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Or Die Networks Branches Into Video Games; to launch in fall, as we reported earlier, the site will be video-based and won’t let you actually play games. (The Hollywood Reporter) Hollywood Make “Final Offer” to SAG; union most likely to wait a week and see […] Read more »

Adobe, Google and Yahoo have announced they are banding together to enable searches through Flash content, but the service won’t index FLV files — meaning no new way to search YouTube videos. Perfecting video search seems to be a nagging issue for the industry, but it […] Read more »

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Netflix had decided to keep its popular-in-spirit-but-not-in-numbers profiles feature after all. The DVD rental company had announced on June 18th that it would ditch the multiple-queues-under-one-account service as of Sept. 1st. Evidently this didn’t sit well with current users, who formed an online petition and Facebook […] Read more »

ON24 is expanding beyond traditional corporate webcasting with its new Virtual Show product. Think of Virtual Show almost like a Second Life for trade shows, only without the avatars and full 3-D world. Customers can create customizable digital convention floors where attendees can log in, visit […] Read more »

The upcoming Olympics are bringing out the competitive streak in NBC. Though the network will make more than 2,200 hours of live competition available online, according to the AP, events scheduled to be on TV won’t be shown on the web until after they’ve been televised. […] Read more »

EMI Sues VideoEgg; music label suing over copyright infringement as part of a larger suit against the social network Hi5, which had received video services from VideoEgg in the past. (TechCrunch) Car Shoppers Turning to Online Video; almost half of in-market car shoppers and roughly a […] Read more »

The ZvBox is one of the many contenders looking to bring Internet content to your TV set. It basically turns your oldteevee into a remote desktop that lets you watch anything from PC on your TV (see our previous coverage). But instead of just reading about […] Read more »

PopTok wants to expand your IM and email communication beyond “:)”s and “LOLs” with snippets from popular movies, TV shows and music. The service, which goes into private beta today, has licensed content from major studios and chopped it up into little tiny 2 – 5 […] Read more »

The Will Smith super-hero actioner Hancock hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but Sony already has big plans for the movie’s debut in your home. The company announced a new service that will deliver movies like Hancock directly to Internet-connected TV sets without the need for a […] Read more »

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Dropping out of college to launch your own company? Yawn. The real startup action is in the halls of your local high school. Case in point: Daniel Brusilovsky, the 15-year-old founder and CEO (yes, the CEO) of Brusilovsky was easy to spot at our recent […] Read more »

Weeds Star to do Web Series; Romany Malco (“Conrad”) to release a new show on YouTube based on a character he’s developing called Tijuana Jackson. (New York Magazine) Two-Thirds of College Kids Watch Online Video; at the same time, rates of TV ownership dropped to 79 […] Read more »

The last remaining vestiges of dot-com survivor AtomFilms have been swept away as the site has officially been renamed, gone all comedy and gotten a new look. The content is still a mix of pro content (developed or licensed by Atom) and user-generated content — […] Read more »

ActiveVideo Networks (formerly ICTV), is branching out beyond set-top boxes to enable professional web and social media content on almost any Internet-connected device. The company made a name for itself building interactive TV applications that would work on just about any existing set-top box provided by […] Read more »

NBC to Release Show-Specific Streaming Stats through Nielsen; Peacock will become the first broadcast network to offer such data; first stats to be released in July. (AdWeek) Hitwise: YouTube, PBS Up; new numbers show that YouTube has 75 percent of the online video visits, though visits […] Read more »

People will spend as much time consuming video-based entertainment as they do sleeping by 2013, according to a new study (PDF) from Solutions Research Group. But, the bells continue to toll for oldteevee as its share of that time will shrink. SRG reports that currently American […] Read more »

Vint Cerf on Online Video; demand will mean downloading, not streaming. (Beet.TV) Programmers and Tech Vendors Push Higher Quality Video; broadband video evolving, debate over HD definition continues. (Broadcasting & Cable) Youku Raised $10 Million in Debt; Chinese video site’s previously unreported financing came from Wester […] Read more »

We told you about the Fred web phenomenon last week. Now’s your chance to meet the man, err, boy behind the high-pitched YouTube domination. “Fred” is actually 14-year old Lucas Cruikshank, and while age ain’t nuthin’ but a number, these other stats might impress you: According […] Read more »

Raise your hand if you want to use a Wii-like, gesture-driven remote to control your content. Now lower your hand. Now move it side to side. Like Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel-san, you have the basics of Hillcrest Labs‘ concept remote. Instead of standard up, down, left, […] Read more »

RedAntenna Launches Media-Selling Service; company lets content owners sell their wares at whatever price they like. (release) Animoto Targets Business Customers; subscription service gives companies unlimited access to create videos from their own photos and music; Getty Images is on board with it as well. (release) […] Read more »

Peer-to-peer (P2P) applications are hogging up most of the bandwidth used on networks operated by North American ISPs, so says a new study from Sandvine. According to Multichannel News, Sandvine claims that for the month of May, P2P file sharing generated 43.5 percent of Internet traffic; […] Read more »

Pop singer Avril Lavigne’s army of fans are amassing online with one goal in mind…take down Judson Laipply and his Evolution of Dance as the most-watched YouTube video of all time. Wait, Avril Lavigne is the second most-watched video ever on YouTube? As of today, Evolution […] Read more »

Wimbledon starts today, and you can catch all the action online through the magic of livestreaming. Well, you can catch it if you run a Windows machine and if you want to pay $24.99 (though we have some free passes — keep reading). But will this […] Read more »

CDNetworks Partners with Nirvanix; two companies will provide unified cloud storage and content delivery. (Businesswire) MoGreet Raises $2.5 Million; mobile video messaging service gets second round from sole investor Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which previously provided $1.2 million. (VentureBeat) Personal Democracy Forum Vidcasting; catch live interviews with […] Read more »

Oldteevee just got a little more like newteevee as cable network TNT announced Blank Slate, a new “microseries” that will debut in September. Variety reports that the 80-minute crime thriller will be chopped up into twenty, four-minute minisodes that will air during primetime. Blank Slate is […] Read more »

Video will become so ubiquitous and pervasive in five years that it will be almost difficult to avoid, according to a recent study from Forrester. In the report “How Video Will Take Over the World,” James L. McQuivey lays out an “OmniVideo” scenario that doesn’t seem […] Read more »

UPDATE: YouTube contacted us with new information to further clarify this post. Evidently, YouTube initially had a sponsor lined up for The Screening Room, but at the last minute, that deal fell through. Instead of abandoning the project, YouTube made good with the filmmakers and paid […] Read more »

For all those times when smooching a Slave Princess Leia action figure just doesn’t cut it, Sega is rolling out a line of 15-inch robot girlfriends that will kiss on command. The Eternal Maiden Actualization (EMA) will enter into “love mode” and plant one on your […] Read more »

Cable to Telcos: You 2 Can Use tru2way; CableLabs CEO invites telco rivals to hop on-board his java platform. Good luck with that. (Multichannel News) Kaltura Gets Second Round; .406 ventures leads round that is “significantly larger” than the previous $2.1 million raised. (CNET) History of […] Read more », a leading Chinese online video site, has been offline since June 3rd, and though the official explanation is server upgrades, it’s widely believed the site ran into trouble with government regulators. was among a group of top Chinese video sites that were recently denied […] Read more »

Sometimes I just feel so…out of touch. Who is “Fred” and why is he so freaking huge on YouTube? Seriously. He has four of the site’s top 20 videos this month, attracting a total of more than 12.7 million plays. Of the 16 videos he’s posted, […] Read more »

Netflix Dropping Profiles; no more multiple queues under one account starting Sept. 1, 2008. Reason given? “…this change will help us to continue to improve the Netflix website for all our customers.” (Netflix) Sohu Signs Deal to Webcast Olympic Games; deal with China Central Television assumed […] Read more »

You want to see something scary? SpookyDan of horror movie news site Bloody-Disgusting does. While comedy one-offs get all the attention, horror is an up-and-coming genre with the likes of Buried Alive, Bloodcell and the work of FEWDIO all trying to scare the bits out of […] Read more »

YouTube, which turned the bite-sized clips of dogs skateboarding into a mainstay of popular culture, is taking steps towards offering longer-form content. Silicon Alley Insider points out a memo YouTube sent to its content partners last week in which it says that long-form content will be […] Read more »

Kaltura Launches Video Extension for MediaWiki Sites; open-source tool lets users upload, manage and remix audio and video on sites using MediaWiki software. (emailed release) Talpa Media Wants Your Reality TV Pitches; producer of Big Brother launches, where users can submit their ideas for a […] Read more »

Microsoft has bought TV ad targeting company Navic in a move to build out an ad platform that extends across all media. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Navic creates interactive TV ads and, through its Admira network, works with cable companies to deliver ads […] Read more »

Set-top boxes have been poppin’ up all over the place this past year. You can’t swing a dead LOLcat without hitting some newfangled device being built or upgraded to bridge oldteevee with the newteevee. To help you keep up with the growing number of options, we […] Read more »

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