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MacHeist announced its newest Mac app bundle, the MacHeist Nano.  The traditional MacHeist software bundle is usually severely discounted and there has always been a price. But, for this one, they’re giving the software bundle for free. MacHeist is offering six apps instead of the usual […] Read more »

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Programming for the iPhone is still pretty new. It might be a bit tougher to find iPhone developer resources, but we found a bunch that will get you through building any iPhone app you might be starting on. Check out our list of our favorite developer […] Read more »

You’ve seen all the different drum apps, right? Well, they’re really easy to make. In this iPhone Dev Sessions article, I want to teach you how to make Bickboxx, an actual app that’s in the iTunes App Store. Grab Bickboxx (FREE) from the iTunes App Store […] Read more »

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