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Facebook’s rise has come on the back of astonishing international growth — but it needs to keep expanding everywhere, and in every way, to keep up with investors’ expectations. Where can it find the silver bullet? And how will it happen? Read more »


Farmeron isn’t your typical software-as-a-service business — it’s based in a small town in Croatia, and its customers are dairy farmers, not tech-savvy startups. Still, founder Matija Kopic’s just raised another $1.4 million to help take its big data services to farms around the world. Read more »

sean phelan

London’s increasingly competitive taxi app space has a new player launching officially on Thursday: Ubicabs, which wants to grab a slice of the British capital’s lucrative transport market. Investor Sean Phelan explains why he thinks it can succeed. Read more »

European Union

With the summer approaching, Europe is a busy place with lots of events to enjoy. Here’s our pick of three this week that you may find interesting or useful. Read more »

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