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The Opt-Out Revolt by Lisa A. Mainiero and Sherry E. Sullivan is not just about women leaving the workforce to care for children, though the title might lead you to believe that. Packed densely with the results of research into the shape of people’s careers, this […] Read more »

The vast majority of businesses choose Microsoft Windows as their operating system but if you’re an independent web worker you don’t have to. Whether you run Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X, or Linux, you’ll have to make some serious tradeoffs. However, they’re all viable choices […] Read more »

Employers are realizing that what people do online can actually prove their value as potential hires, not just rule them out based on drunken photos or revelations of other past missteps. Last year we saw articles like Overexposed in the Blogosphere warning how people’s online behavior […] Read more »

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If you don’t work in a cubicle, remind yourself how thankful you are with this review of The Cubicle Survival Guide. If you do work in one, get some tips for dealing with the office lamprey, cubicle cooties, and fabric-covered half-walls. Looking for a middle ground […] Read more »

Thanks to Gina and the others at Lifehacker for rounding up their top 10 Firefox extensions. But they put them all on separate pages! Here’s their list in easy-to-read format with my own brief descriptions. For more detail, check out Lifehacker’s gallery and their comments, where […] Read more »

How do you replace the short face-to-face conversations that team members in an office have on a regular basis if you’re working remotely from your colleagues? It’s easy when everyone’s in the same building to pop your head up over a cubicle and ask your neighbor […] Read more »

Google Calendar doesn’t get much love or attention these days. Some users are wondering if Google’s forgotten about it. Still, it’s a pretty cool web app, especially if you learn the ins and outs and use it collaboratively with colleagues, friends, or family. If you’ve been […] Read more »

Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk posted a video today from Bruce Tulgan, author of It’s Okay to Be the Boss. Tulgan thinks there’s an epidemic of undermanagement in business, that “leaders, managers, and supervisors are not leading, managing, and supervising.” He proposes that it’s better to be […] Read more »

Adobe announced the public alpha of its Apollo development framework that allows developers to build cross-platform hybrid web/desktop applications using Flash and Ajax. The tech blogosphere responded mostly positively, looking forward to the era of so-called rich Internet applications that’s been predicted for some time and […] Read more »

I rather like business travel in moderation, and I’m not the only working mother who feels that way. I get a break from the three year old’s whining, from endless carpooling, and from my messy house. I get to meet some of my favorite people face […] Read more »

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Blackberry is selling its popular Pearl smartphone in red and Sony introduced its W660i Walkman music phone this week, available in rose red or the more staid black. Those are some nice-looking phones — but color’s not usually the main thing that matters in a phone. […] Read more »

Mat Balez is predicting the demise of Twitter in 2007. He’s not the only one who doesn’t see the value in it: many people wonder just what’s the big deal. We already wrote that though Twitter isn’t necessarily a great way to manage your to do […] Read more »

Jeff Atwood argues that web applications, as limited as they are, may be good enough in most cases: The typical user only touches a fraction of the functionality in most applications. Switching to an online spreadsheet like EditGrid or WikiCalc is hardly a catastrophic loss when […] Read more »

Amazon Web Services evangelist Jeff Barr proposes that we might move beyond email some day: I am starting to think that there may be such a thing as a post-email era, a time when we have forgotten about the entire concept of an Inbox, when there’s […] Read more »

As the owner of a haggard two-year-old Samsung flip phone — the cheapest I could get that had a display screen on the outside — I greatly appreciate Judi’s guide to the different mobile operating systems. I keep thinking I need a better phone, but I […] Read more »

Our big sister site GigaOM has 5 Ways to SMS for Free by Katie Fehrenbacher. Katie mentions TeleFlip, Peekamo, Gizmo SMS, and TxtDrop as possibilities. Webware offers Six Ways to Improve Twitter, including desktop clients Twitteroo (Windows) and Twitterific (Mac) as well as Twitter badges for […] Read more »

Every time an economic bubble develops, many will tell you how “this time it’s different,” how “this time the rules have changed.” The lie of the Web 2.0 bubble is that free is the way to succeed in the new economy. That’s not true. The rules […] Read more »

Do you take long, leisurely lunches? Most people don’t: A new study shows that our lunch “hours” are more like 25 minutes, and often just 8 minute breaks. As such, we’re eating more “grab-and-go foods” from grocery stores at our desks…and restaurants are feeling the pain. […] Read more »

I’m a bit tired of the Getting Things Done mantra. Sometimes it feels like it’s a bad-fitting pair of jeans: tight where it shouldn’t be tight, loose where it shouldn’t be loose, and flattening my figurative butt besides. I don’t want to write down my next […] Read more »

SXSW starts today in Austin, and everyone’s looking to connect. If you’re there, you might like to meet up with people you only know from online or with colleagues and friends from far away. If you’re not there, you might like to vicariously experience the fun […] Read more »

Leo at Zen Habits has published a series of productivity hacks including number 8: “Simplify your information streams, and plow through feeds and email.” Here’s how he puts this into practice in his feed reading: Reading my blogs is a good example: I use Google Reader, […] Read more »

Mind mapping, originated by Tony Buzan, aims at capturing what’s going on inside your head. In this video, Buzan calls it a “swiss army knife for the brain” and makes all sorts of claims about how you should do it in order to get your mind […] Read more »

I envy guys in tech: it seems so easy for them to choose a laptop bag. Though they have to tackle the weighty issues of nylon versus leather and budget versus prestige, they know if they pick a black across-the-body style they’ll fit in with the […] Read more »

How expert are you at finding what you need on the web? The Small Business Hub has 12 Quick Tips to Search Google Like An Expert, including this one: 4. Similar Words and Synonyms: Let’s say you are want to include a word in your search, […] Read more »

There are all sorts of tools for sharing files without having to choke your email server or upload them to your own web host account. Pando supports emailing huge attachments by using a special version of BitTorrent to serve up the file in p2p fashion., […] Read more »

The latest in contrarian thinking asserts that we are not, in fact, suffering from information overload. It might even be good for us. From the BBC’s David Reid: In fact, there is even some evidence that being bombarded with information from all directions is actually beneficial. […] Read more »

Nick Douglas offers the Not Getting Things Done (NTGD) system for those of us whose minds are more like mud than water. The steps: Amass Obsess Reorg Rehash Take a stab Watch the video–that’s a good first step towards not getting things done–and it’s hilarious besides. Read more »

Face time: “Unproductive time spent at the office meant to project the image that you’re a hardworking employee.” My favorite story of a face time trick is the attorney who would come to his office each Saturday, drape his jacket over his chair, put a half-eaten […] Read more »

If you’re thinking of starting a business, virtual or otherwise, what’s the first thing you’ll do? Conventional wisdom says you should write a business plan. But Tom Stemberg, co-founder and former CEO of Staples advises you not get too hung up on them: “Whatever the plan […] Read more »

Alex King wonders about browser tab usage styles: My browser tabs are almost completely transient to me. I don’t keep pages open to read for longer than an hour or so, or keep a tab open to a webmail client or feed reader. I even quit […] Read more »

So you want to ditch your corporate cubicle and join the ranks of web workers? But you have a mortgage, maybe a dependent or two, and a taste for Venti Mochas from Starbucks? You can make money in the new economy, though it might not be […] Read more »

Stella Commute does: Now, I can go to Staples any time I want and because I have a reasonable amount of disposable income, I can select the office supplies that make my heart sing. Color coded folders and matching labels? Done! Post-Its in various configurations? Check! […] Read more »’s Craig Childs suggests using micro-blogging and message sharing tool Twitter to manage your to do list: [it's] particularly useful while I’m away from the computer. I can send Twitter an SMS of something to do when I get back home. Or just something to remind […] Read more »

Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk offers 4 New Ideas for Becoming More Effective at Work including this one: Pick a pace that’s right for you. Today waiting the typical three to five business days for a package to arrive seems like an unbearable amount of time to […] Read more »

Web designer Cameron Moll is leaving his freelancing career after 18 months to take a traditional job. He says “it was a blast while it lasted” and shares his tips for succeeding as an independent. Here’s a good tip on smoothing out your cash flow: Smooth […] Read more »

We’ve recently profiled two online apps for supporting David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach to personal organization: Vitalist and Nozbe. With tools like that–or even just pen and paper–you can capture everything you need to get done. Once you’ve offloaded all those must-dos from your brain, […] Read more »

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