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Yandex Logo, from handout

Russia’s biggest search engine, Yandex, plans to cash in by going public on the Nasdaq — but its bid for the big time is being hit by concerns of political interference and revelations that it has handed private user data over to the Russian security services. Read more »

Mario Mario

Spanish shopkeeper Alejandro Fernandez is on trial amid accusations that he is aiding piracy by selling jailbreak cartridges for Nintendo devices. But he’s trying to fight back by leading a legal action against the Japanese games giant that accuses it of breaking European law. Read more »

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New laws to track and disconnect Britons accused of illegally downloading copyrighted files has been controversial, but after an attempt to get it overturned by the U.K.’s two largest Internet providers failed, it looks certain to be put into action. Read more »

Neelie Kroes

Europe’s long-awaited position on net neutrality is finally here — and it looks like business as usual, with telecom companies retaining the right to block or throttle traffic in return for making the life of consumers a little bit easier. Read more »

Cookie Monster

The possibility of Europe-wide restrictions on the tracking cookies used by online advertisers had some up in arms. But the threat has been dispelled — at least in Britain, where the government suggests that browsers rather than websites should offer users better ways to stay private. Read more »

Sarkozy by guillaume Paumier

Next month, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is convening a meeting of the world’s most powerful politicians and the leaders of the Internet’s most important companies. Together they’ll discuss the future of the online world. Should we be happy? Or is it cause for concern? Read more »

Empty bookstore shelves by FSSE8INFO

At the London Book Fair, publishers are getting their heads around how digital content is changing their business, but it still feels like a clash of civilizations: publishers talking about what the next big thing is, while Amazon and Google simply make the next big thing. Read more »

Knife by Mavadam on Flickr

Most Internet analysts suggest Myspace fell from grace because it crumbled in the face of stiff competition from Facebook. But a Reuters report suggests it may have been Google that dealt the fatal blow by accident as long ago as 2006. Read more »


Senior venture capitalists have said they are planning to dump slow-burning investments in biotech in favor of the faster returns offered by dotcom companies. But while changing focus may seem like a practical investment strategy could be a depressing — and ultimately dangerous — shift. Read more »

HeyZap for mobile

The trend to add Foursquare-like features has turned into a bandwagon. But is HeyZap’s new Android app, which lets you check in to mobile games, one idea that’s more than just a copycat? The company thinks the app discovery system is shifting, just like gaming. Read more »

Shopping basket by PSB on Flickr

Need proof that smartphones are conquering the globe? Look no farther than the U.K., where the Office for National Statistics has begun factoring smartphones and the apps that run on them into its consumer spending data, as well as another high-tech addition. Read more »

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