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Tripbirds co-founder Ted Valentin, used under CC license courtesy of Eric Starck

After trying its hand as a pure-play social recommendations service, travel website Tripbirds has relaunched with a strong focus on hotel booking. But will its smart look and Facebook integration be enough to help it overcome the vast amount of competition and expertise out there? Read more »

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Angry man yelling in to mobile phone
photo: Shutterstock / Lisa F. Young

Ouch. France’s top mobile network, Orange, has been suffering from a bug that left a huge chunk of users unable to access their voicemail — just a few weeks after a software glitch rendered vast parts of the company’s network unusable. Read more »

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robin klein, index ventures

The VC behind big European exits like Skype, MySQL and Lovefilm has been arguing that London should play host to more IPOs. Now Robin Klein, one of its high profile partners, is spearheading the attack with an appeal to government, investors and startups themselves. Read more »


Britain’s severely delayed 4G auction came a step closer with confirmation that the bidding for mobile spectrum will finally open up. But with regulators suggesting it won’t happen until early next year, UK consumers won’t see any real LTE service until well into 2013. Read more »

Sound of Music + Nokia: How do you solve a problem like Nokia?

With billions in losses coming each quarter, it feels as if Nokia’s living on borrowed time. While many people expect Microsoft to step in and purchase the struggling Finnish handset giant, that may be unlikely. So here are five ways it might turn things around. Read more »

Scott Allison, used under Creative Commons courtesy of Joi Ito

It’s only been a few weeks since Microsoft’s $1.2bn deal to buy Yammer was confirmed, but already the company’s influence seems to be spreading: productivity startup Teamly has scored investment from one of Yammer’s early team members and developed a deeper integration with the service. Read more »

paul bragiel, i/o Ventures

Game-focused startup accelerator GameFounders has decided to knock back its deadline for applications by three days, in what the founders say is an attempt to accommodate a surge in submissions. Applicants will now have until Friday to apply for the Estonian-based program. Read more »

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