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David Cameron by World Economic Forum

British Prime Minister David Cameron is being criticized for his close links to Google ahead of the UK’s review of intellectual property laws. His ties are real — but may be just another case of British politicians being entranced by technology’s most powerful companies. Read more »

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Sarkozy by guillaume Paumier

Bad news for the French government as a weekend of Internet attacks culminates in the news that the country’s Ministry of Finance has been targeted by hackers looking to steal sensitive information — a reminder that the internet’s revolutionary power can often work against our interests. Read more »

Ben Holmes, Index Ventures

Index Ventures made its name as Europe’s most aggressive venture capital firm — backing Skype, Playfish and others. We caught up with partner Ben Holmes to find out whether the company is preparing for a bubble by opening its first office in the U.S. Read more »


With the number of cloud-based mobile services expected to explode in the next few years, Finnish stealth startup Blaast — which says it is working on the world’s first true cloud operating system for phones — has raised a substantial seed round from European investors. Read more »

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Much-vaunted European music service Spotify has been craving a move to the United States for a long time — but has been stuck in tough negotiations with American labels. But its plans could receive a huge boost if rumors of a $100m investment prove accurate. Read more »

Egyptian protests by Muhammed Ghafari

Egypt’s astonishing decision to shut down communications with the outside world — blocking the Internet for millions of people — might look like a wild reaction by an under-pressure government. But evidence suggests it’s a well-planned and meticulously worked attempt to suppress communication. Read more »

George Oates

There’s no denying that the Wayback Machine is an incredible resource. But the design was starting to show its age. I recently spoke with George Oates, who led a complete redesign of the site, on how she developed the simple design and more user-friendly navigation system. Read more »

Please maintain the cleansiness of the toilets

Updated. Google’s translation services have been called all sorts of things over the years, from “incredible” to “woeful” and — by one particularly disgruntled user — “a total disgrace.” But here’s one to add to that pile: “unique.” At least, the U.S. Patent Office thinks so — enough to […] Read more »

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