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Everyone’s been trying to understand whether the newly-launched Google+ can really challenge Facebook for the Web’s social crown. So what can you learn when take one of the crucial moments in anyone’s life and compare the social networking contenders head-to-head? I decided to find out. Read more »


Even after a string of revolting revelations, the closure of Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-plagued British tabloid, the News of the World, has come as a major surprise. But the social media bandwagon is already claiming — wrongly — that it should be seen as a victory for Twitter. Read more »

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Hillary Clinton, used under CC license by Flickr user Cobb Lucas

Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko is the latest dictator to try and quash unrest by banning social networking sites. But whether or not his fears are accurate, the truth is simple: many countries now think the success of the Internet is indistinguishable from America’s political ambitions. Read more »

Match strike flame used under CC license by Flickr user Laszlo Photo

To take on more established accelerator programs, British startup bootcamp The Difference Engine has changed its identity and stumped up a tantalizing reward: more than $150,000 in funding for the 10 startups who make the cut. Can it spur on a new generation of European innovation? Read more »

Microsoft Skype Ballmer

There’s been a storm over Skype’s private equity investors and their treatment of stock options, but is that storm a remnant of Silicon Valley’s cash-rich, founder-happy culture? Evidence from elsewhere would suggest that entrepreneurs just don’t know how good they’ve been getting it. Read more »

Tower Bridge, used under CC license from Flickr user slideshowbob

The surprise death of London’s much-loved Tower Bridge Twitter account over a trademark claim has upset its fans. But with the service facing increasing demands from litigious trademark owners and well-funded businesses, should we really expect Twitter to hold a higher standard? Read more »

Monthly active app users in Europe, courtesy of Flurry

New figures from analytics firm Flurry suggest that mobile users across Europe’s biggest markets are ravenously hungry for apps — and that even despite high smartphone adoption around the continent, there is still plenty of room for further growth in the coming years. Read more »


Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, has a huge hit on its hands — 200 million downloads and ambitious plans for toys, animated series and even a movie. But is the company really thinking about the future . . . or just trying to cash in while it can? Read more »

Herb Kim

In the run-up to Thinking Digital, one of Britain’s top technology conferences, the entrepreneur behind the event says it is time for local startups to stop thinking that innovation and success can only happen in Silicon Valley. Herb Kim explains how to go beyond basic boosterism. Read more »

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