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Math classes may have bored you in high school, but math concepts are increasingly important for today’s entrepreneur. Prof. Steven Strogatz talks on the podcast with us about what math business leaders need to know in an increasingly data-driven world. Read more »


Working with your friends isn’t always easy, but Satish Dharmaraj and Scott Dietzen have found a way to do it for the past 15 years. Part of their secret, they say, is checking their egos at the door and taking a hollistic approach to the business. Read more »


There’s a crisis in science, technology, engineering and math education in the U.S.. Elizabeth Babcock of the California Academy of Science explains why we need to act now to remain competitive and how entrepreneurs from the Valley and beyond can pitch in to help. Read more »


Mat Honan’s “epic hacking” isn’t just a cautionary tale for everyday folks, it’s a good lesson for startup founders as well. In this video interview, OpenDNS CEO, David Ulevitch explains why good security practices need to be baked into the company from the beginning. Read more »

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