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Stockholm-based iZettle — a company that is building a payments system not entirely unlike the much-heralded Square — is taking a big step forwards today by coming out of beta. The system, which consists of a plug-in device and app, goes live today, with approval from […] Read more »

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Britain’s broadband market used to be widely lauded for its combination of high speeds and low prices, something achieved through a mixture of strong competition and careful regulation. But as the gigabit revolution has taken hold elsewhere, the U.K. has been left trailing its counterparts in […] Read more »

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It already has a reputation as Europe’s top investor in startups, but now Index Ventures is adding more firepower with the announcement of a €500m new growth fund aimed at making big bets on rapidly-expanding companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Read more »

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Any seasoned fashionista knows that shopping is serious business, but that doesn’t explain why most retail sites are so boring. New service Fantasy Shopper wants to inject more fun into buying online by turning it into a social game. Can it succeed? Read more »


The relaunch of Delicious was meant to be a phoenix-like resurrection — but instead was welcomed by a chorus of complaints about missing or broken features. After two weeks of scrambling to appease angry users, the company is making some progress… but is it enough? Read more »

Explosion!: Lithium Battery Safety Still A Problem

One report says venture capital firms are investing more now than in recent years, but another says startups aren’t seeing enough money. So is the system healthy or sick? Perhaps it depends on where you think investors should be putting their cash — and why. Read more »


Raindance is Britain’s largest independent film festival, becoming an institution for cinephiles over the past 20 years. This year it’s decided to partner with a little-known film website run out of Poland. So what does Filmaster offer that others don’t? Read more »

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Some of Web 2.0’s brightest talents are returning with new projects, from revitalized bookmarking sites to fresh online games. But the challenges they face today are different than back in 2005, because the internet is radically changed — not least because of Facebook. Can they succeed? Read more »

Charlie McDonnell, Charlie is so cool like

Charlie McDonnell is just 20 years old, but he’s already earning a living as Britain’s most popular YouTube video blogger. What’s the secret of success? And what can the industry — video companies or broadcasters — learn from his experiences? Read more »

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