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Jamcracker and Eucalyptus announced at VMWorld today that they are partnering on an integration aimed at enabling users to self-provision their private and hybrid clouds. This announcement comes hot on the heels of last weeks announcement of a technology partnership between Eucalyptus, newScale and rPath. Read more » today announced Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM, a crowd-sourced business data service exclusive to Salesforce CRM customers. Initially Jigsaw was a standalone product that leveraged crowdsourcing via its member community to create a highly accurate contact list of business throughout the world. Read more »

Subscription and billing vendor Aria Systems, today announced the Aria Cloud Revenue Adapter for VMware vCloud Director. Designed for service providers offering cloud services to end users, the new product automates service activation, usage tracking, billing and collections. Read more »

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Apptio, a Bellevue, Wash.-based enterprise software company, today said it’s raised a $16.5 million Series C round of funding led by Shasta Ventures, which includes participation from current investors Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners and Madrona Venture Group just a year after the last round. Read more »

Motive Systems, is today releasing a cloud storage offering, M-Files Cloud Vault, that enables companies to organize and manage company documents and information on cloud servers. The market for this sort of product is massive and there is an opportunity for many vendors to be successful in their particular niche. Read more »

In an effort to steal some attention away from VMware’s VMworld event starting today, Citrix is announcing that it will acquire VMLogix as an integral part of it’s efforts to create the ability for enterprises to utilize clouds without fears of vendors lock in. Read more »

Qwest Communications today announced a new cloud based application recovery solution aimed for small and medium sized businesses. Qwest’s Real-Time Application Recovery offering aims to provide business continuity at a much lower price than conventional backup solutions and in doing so each the SMB market. Read more »

Cloud content management application is today unveiling an updated UI that aims to encourage adoption of a social news stream for enterprise users. As more and more cloud based applications provide social news streams, the issues around filtering the noise will become ever more pressing. Read more »

If cloud software is really going to provide the revolution that some predict, we need to see tools adopted by the mass market. A new startup aims to help by providing a retail point-of-sale solution that brings cloud benefits to a shopfloor application. Read more »

Recently I questioned whether businesses would really be prepared to purchase cloud storage solutions from consumer-focused vendors. We take a look at how yet another entrant into the marketplace differentiates itself, and whether there is any chance of building a successful business in a saturated market. Read more »

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Nimbula, one of the LaunchPad finalists in this years Structure conference, today announced that it has secured $15 million in funding from Accel Partners. The funding is set to continue investment in hybrid cloud computing technologies but also to increase expenditure to gain greater market adoption. Read more »

Following on from Oracle’s surprise acquisition of Sun, Stephen Jannise did some crystal-ball gazing and came up with a list of companies that could be potential targets for Oracle. He contends that the Sun move shows that Oracle isn’t afraid of doing deals in unexpected areas Read more »

Memeo today announced the GA launch of it’s Memeo Connect product that fills a glaring hole in Google’s product offering. A number of players, Memeo included, are jumping to provide a document and file syncing tool, built off the back of Google’s infrastructure. Read more »

Cloud computing as a term is misplaced, problematic and unhelpful. While I think the term cloud still has legs, I believe its days are numbered. When we’re all doing cloud, and there’s simply nothing else, the term will fade into our collective memories. Read more »

Cloud computing has been a key enabling factor in the latest generation of web startups, letting them start with small amounts of capital and scale quickly in response to demand. From a startup’s perspective, cloud is more of a pricing innovation more than a technological innovation. Read more »

As talk of cloud adoption by enterprise becomes more commonplace, focus is shifting from justifying the cloud, to identifying best practice and the highest performing cloud providers. One area with significant activity is that of performance monitoring. So who is providing cloud monitoring information? Read more »

The economic stimulus incentive for healthcare providers who adopt electronic health records (EHR) is helping fuel innovation in cloud solutions in this area. Vendors are rushing to bring EHR solutions to market. But what benefits can a cloud-based EHR bring as distinct from other delivery methods? Read more » has moved beyond providing customer relationship management software as a service and wants to be simply the provider of enterprise software as a service, as a recent Facebook interaction illustrates. But as chases growth, it will take on the giants in enterprise computing. Read more »

When companies host software in the cloud, users benefit not just from the service alone, but from the data a web-based software provider can gather on all its customers. This lesson was driven home in mid July when FreshBooks detailed the size of its “FreshBooks economy.” Read more »

RightScale, the cloud computing management vendor that automates the deployment and management of cloud platforms, today said in a blog post that it has tracked a 1,000 percent increase in its customer cloud infrastructure spend from June 2009 to June 2010. Read more »

What is the role of open source in a cloud based world, and just how much validity does the open source model still have? Some argue that Platform as a Service (PaaS) removes one of the rationales for needing open source at all. Read more »

The just released the annual 2010 Open Source Management Survey found that open source is seen to be easier to deploy than previously, IT professionals are articulating a preference for open source., and no longer focusing on whether it’s open source or proprietary Read more »

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