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Users have been filling the Google Video Help message boards with reports of problems uploading video and are apparently getting little, if any, help from Google. Problems started on April 12, when users uploaded video only to have two seconds of a grey box — or […] Read more »

MTV Networks’ strategy of splintering properties into separate verticals seems to be paying off for Comedy Central Digital, which says it pulled in 35 million video plays in March, an increase of 60 percent over the same time last year. Brands under the Comedy Central Digital […] Read more »

After an acrimonious and public split from Apple last year, NBC says it wants to put its TV content back on iTunes — but the peacock wants anti-piracy measures and flexibility over pricing first. Speaking at the ad:tech conference in San Francisco, NBC Chief Digital Officer […] Read more »

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SAG Head Ready for a Fight; Alan Rosenberg has called the producers’ recent deals with directors and writers unsatisfactory for his union. (The New York Times) Starbucks Expands Pick of the Week to Music Videos; coffee chain to offer free music vids via iTunes. (MarketWatch) Channel […] Read more »

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the U.S. yesterday, but if you can’t make it out to Washington D.C. or New York to catch a glimpse of the pontiff, you can catch up with what’s happening online as news outlets are readying a multiplatform media blitz. […] Read more »

Since Veronica Belmont said “aloha” to her Mahalo Daily podcast, the company wants to say “aloha” to a new host, and it’s looking on YouTube to find one (you see, it works because “aloha” means hello and good-bye…). But sorry guys, only wahines (women) need apply. […] Read more »

Raising the price of HD movies on VOD and releasing them the same day they come out on DVD would be a boon to the industry, according to a new survey from consulting firm Oliver Wyman. The company found that consumers would be willing to spend […] Read more »

Visible World and PermissionTV Get Money; video ad company Visible World secures $25 million in Series C round; online video services company PermissionTV takes $3 million in venture debt. (Visible World: MediaPost; PermissionTV: paidContent) The Filter Wants to Recommend Media; Peter Gabriel-backed company follows the music, […] Read more »

Google Maps now offers embeddable videos from YouTube, giving local businesses a new way to show off their goods. Companies listed in Google’s Local Business Center can upload a video to YouTube and have it associated with their expanded listing in Google Maps. Now, local businesses […] Read more »

Shopflick is a new video marketplace catering to independent boutiques. Sellers can upload video of their wares (and themselves) for buyers to peruse and purchase — kind of like a video version of eBay. The site is focused on the independent and the entrepreneurial. It wants […] Read more »

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YouTube grabbed 73.18 percent of all U.S. visits to online video sites in March, representing a 32 percent year-over-year increase, according to new data from Hitwise. Also gobbling up our eyeballs during March was Hulu, which made climbed to number 22 despite it being public for […] Read more »

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is holding its big trade show in Vegas this week, and I’m not sure there’s enough caffeine to help me keep up on all the news — but here’s a round-up, so far, from day one: NAB president David Rehr […] Read more »

Google to Take TV Ad Auction Public; service lets anyone bid to buy a spot on one of 94 networks and have it delivered to Dish satellite customers. (Multichannel News) ManiaTV and Partners with Guerilla Hollywood; Guerilla execs to take directorial control of some of ManiaTV’s […] Read more »

Ailing video rental chain Blockbuster made a baffling bid to purchase electronics retailer Circuit City for $1 billion. The idea is to create a company that is at the nexus of digital media entertainment and convergence. Seems better positioned to be at the nexus of failure […] Read more »

BitTorrent meta-search engine YouTorrent is going legit and will only index sites that source legal torrent files from now on, according to TorrentFreak. One of the guys running the site told TorrentFreak: “Due to the uncertain nature of the source and accuracy of the results returned […] Read more »

MySpace has tapped the team behind KateModern to create I Love Chieftown, a new original web series for the social network. Chieftown will be a drama set in east London that follows an aspiring filmmaker as she follows a band trying to break big (sounds kinda […] Read more »

IAC Launching How-To Site; to enter an already crowded field with original and aggregated instructional content. (paidContent) Venture Farm Invests in Vator.TV; site a place for startups to pitch their ideas via online video, funding details not disclosed. (socalTECH) Turns Out TiVo Can’t Predict American […] Read more »

Jinkies, you’d think that Flickr was out clubbing seals given the negative reaction from the photo-sharing community to the site’s new video feature. Members are in full-on digital revolt with more than 30,000 members joining anti-video groups, and a multi-language petition to have video removed. More […] Read more »

Some things never change. “Sex” was the most searched term on YouTube during March, according to (“porn” was #6). Also filling up the top 10 was a bunch of hip-hop searches for artists like Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy, as well songs like Low and […] Read more »

NPR’s The Bryant Park Project was kind enough to bring me back on the air today to talk about the Webby nominees. Topics we touched on included SuperDeluxe vs. College Humor, how The Onion News Network treats fat kids and the web opening up opportunities for […] Read more »

Not to be left behind by the download revolution, video rental company Blockbuster is reportedly working on a set-top box to pipe movies directly to your TV. The move isn’t entirely unexpected — what else was it going to do with Movielink, the movie download service […] Read more »

Major League Baseball Drafts Yahoo; Yahoo to take over video ad sales for MLB.TV and make the service available on Yahoo Sports. (release) Vignette Acquires Vidavee; content management company acquires web video services company for $6.6 million. (release) FCC Chair Still Pushing for À La Carte […] Read more »

YouTube has made some updates to its site, adding referrer logs to its analytics package and changing the layout of video pages. Part of the Insight analytics toolset, the new Discovery feature tells you whether your video was found through a YouTube or Google search, by […] Read more »

OK, we’ll bite. ABC is shamelessly exploiting the “green” trend trying to save the planet by launching a new video widget and hooking up with the Arbor Day Foundation. From now until April 30th, for every 10 videos watched through the ABC doohickey, one tree sapling […] Read more »

Sen. Ted “Tubes” Stevens (R-Alaska) warned FCC Chairman Kevin Martin yesterday that the upcoming digital TV transition should be his No. 1 priority, and that Martin should forget distractions like a la carte cable pricing and Net Neutrality. According to Multichannel News, Sen. Stevens said: “I […] Read more »

Fyreball Lets You Forward Media; startup wants you to assemble pages of media rather than emailing when sending to friends. (VentureBeat) YouTube a Headache for Unlimited Mobile Plans? All-you-can-watch video could tax mobile data networks. (GigaOM) Lip Dub Genesis Revealed; CollegeHumor posts vid showing the making […] Read more »

A posted video of six teenage girls viciously beating a classmate has once again thrust YouTube into the center of a debate pitting technology against free speech. Of course, there are cries for YouTube to proactively monitor content and remove fight videos, but the video-sharing company […] Read more »

Flickr fanatics can now upload and share video alongside their photos, but those clips will have to be short. The long-awaited Flickr video feature isn’t intended to be a YouTube (or even a Yahoo Video) killer, instead, Flickr is trying to make its video offering an […] Read more »

Add Funkmaster Flex to the list of hip-hop stars moving from the rap game to potential web fame. The popular New York hip-hop DJ and car enthusiast is partnering with Ripe Digital to create Funk Flex TV for On Demand and broadband. Launching at midnight tonight […] Read more »

Corporate blogs don’t have to be all self-promotion and pointless. Major League Baseball averted a full-blown catastrophe last week by using its blog to communicate service issues with disgruntled customers. And as a reporter, I increasingly prefer the straightforward blog language to the migraine-inducing hyperbole of […] Read more »

SiBEAM Raises $40 Million; wireless HD company gets third round from New Enterprise, Foundation Capital and U.S. Venture Partners. (GigaOM) AOL Scores ESPN Content; first time the sports network is releasing its video to a third-party portal. (AdWeek) Studios Fire Warning Shot to Actors; letter from […] Read more »

Last week, NBC announced an arrangement with DirecTV to keep the critically-adored but seldom-watched Friday Night Lights alive. The satellite company will help foot the bill for production in exchange for the exclusive first-run rights of the show. The New York Times writes that Comcast is […] Read more »

With the proliferation of companies in the online video space tripping over themselves to cater to young men, it’s nice to see someone other than Oprah or iVillage targeting female audiences. SheZoom is a new video site that’s angling to be an “upbeat and engaging community […] Read more »

Qik to Get Cash Fix?; parent company Visivo raises $3 million in Series B round; could be used to bolster the live mobile streaming service. (VentureBeat) Babelgum to Plunk Down Six Figures on Oil Doc; feature length Oil Sands to be the first project from the […] Read more »

Notoriously snobby music blog Pitchfork launched its video service today, and while we’re still a little skeptical about how big Pitchfork’s audience will ever become, this new addition to the site is actually pretty cool. Pitchfork would probably give it a 6. Unlike YouTube, Pitchfork isn’t […] Read more »

Vimeo says that it received more than 70,000 video uploads during the month of March. Of those, 9,200 were HD (that’s just a hair over 13 percent). While standard def uploads definitely hold the lion’s share, Vimeo’s first quarter has seen a steady increase in the […] Read more »

More TV (if Less Primetime) Watched During Strike; Nielsen study finds daytime, VOD, and cable more than made up for lack of new broadcast shows. (The Hollywood Reporter) Shakeup at Fox Interactive Media; company still struggles to monetize its sites, likely to miss revenue goal by […] Read more »

Major League Baseball struck out with fans this week with its MLB.TV online video player. The web’s been abuzz about technical difficulties during the first two days of games that shut out subscribers who shell out $20 a month for the service. Trouble started opening day […] Read more » to Offer Paramount Movie Clips; virtual world for young adults will enable avatars to display snippets from movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Clueless. (MediaWeek) Fox Business Channels Goes Mobile; network gets a live channel on MobiTV. (Multichannel News) Three Sheets Premiering on Hulu; […] Read more »

With technologies like TiVo and text messaging taking over the world, marketers are being forced to rethink their approach to advertising. The New York Times writes that NBC is hearkening back to its roots by moving beyond the 30-second commercial to form bigger, longer-term relationships with […] Read more »

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