking top honors. Winners get “bragging rights, a trophy and a special invitation to an event later this year.” Special event? Hope the winners love YouTube Developer Days. The Guild continues to rack […] Read more »

iTunes users must be hypnotized by his “blue steel” gaze, because Zoolander has been hanging out in the Top 10 movies purchased on iTunes. Wait, what? An eight-year-old comedy is more popular than Ratatouille, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and High School Musical (parts […] Read more »

The tiny, bare bones Flip Video recorder now has 13 percent of the camcorder market, according to its creator, Pure Digital, indicating that the low-end video recorder buyers are booming even as video-sharing sites are rushing to support high-definition. Despite the fact that the 13 percent […] Read more »

Your bracket’s done and you’ve handed in your requisite $10 to the guy running the office pool. Now it’s time to set your online presence to “busy,” fire up the browser and kill the rest of your day watching the March Madness NCAA basketball tourney (while […] Read more »

HD DVD Fiasco Costs Toshiba $1.1 Billion; consumer electronics company revises net profit forecast for the 2007 fiscal year down by 30 percent, next-gen format dud hit the hardest. (Variety) You “Odda” Be in Pictures; Oddcast unveils technology that lets you superimpose your face over a […] Read more »

Steve Chen doesn’t like the fact that YouTube is often home to clips of violence, rape and bullying — but the YouTube co-founder says it’s more important that videos get posted immediately than it is to vet them. In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, […] Read more »

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