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VLC Developer Rémi Denis-Courmont recently sent Apple “a formal notice of copyright infringement” concerning the VLC Media Player iOS application. The app’s distribution in the App Store is in violation of the terms and conditions of its General Public License, and it may be pulled soon. Read more »


I’ll admit to having been pretty flighty about my choice of browsers in the past. Camino one month, Safari the next, Chrome the week after. Now that I’ve decided to settle down and stick with Safari, I wanted to make the most of it. Read more »


Distractions are rotting your brain. Recently, research has revealed a lot about the long-term effects of distractions and digital multitasking. An inability to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information, poor performance and stress; this is your brain on the Internet. Your Mac can help, though. Read more »


The iPhone has a great little camera, but it’s got serious limitations. Accurately capturing a scene with a wide range of light is nearly impossible…unless, of course, you resort to HDR. It’s a really simple process that anyone with an iPhone can pull off. Read more »


At a cost of $29, which includes six reusable AA batteries, this little white charger offers you the chance to power all of your wireless desktop accessories with a clean conscience knowleding you’re doing your part to help the environment. Read more »

In line with the wide-ranging speculation taking place on the Internet yesterday, Apple this morning made a number of updates to its store, including the introduction of a brand-new magical product, the Magic Trackpad, a multitouch trackpad for your Mac. Read more »

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While we’re patiently waiting for our friends over at the iPhone Dev-Team to finish up the new jailbreak for iPhone 4, I thought It might be fun to have a look at some of the cool apps available for those willing to crack open their magical devices. Read more »


Apple released the much anticipated iOS 4.0.1. iPhone users have been eagerly awaiting the update ever since Apple revealed there was a problem with strength of cellular signals from ATT incorrectly displaying more bars than appropriate. Read more »


If you’ve never heard of Huffduffer before, you’re in for a treat. If maybe you’ve played around with it before but never quite grokked it, this may help shift your thinking a bit. Huffduffer helps you publish an RSS feed of audio files you find online Read more »


Want to find text within the current page, send the current page to services like Pinboard or Tumblr, search the current domain with Google, load Firebug lite to peek at a sites markup, shorten an URL with Bitly, or do anything else you can imagine? Quix is the answer. Read more »


At the moment I’ve got 1,303 items in the trash bin in my OS X Dock — not that much compared to the usual pile that accumulates there when my normal maintenance has me only cleaning it out once every couple of months. Usually, it’s not […] Read more »


Have you ever noticed that little dark circle that appears within the close button of a document window in OS X when you have unsaved changes? Yeah, me neither. After years of diligent Mac use, this subtle little element somehow escaped me until now. I guess […] Read more »


I’m cuckoo for Chrome. It’s super fast, it’s Webkit, it’s got some nice developer tool options that aren’t available in Safari and it’s combo Search Box/Address Box is so intuitive it’s completely ruined me for any other browsers that still split up those two elements. The […] Read more »


Chances are if you do any kind of front-end web development on a Mac you’ve heard about CSSEdit, a very popular tool for editing .css files in OS X. I use CSSEdit pretty much all day long at my day job and while I absolutely love […] Read more »

I’ve been playing around with Google Quick Search Box lately and am especially enjoying this services plugin from Martin Kuhl which lets you activate and pass input to OS X services right from within QSB. One snag though has been that services created through the new […] Read more »

I was changing something in System Preferences on a friend’s Mac a while back and stopped for a second to consider the “Other” section and the lonely little Logitech Controller that was in there all by itself. Not many applications install to the “Other” section of […] Read more »

Like a lot of folks out there, I run dual monitors on my Mac. In my home office where there’s no TV, it’s nice to occasionally dedicate one of the screens to playing movies while I continue working away on the other. There’s an inherent problem […] Read more »

Have you ever wanted to copy or convert your personal collection of DVDs for backup or easy viewing on your Apple TV, only to be thwarted by CSS encryption? I feel your pain, and so do the good folks at Metakine. Lucky for us, Fairmount is […] Read more »

The great thing about Twitter is that there are a million different ways to both access and contribute to the content being shared there. The bad thing about Twitter is that there are a million different ways to both access and contribute to the content being […] Read more »

So you’ve got a brand new iPhone 3G S and you want to know if you can use the AT&T tethering workaround everyone’s been talking about? Yes, yes you can. It’s all remarkably easy. It’s almost like Apple wants us to use this workaround — at […] Read more »

Would you like to be able to use the magic of Bluetooth to automatically pause iTunes, set your away message in Adium, and lock the screen simply by standing up and walking away from your desk? Of course you would — it’s future-tastic (jetpacks not included)! […] Read more »

Well, it looks like I’m next up to bat as another new writer here at TheAppleBlog. There are a couple things you should probably know about me before we get started. By day I’m just your average, everyday corporate IT drone — toiling away in a […] Read more »

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