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Paris Hilton never met a camera lens she didn’t like. But this time the lens isn’t for a reality television show, the paparazzi, or even a jail mugshot — it’s that of New York-based startup For Your Imagination, which is debuting a new, branded web series […] Read more »

Swarmcast today released Autobahn HD for Flash, a network accelerator that provides seamless playback of Flash content using adaptive bitrate streaming to specifically tailor video quality to a user’s connection. The company will also open up their source code, giving developers the tools to take advantage […] Read more »

Attendance last night at the UGTV conference in New York showed traditional media is taking user-generated content seriously. Representatives from Disney/ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, and the BBC joined new media companies including Heavy Joost and in a discussion over the disrupted industry that is television […] Read more »

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