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Dmitry Grishin, CEO Dmitry Grishin isn’t happy being one of Russia’s most successful internet entrepreneurs: now he wants to help a new generation of robotics companies, and is launching a fund with $25 million of his own money to try and kickstart a more ambitious future. Read more »

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Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds, inventor of the Linux kernel and one of the leading lights of open source software, will share Finland’s prestigious Grand Millennium Technology Prize with a Japanese scientist, after the jury took the unprecedented move to split the $1.5m award between the two finalists. Read more »


Berlin startup Readmill’s iPad-based social reading app has got plenty of attention. Now it’s getting a significant update that will make it simpler and easier to use for everyone — including making it more useful for independent publishers to hook themselves in to. Read more »


The security breach that led to millions of passwords being compromised happened at least three months ago — and remained undetected, despite the fact that the company suspected in May that it had been targeted. Read more »

Football - Ireland fans going to watch Euro 2012, used under Creative Commons license courtesy of Flickr user Dullhunk

Football’s Euro 2012 tournament may be distracting plenty of people from their normal lives, but there are still plenty of events taking place across the continent for anyone interested in technology and the future. We pick three to watch out for. Read more »

o2 arena

With the London Olympics just around the corner, the event’s addiction to crass sponsorship and commercial exploitation just gets worse and worse. The latest victim? Mobile network O2, which has effectively been stripped of its sponsorship of The Millennium Dome for the duration of the event. Read more »

Andreas Bernstrom of Rebtel
photo: Rebtel

Mobile companies faced with rising data use are often choosing to block or limit innovative voice and messaging apps. But that won’t solve anything — and in the long term it’s only causing the industry damage, says Andreas Bernström, CEO of VoIP service Rebtel. Read more »

European Union

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee may mean that Britain is on an extended holiday, but there are plenty of events taking place across Europe this week for anyone who wants to know about startups, technology and the future. Here’s our pick of the best. Read more »


70 years ago Bletchley Park in England was home to a team of computer pioneers who were breaking Nazi ciphers to try and win the war. This weekend, it’s playing host to a different generation of geeks as Europe’s largest mobile hack day prepares to land. Read more »


A flurry of reports suggest Facebook is interested in buying Israeli image recognition startup But reports from Moscow suggest the rumor mill could be turning because Russian search engine Yandex wants to sell its stake in the firm to Mark Zuckerberg. Read more »

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