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Kaltura Partners with PLYmedia; white-label video provider and ad platform combiming technologies to allow interactive layers of information on top of videos. (release) FCC Says Cable Rates Up 122 Percent Since 1995; results of commission’s study looked at basic and expanded basic packages, also finds prices […] Read more »

The Twitter-verse worships an American Idol, as the popular singing contest/parade of trainwrecks returning to oldteevee dominated the micro-blogging service for the first part of the week ending January 20, according to Trendrr. However, when you take out Idol skewing the graph, you see that CSI, […] Read more »

There are dark days ahead for the studio behind The Dark Knight. Warner Bros. announced today that it would be cutting 800 jobs or 10 percent of its worldwide staff. Despite a boffo box office last year, the studio is blaming the global economic downturn for […] Read more »

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Whether you enjoyed President Barack Obama’s inauguration on newteevee or oldteevee, it was an historic moment for our country. But just because the moment has passed doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Here’s a breakdown of where you can watch the inauguration online and on-demand. […] Read more »

News Corp.’s News Limited Picks thePlatform; the Australian subsidiary will use the white-label video provider across 50 different digital media properties, including and (emailed release) Partners With EyeWonder; two are teaming up to allow advertisers to create one ad that can run on […] Read more »

White label video provider Fliqz has raised $6 million in a Series C round of funding led by Triangle Peak Partners and joined by existing investor Mohr Davidow Ventures. According to Fliqz CEO Benjamin Wayne, this brings the total amount of funding the company has received […] Read more »

Change has come… to YouTube, which started rolling out the option of downloading certain videos instead of just streaming them. Google’s Lawrence Lessig broke the news on his blog over the weekend. By all accounts, it seems as though the downloads are limited to videos from […] Read more »

Video Now an Important Reference Tool; Google-shmoogle, YouTube is an important source of information for a new generation of infoseekers. (The New York Times) Pope Getting His Own YouTube Channel; will feature text and videos of the pontiff’s speeches as well as news. (The Associated Press) […] Read more »

One of the big questions we’ve had about set-top box startup Sezmi was how much the service was going to cost. We’ve known the company wants to partner up and distribute its box through ISP partnerships, but Sezmi has always kept mum on pricing (which made […] Read more »

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A battle that will only intensify this year is one currently raging on the video player front, as Microsoft’s Silverlight tries to take down Adobe’s Flash. Silverlight got an Obama boost today as the Presidential Inauguration Committee selected it as the video technology to stream the […] Read more »

Nielsen today sent us its streaming video stats for December. There was nothing that immediately jumped out from the data, but if you dig a little, there’s a month-to-month increase in the number of streams being delivered while the number of unique viewers fell. Nielsen didn’t […] Read more »

Rockefeller Proposes 3-Month DTV Delay; Democratic senator of West Virginia has introduced legislation that proposes pushing the transition date back to June 12 (The New York Times). Meanwhile, the FCC votes to implement the “analog nightlight” bill, which allows broadcasters to keep analog broadcasts up for […] Read more »

I’m old. I accept that. And being old means there are some things that I just don’t understand. Like why anyone would want to watch the lead singer from All-American Rejects (I hear they play that “rock and roll” music) sitting in an airport, mumbling into […] Read more »

Heroes lost some of its power on Trendrr‘s list of the top Twittered broadcast TV shows for the week ending Jan. 13, down from the 2,000 tweets a day it was getting before the new year. Gossip Girl got some of its social mojo back to […] Read more »

Wikipedia Ramps Up for Video; expecting a crush of video uploads in the coming years, the sum of all human knowledge boosts its storage to 48 terabytes. (Network World) IPTV to Grow 32 Percent Annually Over the Next Six Years; cable and satellite growth rates will […] Read more »

YouTube Mutes Infringing Music; instead of yanking the entire clip, just the infringing soundtrack is removed, resulting in a silent video. (Mashable) Jaman Expands into Europe; online movie service also hires former MySpace Exec David Fisher to head up localized UK site. (emailed release) Kwiry Lets […] Read more »

Israeli Defense Force Using YouTube; the military is uploading videos to explain, in English and Arabic, their operations. (Variety) First Video Shot with G1 Phone…Sucks; garbled, “colored mess” is because the G1’s firmware has big problem with video codecs. (VentureBeat) Sanctuary Ends First Season on a […] Read more »

The Supreme Court decided yesterday that it was not going to hear the case of Cablevision vs. the Hollywood networks and studios over remote storage DVRs. Instead, the high court asked the Justice Department to weigh in on whether Cablevision’s proposed centralized video recording service would […] Read more »

It’s Always Sunny in Hulu-delphia…until it isn’t. The beloved video portal recently yanked virtually the entire three seasons of the FX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from its service, prompting users to bomb Twitter with negative feedback. To its credit, Hulu ‘fessed up and said […] Read more »

Last week, President-elect Obama suggested that the country push back the upcoming nationwide switch to digital TV (DTV) on Feb. 17. After bailing out banks, Wall Street and the automotive industry, would such a move just be bailing out procrastinators? Nielsen reported in December that 7.8 […] Read more »

Move over Judson Laipply and Tay Zonday, there’s a new crop of YouTube stars gunning for you. Their name? The United States Congress. In conjunction with the 111th session of Congress kicking off today, YouTube is launching channels for the Senate and the House of Representatives. […] Read more »

Fox Interactive Media Shutters Flektor; online video editing and slideshow company closed down along with SpringWidgets. (paidContent) Opponents Pipe Up About Possible DTV Delay; FCC Chair Kevin Martin urges the incoming Obama administration to not push back the transition because it would create more confusion (DSL […] Read more »

No longer the passive box that just displays moving pictures, television just got a whole lot more interesting at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Three big stories that emerged from CES will change how you control your TV, where you get your […] Read more »

Tay Zonday, an elder of the viral video set, has once again capitalized on his “Chocolate Rain” fame, this time for TurboTax. His new original song “Freeloader Nation” hit YouTube (in HD, no less!) earlier this week, and I guess it’s supposed to get you excited […] Read more »

DECE Adds Six New Members; Panasonic, Samsung, MOD Systems among those joining the digital copyright consortium, but the group still lacks Apple’s participation. (VentureBeat) Has Streamed More Than Half Billion Episodes; Anne Sweeney, co-chair, Disney Media Networks, and president, Disney-ABC Television Group says ABC and […] Read more »

There was so much NewTeeVee-related news coming out of CES yesterday that this item slipped under the radar. Mobile TV got a potentially big boost this week as the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) announced that a first wave of broadcasters has committed to launching mobile […] Read more »

UPDATED After we posted a story about a possible delay in the DTV transition earlier today, President-elect Obama’s transition team asked Congress to push back the DTV switch date. More on that and a statement from Rep. Markey at the end of the original post. With […] Read more »

We didn’t hit CES this year (we let the jkOnTheRun guys have all the fun), but thanks to magic of this wonderous thing called the Internet, all the NewTeeVee-related news we need to know is just a click away (and bursting our inboxes). Here are some […] Read more »

Boxee announced today from CES that it has added Joost and the BBC iPlayer to the litany of video services that run on its open source media center. The company also announced that it is opening up its alpha to all Mac, Ubuntu and Apple TV […] Read more »

Fighting over the remote could get a lot more brutal in the years to come. At CES today, Hitachi is showing off its gesture-based television. That’s right, you use your hands — no remote required. But will this tech — essentially cameras installed in TV that […] Read more »

Netflix today announced that its streaming service will be coming to Vizio HD TV sets, allowing consumers to watch Netflix content without the need for an external set-top box. This latest partnership comes on the heels of a similar announcement Netflix made earlier this week with […] Read more »

Netgear announced its new Internet TV Player, the ITV2000, set-top box at CES today. Based on Verismo‘s VuNow, the compact box lets users watch live Internet television programming from around the world, check out web video and access premium content. From the press release: “[F]or the […] Read more »

TiVo Search Goes Hi-Def; set-top box rolls out new widescreen search functionality, which includes a graphical content discovery bar. (Zatz Not Funny!) Spout Hooks Up with MeDeploy; partnership will allow independent filmmakers to distribute their films via Spout. (Spout Blog) Video Becoming More Social; services like […] Read more »

After a holiday break, the StatShot is back, bringing you interesting numbers from around the NewTeeVee-verse. Trendrr‘s graph of the top Twittered TV shows for the week of Dec. 30 – Jan. 6 shows remained largely the same — but for the first time since we’ve […] Read more »

DTV Coupon Program Out of Money; government program offering $40 toward digital converter box out of money weeks earlier than anticipated. (TVWeek) Sling Shows Off iPhone App, Mac Capabilities; SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone will let users watch TV and control their home DVR, SlingPlayer for Mac […] Read more »

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