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Calendar Days Slipping Away

A sudden realization hit me last week. Every seven days I’d been writing a quick guide to the most interesting startup, digital media and technology events around Europe — but I wasn’t giving people enough time to actually organize going to the events! So I’ve decided […] Read more »

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neville chamberlain appeases Hitler

Reports that Eric Schmidt has offered to settle an antitrust investigation by the European Commission are everywhere. But the reality is that the details of Google’s proposals — and the regulator’s response — remain shrouded in mystery. Read more »

British judge's court gavel with flag
photo: Andrey Burmakin / Shutterstock

Under new proposals from the British media regulator Ofcom, internet providers will start sending warning letters to those accused of illegal filesharing in 18 months — and will be forced to handed people’s data over to copyright holders after three successive hits. Read more »

20th Century Fox logo

Bad news for Netflix’s international aspirations, as Amazon-owned rival Lovefilm announced a U.K. rights deal to show 20th Century Fox movies on its streaming service. But with antitrust authorities hovering over the movies-on-demand market, things are still up for grabs. Read more »

Alan Turing

One hundred years after he was born, the pioneering work of brilliant British polymath Alan Turing is as important as ever — so important, in fact, that his thinking about how computers work is still visible in every single line of code that gets written. Read more »


Payment startups hoping to conquer Europe will be watching their backs a little more closely today, with the news that the Samwer brothers have just pulled together “double digit funding” for their Square clone. PayLeven (previously known as Zenpay) is a straight-up copy of Square: a […] Read more »

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