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TechCrunch launched Elevator Pitches today, a new service that lets founders and CEOs upload videos of themselves pitching their startup in under 60 seconds. The audience then votes for their favorite, with the highest-ranked pitches landing a coveted spot on TechCrunch. The videos are all hosted […] Read more »

After going after dudes with, new media studio DECA is nurturing its maternal side with the new online series CoolMom, which launches today. Show host Daphne Brogdon hopes to provide an entertaining jolt to the motherly market with a comedic takes on what’s good (and […] Read more »

Pure Digital Releases New Flip Video Camera; slimmer version features touch controls, but no HD. (The Wall Street Journal) Disney Buys Fanlib, in Process of Acquiring DigiSynd; acquisition of fan-fiction site interesting from a copyright perspective, DigiSynd is a stealth startup founded by Revver co-founder. (paidContent) […] Read more »

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YouTube has unveiled a new tool, Video Annotations, which, according to YouTube, allows creators to: Add background information about the video Create stories with multiple possibilities (viewers click to the next scene) Link to related YouTube videos, channels, or search results from within a video Annotations […] Read more »

CBS will put its videos on Yahoo, expanding the reach of network’s content online. Yahoo will become the latest addition to the CBS Audience Network, which includes more than 300 sites such as YouTube, AOL, MSN, Joost, Veoh and others. The announcement comes just days after […] Read more »

While more people visited during the 2007-2008 television season, they spent more time on, according to new numbers from Hitwise. ABC eked out a narrow victory, capturing 27.14 percent of U.S. visits compared to NBC’s 27.01 percent in a custom category defined by Hitwise. […] Read more »

Nielsen and NBC Team Up for Multiplatform Metrics; collaboration will examine data across TV and online streaming to find connections in consumer buying habits. (paidContent) Big Stage Raises More Money; video avatar company extends first round of venture funding with undisclosed new sum. Big Stage previously […] Read more »

When it rains, it pours. A host of new online original series were announced in the past 24 hours, most of which are professionally produced content featuring semi-famous people — or the siblings of semi-famous people. Lloyd Braun, the former Yahoo exec who was supposed to […] Read more »

Ecoutez, et repetez. eduFire is a new startup that promises to teach you a language through live online video chat tutorials. The service, which officially launched last week, has more than 500 teachers instructing in over 30 different languages. A visitor to eduFire can either jump […] Read more »

As expected, CBS officially announced updates for its video player today, providing many of the features we outlined last night. The company says it will roll out true HD-quality streaming, full-screen viewing, and embedding capabilities across and the CBS Audience Network over the coming months. […] Read more »

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Time Warner Cable CEO on Internet Video; Britt says networks shouldn’t expect his company to pay higher fees if they’re going to put content online for free at the same time. (The Wall Street Journal) Funding Roundup; Tremor Media raises undisclosed sum from European Founders Fund; […] Read more »

After seeing Britney’s comeback fiasco turn into server-melting gold, MTV intentionally created a viral clip for its Movie Awards last night, with surprisingly funny results. In it, Ben Stiller tries to corral Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. into making a viral video to pimp their […] Read more »

CBS will reportedly announce a new video player tomorrow, featuring a raft of new features including new ad targeting, content sharing and augmented social capabilities. AdAge writes that the player will use a content and advertising engine CBS picked up in its acquisition of The […] Read more »

For many filmmakers, the festival circuit is the first, last and only place their work is ever shown. But a new endeavor from Cinetic (rhymes with “kinetic”) Rights Management wants to prove there’s a digital life for all the films that don’t land theatrical distribution deals. […] Read more »

Last month I suggested that Blockbuster buy Redbox to help usher brick-and-mortar DVD renters into their digital future through automated kiosks. While they didn’t buy Redbox, this week Blockbuster announced plans to roll out…kiosks! But the big boxes will only be used to download content to […] Read more »

Prince is once again battling the YouTube masses over videos from a recent performance being posted online — only this time the copyright question is a little more complex. During the recent Coachella music festival, the Purple One covered Radiohead’s Creep (ed. note: awesome). Stoked fans […] Read more »

Comcast Hack Not Related to BitTorrent; two guys who took over the cable company’s homepage were just mad at the company, got in over their heads. (Threat Level) Turner to Air Two-Minute Show-mercials; Commuter Confidential will be a Revlon and microseries that will tell a […] Read more »

Dear Comcast, Thank you for spoiling last night’s season finale of Lost. Because of the key queuing issue with your set top boxes, two separate plot points from the show were ruined. It’s the same problem we’ve written about before, and it’s getting worse. I pushed […] Read more »

EPIC-FU and Next New Networks have parted ways. The announcement was made through both of their blogs earlier today. We knew that the two sides hadn’t renegotiated their contract as of April this year, and that the EPIC-FU was in talks with an undisclosed cable network […] Read more »

Yesterday we learned that Amazon will launch a pay-per-view streaming service in the next few weeks. Since then, Silicon Alley Insider was able to extract a few more nuggets about the service from Jeff Bezos: You’ll be able to stream rentals and purchases, prices will be […] Read more »

CBS Interactive Still Sizing Up Video Acquisition Targets; its head of M&A says the company is looking for professional content, mobile and local plays. ( “Wii Fit Girlfriend” Not Corporate? Viral vid featuring girl exercising in underwear on the game device thought to be created by […] Read more », the online counterpart to the cable TV network of the same name, is overhauling its site and adding original web series in its bid to become the dominant source of men’s entertainment online. The site’s strategy for capturing those eyeballs? Boobs and bad behavior. The […] Read more »

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that while he expects the company’s subscribers to hit the 10 million-mark by next year, the mail order side of the DVD rental company’s business will peak in as soon as five years, according to Reuters. During a presentation at Netflix’s […] Read more »

During its first-quarter earnings call today, TiVo highlighted its recent broadband moves and positioned itself as a one-stop box for all your digital entertainment needs. Too bad potential subscribers aren’t clamoring to buy the box — the DVR company gained 48,000 TiVo-owned gross subscribers for the […] Read more »

Amazon will be unveiling a new video pay-per-view streaming service in the next couple of weeks, Jeff Bezos said today at the D6 conference. Details were non-existent (Amazon would only confirm the announcement), but one way or another, the move adds another player to the increasingly […] Read more »

Insider Account of Akimbo’s Downfall; scattered strategy, management’s emotional outbursts and even some porn, at least according to one former employee. (TelephonyUnfiltered Blog) Host Joanne Colan Not Leaving Rocketboom; contrary to some reports, creator Andrew Baron tells us Colan is staying with the show. Starz Stops […] Read more »

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) reached a tentative deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) early this morning in a move that will ease — but not eliminate — fears of an actors strike. New media was a […] Read more »

TiVo announced today that its subscribers will soon be able to rent Disney movies through their DVRs directly from their TVs. The service will be provided through an arrangement with CinemaNow. Details like pricing, titles, and when the service will be available were not part of […] Read more »

Ever go to a film festival and think, “Phsaw. I can pick better movies than that.” Well, now you’ll get that chance, as IndieFlix has launched MyFestival, a place where you, the viewer can stream full movies in contention and vote for which one gets into […] Read more »

Foreign Body, the new online series from Michael Eisner’s Vuguru and book publisher Putnam, launched the first of 50 episodes today. The series is doing double duty as the prequel to, and a promotional vehicle for the upcoming Robin Cook book of the same name and […] Read more »

Sony has joined forces with six of the top cable companies in the U.S. to adopt tru2way technology in its TVs, thus eliminating the need for a set-top box when accessing television and other interactive services. Apple, Netflix, Sezmi and anyone else working on a set-top […] Read more »

More Than One Billion Online Video Viewers by 2013; ABI Research says pay TV operators must tread carefully when taking on the rising competition from the web. (release) Carl’s Jr. Getting Into Original Web Series; burger joint pulling a and exploring the notion of launching […] Read more »

With the big national switch to digital television just nine months away, a new study (PDF) from Nielsen reports that 9.4 percent of U.S. households, or about 10 million people, are completely unready for the transition. In other words, not a single TV set in these […] Read more »

Home Depot and Avot Media are partnering up for a mobile video initiative that delivers home improvement how-to videos to your cell phone while you’re in the store. The program is being tested with a product called Fast Attach, a device that lets you install hard-wired […] Read more »

Cable prices suck, you’re paying more for less — that’s the gist of a New York Times report that said cable prices have gone up 77 percent since 1996, almost double the rate of inflation. Adding insult to injury, we’re only watching 13 percent of the […] Read more »

In papers filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan late Friday, YouTube owner Google said Viacom’s $1 billion copyright lawsuit threatens the very way hundreds of millions of people exchange information over the Internet. According to the Associated Press, Google said that YouTube “goes far beyond […] Read more »

Warner Bros. is trying to prop up softening DVD sales with a new strategy to promote its upcoming superhero feature film Watchmen. The studio will release a separate a side movie based on the original film on DVD only, prior to the main Watchmen hitting theaters. […] Read more »

Mobile operators getting into the mobile TV should not forget about femtocells and sideloading, according to a new report from Analysys Mason. Concerns over the ability of existing 3G networks to deliver video are pushing operators to combine 3G networks with dedicated mobile broadcast networks like […] Read more »

Perhaps still smarting from their precious Firefly being killed off so soon, Joss Whedon fans are already mobilizing to save his next show, Dollhouse… before the first episode airs. The Underwire blog writes that rabid Whedonistas are activating, forming (which sounds like it’s for an […] Read more »

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