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Sharon Vosmek writes on VentureBeat how unspoken rules in World of Warcraft could apply to entrepreneurship. Listening to her husband and brother-in-law talk about WOW reminded her of the way entrepreneurial ecosystems work. Sharon offers three guidelines, which might apply equally well even if your only […] Read more »

Ah, summertime. Lazy days, holidays, vacation days. But are you too tired and burned out to benefit? A Yahoo! HotJobs survey says you might be: Nearly half of the respondents (49%) said they feel “burned out” by their jobs, and many did not fully use vacation […] Read more »

We’re suffering from outdated rules and expectations about email that don’t work in our email-saturated world. Perhaps short emails without extra niceties are not just acceptable but preferable in our connected world on the web. Now that we have better ways of connecting on a human […] Read more »

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A Web Worker Daily reader asks: Recently, I have been mulling over the decision to go out on my own and be a full time freelancer. Do you have any advice on goal setting or any other good measures on when it would be a wise […] Read more »

Add a to do list to your Gmail — TodoCue offers a Firefox add-on that puts a to do list right onto your Gmail page. [TodoCue] Create your own social network — Konnects now allows people and organizations to start their own business-oriented social networks. Targeted […] Read more »

I’m scratching my head over Google’s latest money-burning effort in which they plan to lure more gadget developers with the promise of cash. The first part of it sounds okay; they’re going to reward successful developers and lure new hopefuls with grants of $5,000 a piece […] Read more »

Let’s add another category to the different ways you can be a web worker: franchise ownership. New Internet-based management systems allow franchise owners to manage their brick-and-mortar stores from a distance or run a franchise business as a side job alongside another career: The franchising world […] Read more »

“A filer is a person who organizes information using a rigid structure, and a piler is someone who maintains a mostly unstructured information organization.” [From Surviving the Information Explosion: How People Find Their Electronic Information (pdf)] Google Docs & Spreadsheets now offer folders for those people […] Read more »

Conventional wisdom from old-style journalists and not a few bloggers says that multitasking is bad. We need to firewall our attention, prevent interruptions, and work on one thing at a time. But what if this conventional wisdom doesn’t always apply in the new world of work […] Read more »

Google acquires online slide authoring tool Zenter — Rashmi Sinha of Slideshare wonders why, since Google demoed their own PowerPoint clone at the Web 2.0 Expo. Nice graphic of the online PowerPoint competitor space, showing tools that support sharing and tools that support authoring. [Rashmi Sinha’s […] Read more »

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Facebook is getting all sorts of love from the Web tech crowd for its F8 platform. Webware’s Caroline McCarthy says “Anecdotally, I can say that ‘techy’ people I know, who had originally dismissed Facebook as a glorified address book, are now starting to think that it […] Read more »

Conventional web wisdom (CWW) says we’re suffering from infomania and so we need to firewall our attention. But what if the CWW is wrong? What if the answer to too much information is not a contraction of our attention but rather a relaxation of the grip […] Read more »

What do you do with your to do list when you’re feeling stressed? Software developer and coworking inventor Brad Neuberg makes a Not To Do List: Every so often I look back over the projects I’m doing and take stock. I have a little inner thermometer […] Read more »

If you make a lot of calls of any type — landline, cell phone, voice over IP — you probably use some sort of headset. Daniel Tsang of FreshBooks spends lots of time on his phone and when his headset broke, he found himself cradling the […] Read more »

How blogging helps businesses — Dave Taylor says, “If you are willing to share your experience, expertise and insight into your own industry, you will gain readers and fans, and they will spread the word. Then you’ll gain publicity through mainstream media and that visibility will […] Read more »

Yesterday was Wiki Wednesday around the globe, with web-o-philes gathering for casual networking in Montreal, San Francisco, London, Portland and Vancouver. What happens at Wiki Wednesdays? “People get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals and generally cavort.” Wiki Wednesday isn’t the only […] Read more »

I may be in a minority, but I don’t hunger for offline access to my web applications. I don’t fly on planes all that much, and when I do I either read some dead tree ware or work using desktop tools like MS Word. When I […] Read more »

When you work from home, it can be difficult to keep work and personal life from blending into one big mess. Work demands bleed into every waking hour. Friends and family, assuming you’re not really busy, invite you out to lunch or ask you to help […] Read more »

Scratch that business plan — The web disrupts the pornography business because now anyone with a digital camera and a website can put their dirty pictures online. [New York Times] Copywriting for web designers — Make yourself more valuable to your clients by improving your headline […] Read more »

Mobile phones are not ideal for surfing the web and yet they have their advantages. They’re portable and cheap plus most of us carry them with us all the time. Might we be looking towards a world where lightweight devices with small screens provide our default […] Read more »

Whether you are an employee or a freelancer, you need to manage your personal brand. Of course you’ll think of using the web to do so. But does that mean shelling out money for search engine optimization, for pay-per-click ads that drive potential customers or employers […] Read more »

McKinsey & Company launches virtual venture competition — Teams of three to six students or “young professionals” compete in creating business operations in Second Life. [McKinsey Virtual Venture Competition] Share your Wi Fi — WeFi enables a community of wi fi sharing. Download software for Linux, […] Read more »

If you want to be a master web worker, you’ve got to know how to find what you want online. Make your browser search better by learning its native capabilities, customizing it for your needs, and installing extensions tailored to how you work. Read more »

At the beginning of this month, Microsoft made noise at MIX ’07 about their Silverlight platform designed to bring .NET to the browser at the same time it knocks Adobe’s Flash out of it. Both Silverlight and Flash aim at the rich internet application space — […] Read more »

You get two tips for the price of one this week, both on the topic of effectively and productively managing email replies: 1. get your reply tasks out of email and 2. be frugal with your email replies. The first tip: get to-reply tasks out of […] Read more »

Ranking resumes — TalentSpring launched this week with a resume marketplace using ranking instead of search to help employers find potential new hires. In order to have your resume included in their database, you must rank 12 other resumes using pairwise comparisons (i.e., do you like […] Read more »

If you get confused or overwhelmed by all the possibilities for promoting yourself and your work online, keep this one rule in mind: focus on value. Only after you have something of value to give away — a Firefox add-on, sample web design templates, useful ideas […] Read more »

Bookmarking widget supplier Add This! has launched a trends page showing what services we use to store and share links of interest. Using data aggregated over all their widget accounts, they can make a guess at overall bookmarking trends and market share. The Add This blog […] Read more »

Isn’t everyone a web worker these days? Well, most workers in the information economy do use the web for work… but I would argue that real web workers use the web more. We spend more time browsing the web, we reach out more using web tools […] Read more »

Does it annoy you that your screen is short and wide while web pages are mostly tall and skinny? Johnathon Weare has come up with a hack to create a widescreen version of Firefox. He calls it Widefox. It puts tabs into a vertical sidebar that […] Read more »

Blogs for small businesses — The Wall Street Journal’s Startup Journal samples blogs of interest to entrepreneurs. Also from the Startup Journal: is your business a real business or just a hobby? You can only deduct expenses for a business, not a hobby. [Startup Journal] Find […] Read more »

Yahoo’s social bookmarking service is refreshingly simple while still offering plenty of power. Bookmark and tag pages, share them with the world, post them to your blog, and watch what other people are bookmarking. No rounded corners or fancy colors, no rich Internet application baloney, […] Read more »

by Timothy Ferriss It is popular to fantasize about “dream jobs,” read about them, and envy those who have escaped the daily grind to revel in career nirvana. The web offers alluring new ways of making a living, ways that may allow you to profit from […] Read more »

Conventional wisdom (and not a little psychological research) says that multitasking ruins our productivity. Since email lures us into multitasking with its addictive intermittent reinforcement schedule, it must therefore destroy our ability to get work done. Or does it? Researchers Sinan Aral, Erik Brynjolfsson, and Marshall […] Read more »

Are you considering working from home — convincing your manager to let you telecommute, leaving your cubicle job behind, or re-entering the workforce after a time away? You might rule out home-based work if you lack a separate dedicated office, but Work From Home Momma Deborah […] Read more »

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