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Last Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal Paygrade column profiled the career of blogging. Here’s what they said about the pay and hours: THE PAY: Most self-employed bloggers take in between $2,000 and $10,000 a month from ad sales, says Henry Copeland, founder of, a Web advertising […] Read more »

David Maister of Passion, People and Principles offers 12 truths about working mostly aimed at the cubicle set and not so much at web workers. But his tips are relevant to anyone who works, if you filter out the mentions of human resource departments and promotions. […] Read more »

If you’re self-employed already or considering joining our ranks, you need to understand how self-employment taxation works. Here are six topics you’ll want to investigate. Consider these a starting point rather than a comprehensive guide, because within each area there are all sorts of gotchas. In […] Read more »

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Jim Citrin asked 20 CEOs and top executives about their morning routine [via Lifehacker] and 17 replied. Jim found that many of the respondents practiced certain habits like getting started early, immediately running through email, exercising every morning, and using the morning for problem solving. Wendy […] Read more »

Vishal P. Rao at thinks that working from home can be hard on a relationship if your spouse or partner is working at home too: The fact of the matter is that absence does make the heart grow fonder. There have been no times when […] Read more »

When you work from home, you should—theoretically—be able to put a healthy, homemade dinner on the table most nights. If you have a cubicle-based significant other, he or she is probably happy to offload dinnertime tasks to you. After all, you’re at home all day, why […] Read more »

Web Worker Daily reader Nick Heppleston asks: As an avid reader of the WWD and as a professional developer who is thinking about going solo, the one thing that is holding me back is the fear of new customers drying up. As a developer and not […] Read more »

Whether you call them conference calls or telecons or excruciatingly dull time-wasters, multi-participant phone conversations are as important to most web workers as email. If you can’t meet face to face or arrange video conferencing, the conference call is the next best thing. But just as […] Read more »

Matthew Cornell is making the leap from traditional employment to self employment as a workflow coach, a transition that will likely see him join the ranks of web workerhood. In describing why he’s making this move, Matthew points to an old but still useful interview from […] Read more »

If you aim to build the next Flickr or YouTube or even Hype Machine, Amazon has you in its sights. Jeff Bezos wants to bring his success in the high-volume, low-margin business of bookselling to the world of web app startups. He’s targeting micro-size businesses with […] Read more »

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Due to the tremendous response to our call for new Web Worker Daily bloggers, we’ve gotten behind in reviewing and responding to the many emails. Within the next week, we will be responding to those who have already applied. Because we now have an amazing pool […] Read more »

The third edition of Mashup Camp was, as usual, free to attendees through the sponsorship of big and not-so-big software and web companies. Those companies don’t support Mashup Camp just because it’s a nice thing. They’re not just trying to get in good with cutting-edge developers. […] Read more »

These days, there’s so much news and opinion online that the web worker hardly needs to resort to magazines and newspapers. Still, there are times when you can’t get to the web–like on a plane as I was yesterday for four hours–and times when you might […] Read more »

Here in Boston at Mashup Camp 3, we’ve seen an incredible range of applications mashed up from sites and services on the web. During three total hours of SpeedGeeking, Mashup Camp attendees spent five minutes a piece viewing demos and asking questions of mashup developers. Then […] Read more »

The third edition of the Mashup Camp unconference started today in Boston, as a group of developers, mashup enablers, and observers gathered to share ideas and show demos of web applications that are mixed together from sites and services on the web. As with the prior […] Read more »

Instant messaging can be great as a tool for collaboration, but it can also be disruptive and annoying. We wrote before about how to screw up an email negotiation. Now let’s see how you can use IM to bother your favorite and not-so-favorite work associates. Remember […] Read more »

We’re looking to hire a couple more bloggers to write about the web worker life. If you’re interested, send links to your best writing along with five topic ideas to Read more »

FreshBooks president and CEO Mike McDerment muses about the length of his workweek on the FreshBooks blog. Mike says “you need to be refreshed to be effective” and that he feels passionate and productive under his current schedule. Let’s see what Mike’s refreshing and productive schedule […] Read more »

Simple strategy for getting things done. “Every day, I grab about 10 things off my “This Week” list and put them on my “Today” list. Then (and this is the key) before I even open my email program, I try to knock at least two things […] Read more »

How many ways are there to manage your task list? Almost as many as there are people with tasks to do. Here are 20 different ways of tracking your to dos, with examples of each. You probably use more than one of these options, depending on […] Read more »

We’ve wondered before whether email is good enough as a collaboration tool. What about instant messaging, like Google Talk or AIM? A study out of Taiwan that Lifehacker turned us on to suggests that IM might be better than email for generating ideas. In a comparison […] Read more »

The ideal start page for web work would let you see the status of your workday at a glance–what emails have come in, what’s on your to do list, what articles from RSS feeds you need to read, what your contacts are up to, and what’s […] Read more »

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! wants to reduce his mental distraction in 2007 using these rules: I will unsubscribe from every email list that I don’t consider essential to my work or hobbies. It’s so easy to get occasionally interesting information when I need it (via search) […] Read more »

Dion Hinchcliffe has produced a list of his picks for the best web 2.0 software of 2006. Dion’s definition for web 2.0 includes the harnessing of collective intelligence via collaborative features, the centrality of information rather than the software itself, innovative assembly techniques, rich user experiences, […] Read more »

What is beginner’s mind? “The mind that is innocent of preconceptions and expectations, judgments and prejudices.” That’s the kind of mind we web workers often need, as we confront ways of working and communicating that are radically different from what we experienced before. January’s the month […] Read more »

Just like everything with the Google name on it, Google Reader is getting a ton of attention these days. This week Steve Rubel picked up on an intriguing idea from Steve Mermelstein, that Google’s RSS aggregator could turn into a Digg-like social sharing and voting site. […] Read more »

The 2007 predictions game has been underway for more than a month now, as bloggers turn prognosticators and read the coffee grounds at the bottom of their mugs. At Web Worker Daily, we’ve been imagining what might make 2007 really great for our work lives on […] Read more »

Many companies have moved to a single sign-on approach for their employees within the last few years, so that workers only need to login once to access online systems like time and expense reporting, travel planning, and HR portals. The web worker who uses multiple web […] Read more »

Companies of all sizes are experimenting with different ways to make virtual teams most effective: From large companies like IBM organizing fun activities like picnics and sports, to smaller companies like Perkett PR meeting up at Chamber of Commerce meetings to network, there seem to be […] Read more »

In addition to writing for Web Worker Daily and working as a technology industry analyst, I’m a mother of three, a wife, a homeowner, and human companion to my dog Sally. I’m lucky to be able to work from home. If a kid gets sick and […] Read more »

WWD reader LivNLet asked us this by email: I’m a “web designer” but what does that mean these days? Am I also a “web developer”? I am confused. My projects require me to not only complete the entire design/approval phase, using Mac/CS2, etc. but also use […] Read more »

Google has announced Gmail access via POP3 to other email accounts. Mail Fetcher is only available to a “limited number of users” but once you get it, you’ll have one more way to use GMail as your main email client. Mike Arrington says Gmail Just Got […] Read more »

Do you suffer from TZD? That’s Time Zone Dementia. It happens when you work virtually and physically across so many time zones that events on your calendar confuse you completely. You might have TZD if you show signs and symptoms like these: Early morning wakeups. You […] Read more »

InformationWeek reports on a recent study that suggests good things to come for web workers in 2007. Technologists are reporting increasing confidence in the labor market, decreased layoffs at their companies, and an increased interest on the part of employers to convert high level contract workers […] Read more »

In their December 11th cover story, Business Week profiles a new way of working at Best Buy corporate headquarters in Minnesota. It’s called ROWE, the Results-Oriented Work Environment. The thirteen commandments of ROWE include these: No.1: People at all levels stop doing any activity that is […] Read more »

In the new world of web work, you might find yourself negotiating by email over a job or project. Most of us know how to screw up phone or face-to-face discussions. Scotching plans by email requires a completely new approach. Remember that email is asynchronous, impersonal, […] Read more »

Microsoft launched its new Vista operating system, Office 2007 suite, and Exchange Server 2007 today, for corporate customers. The consumer version is scheduled to be offered in January of 2007. Even if this were the consumer launch, would it matter to web workers? Is Microsoft still […] Read more »

With the holiday season approaching, you might be making your own wish list or planning your gift shopping for a favorite web worker. Perhaps you just want to make your office or cubicle as comfortable and productive as possible. Here are six ideas to get you […] Read more »

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving today in the U.S., but even if you’re not, any day’s a good day to feel thankful. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude can make you happier. So join with me in thinking about how your life is made better by web work. Read more »

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