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If you’re working remotely, finding ways to improve and streamline communications with your clients and team might seem like a never-ending chore, but with the right mix of tools, it’s possible to keep projects moving forward. Here are ten tools that will help improve your communication. Read more »

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Like it or not, these days, if you’re in public, you’d better be comfortable with anything you do being captured and possibly even posted online. I thought I’d provide some tips from the PR industry to help you feel better prepared for those impromptu publicity events. Read more »


Technology is rapidly changing and is quickly becoming a more social and integrated part of our lives. With ever-evolving devices, social networks, and online video capabilities, we’re increasingly moving toward an “always on” existence, which has implications for our privacy and our professional lives. Read more »


Being able to work online has its benefits, such as having the flexibility to work nontraditional hours with clients from countries around the world, but it’s also easy to get distracted. Fortunately, there are several tools available to help improve concentration and productivity. Read more »

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Most remote teams rely on several solutions to fulfill their collaboration needs: email, project management, database management and meetings, to name a few. HyperOffice offers distributed teams the benefit of all essential business tools in a single collaboration suite, as well as providing mobile capabilities. Read more »


If you’re just starting to consider the option of working remotely, whether through flexible work arrangements with your current employees or by hiring new team members who will work remotely from the start, you’ll want to establish some guidelines to keep your team productive and happy. Read more »


If you’re working remotely, keeping your team on the same page with company projects and goals can be challenging. I stumbled on GTDagenda recently, and I am impressed with its ability to deliver as promised and actually help with getting things done. Read more »


I had the chance to speak with Chris Ducker of Virtual Business Lifestyle about what it takes to become a virtual CEO, and how he transitioned to the role in just twelve months. Becoming a virtual CEO, he says, starts with passion and a plan. Read more »

Alex Edelstein, Sharon Chiarella, Doron Reuveni, Maynard Webb at Net:Work 2010

At Net:Work, executives from CloudCrowd, Amazon Mechanical Turk, uTest, and LiveOps discussed the flexibility involved in crowdsourced work — both for the companies, which can expand the workforce to meet increased demand, and for individuals, who have greater choice in how and where they work. Read more »


As things get busier and busier, it’s important to work on what counts within your business. If we’re smart, we do this early on, even before things get busy, but if you’re like me, you prefer learning things the hard way. Read more »

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