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Vudu has announced its second deal in as many days to embed its movie service directly into TVs, eliminating the need to purchase a Vudu set-top box. Today’s news that Mitsubishi has started shipping Diamond Unisen models with Vudu’s movie service baked in follows yesterday’s announcement […] Read more »

YouTube is in talks with Hollywood studios about renting movies through the video-sharing site, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s sources. From the Journal: Now YouTube is talking to Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., Sony Corp. and Warner Bros. about integrating newer titles into the existing YouTube […] Read more »

It’s probably not too much of a surprise that HDTVs were the fastest growing technology in 2008, with roughly 10 million new households adding a high-definition set last year, according to new research from Forrester. Over the next five years, Forrester predicts that nearly 39 million […] Read more »

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Sony Makes Big Bet on 3D; TVs, laptops, PS3s and Blu-ray to get all third-dimension-y starting by the end of 2010. (Financial Times) Faculte Raises $2.8 Million; online video presentation startup gets its first round from Calumet Venture Fund and angel investors. (paidContent) Vudu Lands on […] Read more »

Video codec company DivX announced today that it has acquired web-video-to-the-TV platform company AnySource Media. DivX will pay $7.5 million in cash at closing and up to another $7.5 million over the next three years if certain technical, revenue and distribution milestones are met. AnySource developed […] Read more »

NetfliXbox Went Down Last Night; (another) technical snafu for the streaming service, company offers a 3 percent credit to the next billing statement. (emailed apology) California Fire Videos on YouTube; scenes from the blaze can be found in the site’s CitizenTube section. (YouTube) The FCC says […] Read more »

SpotMixer announced today that its do-it-yourself video ad creation service will be integrated within Google AdWords In-Stream Video Ads. The partnership allows Google AdWords users to create in-stream video ads that can be placed within video on the Google Content Network or YouTube. SpotMixer’s technology automatically […] Read more »

Shhh! Don’t tell Liz, but a good chunk of my morning has been spent watching the U.S. Open online. The good news is that it’s actually quite cool. The interface is easy to use and gives you the ability to preview (with li’l video thumbnails!) and […] Read more »

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NBC Universal Goes to the Gas Pump; signs deal with Gas Station TV to put its local and national programming on TV screens at up to 1,000 gas stations. (Multichannel News) Court Tosses Cable Subscriber Cap; Comcast and its ilk now have the green light to […] Read more »

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, now does whatever Disney says he can. Disney announced today that it is acquiring superhero factory Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in cash and stock. The move gives the mouse house ownership of more than 5,000 Marvel characters including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Batroc […] Read more »

FOX will be adding a social media spin to repeats of Glee and Fringe, integrating Twitter alongside the shows. These so-called tweet-peats will feature Twitter messages from show cast members and from viewers watching at home. During the episodes, audiences can follow the tweets from […] Read more »

Liz and I are packing our laptop bags and heading to the Pacific Northwest next month for some meetings, but thought we’d have a little fun in the su-uhhh, well, it’s Seattle, so “sun” isn’t guaranteed. Regardless, we want you to save the evening of Monday, […] Read more » Gets Money, Changes Name to Vidly; video add-on for Twitter avoids competitor confusion with the name change and gets a $500,000 angel round. (TechCrunch) A&E Television to Buy Lifetime; financial terms not disclosed, Lifetime will be a subsidiary of A&E and branding will remain separate. […] Read more »

When web series first started coming up, “super-syndication” was a big buzzword. Since video hosting sites were free, the idea was that creators should take a shotgun approach and blast their content out to every site possible. But is that still the smartest strategy? CEO […] Read more »

As we expected, July was a mega-month for online video. According to comScore’s latest numbers, 158 million U.S. Internet users watched more than 21 billion videos last month, both of which were all-time highs for the online video world. Online video is prone to breaking its […] Read more »

Microsoft Cuts Xbox 360 Price; starting tomorrow, the Elite model is $100 cheaper at $299.99 and the Pro is $50 cheaper at $249.99. (The Wall Street Journal) Bambuser Launches its Live Video App for Android; will support all currently available Android phones running 1.5 and will […] Read more »

No one escapes TV Everywhere! It’s an unstoppable force that, like Star Trek‘s The Borg, is assimilating every corner of the cable, satellite and telco world. Verizon and Time Warner Cable are the latest to jump onboard the authentication bandwagon and announced their plans today. Verizon […] Read more »

We’ve followed the travails of Nina Paley, whose beautiful, animated film, Sita Sings the Blues, was hamstrung by sticky copyright restrictions (more here). But Paley persevered and during a recent talk at the Workbook Project’s DIY DAYS in Philadelphia, she did what so many other web […] Read more »

TiVo has filed lawsuits against AT&T and Verizon over DVR patent infringements. From TiVo’s earnings press release: Additionally, today we filed complaints in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas against AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. for infringement of three TiVo patents, including […] Read more »

Kiosks to Make up 30 Percent of DVD Rentals Within the Next Year; that’s up from 19 percent this year; in the first half of ’09, video rental stores made up 45 percent or the rental market and subscription services accounted for 36 percent. (NPD Group) […] Read more »

DivX announced today that for the first time in the U.S., major Hollywood movies will be available for download in the DivX format. Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Sony Pictures and Paramount have all signed on to have both catalog and new release titles sold through through a […] Read more »

Arti-Media is starting to bring its ad insertion technology to the U.S. in earnest, but will the company be able to differentiate its “unobtrusive” overlay ad placement service from the other competitors already here? If Arti-Media’s mission sounds familiar, it should. Keystream has been working here […] Read more » 2.0 Launches; revamped site aiming to become a “web video DVR” lets users subscribe to video via RSS feeds. (VideoNuze) Guiding Light Actress Taking Her Lesbian Character to the Web; Since the soap is going off the air, Crystal Chappell taking the “Otalia” duo to […] Read more »

Last week my cable went out. Most of my channels simply had the on-screen message “One Moment Please.” I called Comcast, navigated menus of phone tree options, and waited for a service rep. And waited. And waited. When the rep finally came on, they remotely reset […] Read more »

It looks like Amazon is discontinuing the “Your Video Widget” option from its Associates program. As we wrote last year, Amazon’s Video Widget allowed users to upload video to Amazon and place product ads of their choosing overlaid on top of the video. Think of it […] Read more »

Global Gaming Factory X Chairman Resigns; Magnus Bergman submitted resignation on Friday, follows the departure of other board member Johan Sällström and adviser Wayne Rosso, and comes after trading of GGFX’s stock was halted. (The Local) James Cameron to Promote Panasonic 3D TVs; trailer vans to […] Read more »

Quentin Tarantino’s violent Nazi revenge fantasy Inglorious Basterds topped the box office this weekend, pulling in more than $37 million domestically, thanks in part to Twitter. Or so proposes the Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Business Blog, which speculates that after a $14 million opening on Friday, the […] Read more »

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about the value of movies. Studios are duking it out with Redbox over its $1-per-night movie rentals, and now Amazon and Apple’s iTunes appear to be locked in a price battle over digital downloads. Video Business notes how both […] Read more »

Trading of Stock in Pirate Bay Bidder Halted; regulators question whether Global Gaming X has the money to complete the transaction; CEO of Peerialism, which was also to be acquired by GGX, says it has not received any money from the company. (CNET) How YouTube’s Content […] Read more »

Obviously Apple is not oblivious to the fact that television as we know it is undergoing a dramatic shift — but as the Apple TV set-top box just languishes with no apparent direction, we wonder what exactly is the company’s living room strategy is. Piper Jaffray […] Read more »

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking that Netflix invented the rent-movies-by-mail business. But Hacking Netflix has unearthed a gem about a company called Video Mailbox that offered rent-by-mail — on VHS, no less — way back in 1987, long before little red envelopes clogged up […] Read more »

YouTube is taking a page from Netflix, looking to recommendations as a way to squeeze a few more video views (with ads) out of its massive audience. Only this time around, the recommendations YouTube wants to make are of a more unexpected variety. The Wall Street […] Read more »

Chinese video site launched an initiative yesterday that allows video uploaders to charge viewers for access to content. The site set up where people can upload and set their own prices. will take a 10 percent cut of sales, with the remaining 90 […] Read more »

FOX Tries to Find “Gleeks;” network rolls out a sweepstakes that awards people for pushing the show on social networks. (Did no one at FOX know that “Gleeking” is spitting, though?) (The Wrap) iTunes Error Releases Mad Men Episode Early; “My Old Kentucky Home” was supposed […] Read more »

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