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In the world of DVRs, the TiVo is easily the most important and capable device around. With a slew of options that allow you to find shows with ease and a user interface that is second to none, the product is a world-class entrant into the […] Read more »

Even though Warner has decided to take Blu-ray’s side in the high-def format war, HD DVD has been able to hold on by a thread as retailers and rental chains like Netflix allowed customers to continue ordering Toshiba’s ill-fated media. But in the final deathblow to […] Read more »

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After finally admitting that the company did a poor job with the Apple TV, Steve Jobs in his Macworld keynote today unveiled a totally new interface with loads of functionality that should be enough for any Apple zealot to jump for joy. Of course, what Jobs […] Read more »

If you’re not into the second-by-second minutia of CES, it can be hard to take a low-key approach to the tech industry’s yearly kickoff. There’s just too much news, too much hype, too many “revolutionary” gadgets and services that you’ll never hear about ever again. But […] Read more »

With the Consumer Electronics Show fast approaching, most sites are telling you about the coverage you can expect or what sort of products have already been confirmed. I thought I would tell you what I’m looking to get out of CES this year as it pertains […] Read more »

After four years in existence, MovieBeam has entered the pantheon of services that should never have been offered, but were nonetheless, and failed almost immediately. The service was shut down for good this week; all that’s left is information on the Chapter 11 filing of its […] Read more »

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Over the past few months, a variety of reports have speculated about the future of the Apple TV. Some have flat-out asked if the device “will die,” and although I can’t be sure of that answer, I still like to believe that Apple wants to make […] Read more »

Starting early next year, PS3 owners with Internet access in Japan will reportedly be able to download a host of HD offerings directly onto their PS3 hard drives (see our previous coverage). So now that both Sony and Microsoft are trying to provide video services to […] Read more »

Although the adoption of CableCARD tuners has been relatively slow, Dell hopes it can jump-start sales by including CableCARD-enabled digital cable tuners across its high-end PC lineup. So far, the company has yet to announce all of the computers on which the tuners will be installed, […] Read more »

With the official start of the holiday shopping season almost a week old, I thought it was time to find some of those products that you may have on your Christmas list and tell you why you should wait until after the holidays before you cross […] Read more »

In a move that should help create a more streamlined process of watching video in your home (and maybe even reduce your cable bill), TiVo and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) have unveiled an external adapter that will connect to your TiVo and allow […] Read more »

If you’re unwilling to pony up the kind of cash it takes to buy an HDTV and maintain a monthly satellite or cable subscription, but you still want to view HD content, you’re in luck — especially if you already spend much of your time in […] Read more »

With Microsoft’s announcement of the Windows Home Server launch yesterday, the propaganda machines on both sides of the aisle are heating up. On one end, people are claiming that Windows Home Server will soon prove to be the one product that will finally revolutionize the way […] Read more »

Pinnacle, a company best known for its PCTV line of tuners that allow you to bring television to your PC, has announced a new set of TV tuner devices that may make it easier for you to watch your favorite shows on your computer. The first […] Read more »

As an Apple TV owner, I typically find little reason to use different solutions to take media from my computer and view it on my television. That said, there are a number of products out there that may be able to give you what you want, […] Read more »

Renting movies is big business. Long the domain of the brick-and-mortar video store, it was revolutionized almost 10 years ago with the introduction of Netflix (NFLX). But while Netflix remains locked in its ongoing turf war with Blockbuster (BBI), newcomer Vudu has arrived on the scene […] Read more »

In a development that could have serious implications for your future iPod, IBM (IBM) has announced a possible breakthrough in the ability to store large amounts of data in a minute amount of space. Scientists from IBM have shown that a single atom can maintain its […] Read more »

As a Time Warner Cable (TWC) customer, I commonly find myself looking for more. Whether it’s programming or hard drive space on my DVR, I just want more. Well, luckily for me (and others like me), Western Digital (WDC) has a fine solution for addressing my […] Read more »

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