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Or do they? Can Apple deliver a combo iPod and cell phone that works well as both a phone and a music player? The first ever iTunes phone, the Motorola ROKR, disappointed with its limited music storage and weak performance as a phone. Analysts predict that […] Read more »

Can listening to music while you work make you more productive? Could it make you smarter, or at least look that way? It depends. It depends on your personality, your energy level, the kind of music you’re listening to, the projects you’re doing, and your music-listening […] Read more »

What exactly does it mean to be a web worker? I suppose we could make a Web Worker Quiz with items like “you have a T-Mobile HotSpot account,” or “you live in Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Calendar.” We could assign you a rating of your […] Read more »

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As web workers, we have access to many online to do list managers like Remember The Milk, 37Signals’ Ta-da Lists, and Zoho Planner. But I prefer pen and paper, and I’m not the only one. In his summary of Web 2.0 Summit demos, Richard MacManus admits […] Read more »

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