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What do Apple, Nike and Nintendo all have in common? In addition to leading their respective markets, they’re all turning to the fitness industry to grow revenues, some more than others. Talk about a “new vertical.” Nintendo, the most ambitious of the bunch, actually got its […] Read more »

It might look something like this., a phonetic portmanteau of glued and tube, is adding an editorial layer on top of the web’s billion-plus available videos; the idea being that editors know best when it comes to selecting the most desired user-submitted videos. Read more »

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Blockbuster posted its biggest loss in six quarters Wednesday amid waning store revenues and heavy investment in its online channel. “Our results were impacted by our investment in the growth of Blockbuster Total Access and by an extremely tough in-store rental market,” CEO John Antioco told […] Read more »

Sony unveiled a rather fugly PS3 camera yesterday coupled with a top-heavy noise-reducing microphone. The press release promises the device “will enable gamers to enjoy their [PS3] like never before.” Will it? We won’t know for sure until its release this summer for an undisclosed price. […] Read more »

In addition to adding IM support to the Xbox 360 on Monday, Microsoft effectively flexed its “our digital video is better than your digital video” muscle to its competitors. The company will increase 360 video compression fidelity using H.264 and MPEG-4 Part 2 starting next month […] Read more »

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