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Email addiction again — Yes, we know that Blackberry addicts got the shakes when they had to go without their beloved email for a few hours. If you’re addicted to email addiction talk, Michael Agger’s article in Slate continues the conversation. For those suffering from an […] Read more »

I embrace paper for my to do list while choosing online calendaring. But these three paper calendars from tempt me towards entirely analog planning. I can’t decide which one looks most fun and useful. Perhaps the WeekDate, which uses an innovative design to handle recurring […] Read more »

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In the U.S. we’re celebrating Mother’s Day on May 13th, less than two weeks away. What are you going to buy your favorite web working mom? Inspired by lists of gift ideas for geek moms (here and here), the WWD writers came up with a few […] Read more »

Stowe Boyd reports that BT Global Services CIO JP Rangaswami has radically rethought his approach to email in two ways. First, he only reads email that’s directed to him alone, not email on which he is cc’ed. Second, he has made his email available to his […] Read more »

Why will e-book readers succeed? Not because e-books are good replacements for paper books — but because they’re good complements to paper books and documents, especially for work-related reading rather than pure pleasure. Time and again we see that technology doesn’t have to mean an end […] Read more »

David Allen’s Getting Things Done personal productivity scheme suggests you track the next physical action you need to do for each of your projects. Once you finish that action, you immediately identify and record the next. This leads you inexorably towards your goals at the same […] Read more »

Improve your workgroup productivity by changing anything — In the 1920s and 30s, industrial efficiency researchers at Western Electric’s Hawthorne Works plant found that raising lighting levels increased productivity… as did lowering the lights! The Hawthorne Effect describes a productivity increase due to the attention of […] Read more »

Are you backing up your desktop data regularly? It’s one of those important but not urgent tasks that many web workers postpone. Fortunately, a variety of solutions ranging from remote to local to hybrid make it easier than ever to backup your files. Backup provider Mozy […] Read more »

Did you ever wish you could delete all your email without responding? Maybe you can. It’s called email bankruptcy. You realize you are never going to dig yourself out from under the pile of email in your inbox so you just declare that you won’t. You […] Read more »

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Web workers have different styles when it comes to maintaining our professional networks. Some people rely on a small, tight-knit group of like-minded contacts, adding new ones slowly and cautiously. Others focus on collecting additional contacts as rapidly as they can — keeping an eye on […] Read more »

Tomorrow is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day — an interesting proposition for those of us working from home. “Come on, Janie, step into my office. What’s mommy doing? Surfing the web. That’s my job. Yes, I get paid to surf the Web.” Sort […] Read more »

Count me as skeptical of Tim Ferriss and his book The 4-Hour Workweek. A self-described serial entrepreneur, Ferriss’ ventures include the BrainQUICKEN nutritional supplement sold online (“a lab-tested performance product scientifically engineered to quickly increase the speed of neural transmission and information processing”). His book’s subtitle […] Read more »

Last week brought us news regarding Google’s future plans for their online application suite. At the Web 2.0 Expo CEO Eric Schmidt said Google will release a PowerPoint-type presentation application, slated for this summer. Then, VP Douglas Merrill announced on the official Google blog that the […] Read more »

The no más moment — Brian Oberkirch describes the steps he’s taking to build a moat around his attention castle. Here’s a good one: “making a micro to do list of 3 to 5 things. Index card or sticky note for the day.” You don’t have […] Read more »

Joel Spolsky finds that, once patched, Outlook 2007 search is actually fast enough to be used, allowing him to reproduce the search speed he used to get with add-on tool Lookout: The story has a happy ending. Last week Microsoft released a patch for Outlook 2007 […] Read more »

It’s not difficult to get business cards. Order online at some place like OvernightPrints if you’re on a limited budget, try a copy center like Copy Max for nicer card stock at a moderate price, or go with a full-service printer like Sir Speedy for luxury […] Read more »

You’d think the proliferation of webware might make paper to do lists obsolete. For some people, though, no electronic task list can replace the joys of paper and pen. In my almost six months writing for Web Worker Daily, I’ve come across many appealing web-based to […] Read more »

Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion suggests a way to capture and archive your notes on books you read in Gmail for later search and retrieval: I buy a lot of books and audiobooks. Almost all of them are about business or sports. I draw lessons from […] Read more »

There are many kinds of web workers: neo-Bedouins, telecommuters, freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, and yes, even corporate employees working in a cubicle or an office. We don’t define web workers by their employment status or their place of work, but rather by how they use the Web […] Read more »

Tim O’Reilly’s excited about a better way to manage the people information space — O’Reilly reviews Spock, the people search engine to be launched at Web 2.0 Expo next week, praising its disambiguation, tagging, association, and private info management capabilities. Sounds like more reason to keep […] Read more »

Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, author of Bowling Alone, proposes that you should minimize your work commute (and the distance from your house to your favorite market) for maximum happiness: Putnam likes to imagine that there is a triangle, its points comprising where you sleep, where […] Read more »

Tara Hunt of Citizen Agency is surveying people interested in coworking and coworking venues (i.e., café-like spaces optimized for working). Offer your own thoughts on the intersection of lattés and cooperative working by filling out the survey. Since we just reviewed mucho-expensive Zoomerang, I asked her […] Read more »

Has Gmail been left behind? PC Magazine thinks so. From their review covering new web email introductions from AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo!: All of the companies… have also made major changes to their interfaces, in light of Gmail’s popularity. ‘Integration’ is key, with companies seamlessly blending […] Read more »

When Richard MacManus published an overview of the so-called Web OS market almost a year ago, he said, “a lot of people don’t consider a WebOS to be a real operating system, but I think that’s semantics and not something worth debating.” It seems many developers […] Read more »

Pamela of Infinishare Technologies points out that you can add new searches to the Firefox Search Bar located in the upper right hand corner of the browser window. You can choose from YouTube, Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster, Technorati, MarketWatch, and many others. Want to get really fancy? Create […] Read more »

You probably already have broadband Internet access, perhaps cable or DSL. But do you know about the other options for high-speed connectivity, ones available today or in the near future? You might think you’ll never need anything else, but what if your cable company decides you’re […] Read more »

Basecamp is arguably the most well-known and well-used of online project and team management web apps, but with attention and use comes criticism and complaint. Rashmi Sinha of SlideShare finds it’s not keeping up with her team’s needs. Emily Chang, founder of eHub, recently expressed her […] Read more »

Send your snail mail from email with Postful. “Postful, which launched in closed beta this week, allows you to send an email that they will reformat into a physical letter to be sent through snail mail.” [Mashable] Lifehacker Top 10 Greasemonkey scripts. Especially cool: the invisibility […] Read more »

It can make good financial sense to outsource nonpaying work like cleaning your house, maintaining your lawn, and driving your children to after-school activities. Typically, career advisors will tell you that you should hire out nonpaying work so long as you free up enough billable time […] Read more »

Sometimes it’s okay to surf the web all day — you’re learning new things and connecting with people, right? — but other days you need to get some real work done. Maybe you’re on a deadline. Maybe you won’t get paid unless you produce something tangible. […] Read more »

Now you can create a chatbot cybertwin who will instant message in your place even when you’re not available: An Australian upstart on Monday introduced MyCyberTwin, an early version of software that lets people create and customize a virtual personality that can chat with others while […] Read more »

With a pen-like stylus and a “physics-enabled” virtual workspace prototyped by BumpTop, you can organize electronic files into piles just like you do on your real desktop. I’m not sure whether this shows radical innovation or utter insanity; either way, it’s impressive. We’ve considered the virtues […] Read more »

You may already know that you can tune your productivity with music — why not make it easy on yourself and do so with your cell phone? I get excited when I see announcements about fancy new music-playing mobile phones like the twistingly cool Nokia 5700 […] Read more »

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