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It’s been nearly two-and-a-half years since we reviewed On The Job here at TheAppleBlog, and we gave it high marks back then. Today Stunt Software has released On The Job 3.0, their time & expense tracking and invoicing application. The new version has some nice new […] Read more »

Versions, the GUI-based Subversion client for the Mac, is now out of beta. It must have been at least a year ago, that I remember seeing some screenshots for Versions, and the development community drooled. But we had to wait. And waiting was hard. Fast-forward to […] Read more »

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It’s here. It took awhile, but it’s here: Nearly eleven months after its lauded debut, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is on the Mac. The game is intense, immersive, fun and rewarding. From the moment I saw a trailer for Call of Duty 4: Modern […] Read more »

Last week, Marketcircle introduced Billings 3, a huge update to their billing and invoicing application. Billings 3 introduces some great new features and a dramatically changed interface. They are all welcome updates. First Look We wrote about Billings 2 shortly after it debuted in early 2007, […] Read more »

Google Maps continues to improve their mobile version, and this week they announced some nice new features. Alas, just like last time, these aren’t immediately available for the iPhone. You may remember the iPhone 1.1.3 update in January 2008. Google Maps got a few new features, […] Read more »

Yesterday, VMWare released Fusion 2.0 as a major update to their virtualization software. It’s a free, downloadable upgrade for any VMWare Fusion 1.x customer, and it packs some great new stuff. The update adds over 100 new features: The UI is dramatically improved, with lots of […] Read more »

I received the Logitech Premium Notebook headset at a very good time; I was doing some podcasting at the moment and my setup was a bit complicated. Also, I had several Skype chats on a pretty regular basis. This gave me a great opportunity to put […] Read more »

Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch, the well-dressed gent who puts on the C4[1] conference for indie mac developers, has put online all the videos from this past year’s conference. There is some great stuff here, especially Cabel Sasser’s talk about the history of Panic and some of the […] Read more »

The land of iPod accessories is nothing if not a very crowded space. In the speakers area alone there are a ton of companies competing for the coveted shelf space in Apple’s stores. New players in the market compete with trusted brands and things can get […] Read more »

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For years, the realm of personal finance on the Mac has been ripe for a small, independent kick-butt developer to come in and win everyone over. Anyone who is a mac fan and has ever launched Quicken can attest to that fact. And so, in 2003, […] Read more »

There are some kinds of applications that just really strike me as admirable. These are the ones that really find a couple things to focus on and do those things really well. The “Microsoft Words” of the world today are so bloated and so feature-rich that […] Read more »

Today, nearly a year after the debut of the Mighty Mouse, Apple announced it’s wireless brother, the aptly named wireless Mighty Mouse. Aside from the obvious distinction of the wireless mouse being, well, wireless, it also uses laser tracking rather than optical tracking found in the […] Read more »

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